Wide Path Camper: Bicycle Camper

Camping and tents go hand in hand, don’t they? Some might prefer a bit more comfort than a tent can offer. This is when it is time to look at the wide variety of campers and RVs available on the market.

But what if you don’t have a car that can tow one or you’d rather go green when embarking on a trip? Seems like you’re back to the tents, right? Wrong. Because Wide Path Camper is a bicycle camper that can solve all these problems.

The Wide Path Camper can be easily attached to your bicycle and towed to your destination. Being lightweight and only 1,5 meters long, transporting it to the intended location is a breeze. 

Wide Path Camper Bicycle Camper

It is also environment-friendly and gives you a good workout before you’ll be able to relax inside it.

The camper takes only 3 minutes of your time to unfold and set up your temporary home.

It is also worth mentioning that it almost doubles in size when unfolded – from 1,5 meters to 2,8m in length.

Wide Path Camper Bicycle Camper

Inside you will find a dining area, spacious enough to fit in 4 adults. Instead of eating in the rain or in front of a fire, you can now invite your guests inside for a nice and classy meal.

Wide Path Camper Bicycle Camper

When it is time to hit the sack, the bicycle camper can provide you with sleeping arrangements. The dining area can be converted into a comfortable 2-meter-long bed.

It has enough space for 2 adults to get a good night sleep and wake up fresh and chipper in the morning.

Wide Path Camper Bicycle Camper

This is a genius invention for those who don’t have a car or have one not strong enough to tow a bulky camper.

You can use it as your second home, resting area, or anything you want. Pedal your way to a new adventure with this cool bicycle camper.

Wide Path Camper Bicycle Camper

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