Gorilla Gripper Panel Carrier

Gorilla Gripper Panel Carrier allows you to easily carry large panels of plywood without straining your back or hurting your palms.

Whether you work in construction or are managing your personal DIY project, you’ll definitely appreciate this gadget.

It looks like a hybrid of a clamp and a handle. Well, it also combines the benefits of both. Gorilla Gripper clamps down onto a sheet of plywood or metal and the handle gives you the ability to carry it around. 

Gorilla Gripper Panel Carrier

Carry it from one spot to another, from a shop to a car, from a car to the place where all the construction magic happens. Easy.

Gorilla Gripper Panel Carrier

The gripping plates are made out of sturdy and durable glass-filled nylon polymer. The handle has been designed to give you maximum comfort for when you’re carrying the panels.

Gorilla Gripper can comfortably fit onto any panel with a thickness of up to 0.75”. Its weight capacity is also quite impressive standing at 100 lbs.

Gorilla Gripper Panel Carrier

Construction, woodworking, or any kind of home DIY project can be exhausting. So if you want to spare your back from another visit to a doctor, then why not invest in Gorilla Gripper?

This panel carrier will become your loyal companion when things go to “sheet”.

Gorilla Gripper Panel Carrier

Gorilla Gripper Panel Carrier

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