Revolights Eclipse + to Enhance Your Night Time Cycling Experiences

Are you looking for a new way to modify your bicycle? Now, with Revolights Eclipse +, you can mount headlights and tail lights on the rim of your bike! As a result, you will get spectacular light effects on your tires that will impress onlookers at night. 

When you are riding with mounted Revolights Eclipse +, your tires will emit a dramatic light pattern as they spin. The lights from your bicycle wheels are bright enough to light up your road ahead and alert other riders behind you. This accessory is not just for eye candy. It is a functional and legitimate device that will turn your bicycle into a futuristic looking vehicle!

Furthermore, Revolights Eclipse + comes with wireless functionality so you don’t have to worry about getting entangled when cycling. This unique bicycle light is exceedingly easy to install. It does not require you to know about electricity at all. 

Revolights Eclipse + you with a light mounting system that can be affixed securely on your bicycle rims. The LED light can be easily plugged in or out of the mount for charging. The lights are powered by batteries that will last you all night long.

On top of that, Revolights Eclipse + is a smart light setup that can be controlled via the accompanying smartphone app. 

As you accelerate, the series of mounted LED lights on the front wheel will become a unified head light that illuminates your path. This lighting effect is possible because Revolights Eclipse + calculates the speed of the tires rotation.

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Revolights Eclipse Bicycle Light

The red tail light of Revolights Eclipse + is even more impressive as you can set it to become a brake light and turn signal light! 

Whenever you decelerate, the Revolight will be able to sense it and the tail light will flash around automatically to warn people who are riding behind you. It can also flash around in a specific pattern to notify people that you are about to turn or change lanes.

For the front wheel, the light pattern effect of smart Revolights Eclipse + will not be blinding to people passing you by from the opposing lane. The attached LEDs will provide bright enough light that will help you see at night to avoid bumps or potholes.

Revolights Eclipse Bicycle Light

The app will allow Revolights Eclipse + to recognize the time of the day and turn on the light automatically when you want to bring the bicycle outside. The accompanying app will also display features such as weather alerts, battery life, speed, speed and distance.

The Revolights Eclipse + is able to come to life thanks to the innovative minds of creators from San Francisco. Even without a massive industrial background, these inventors are capable of creating accessories that look pretty to look at as well as practical functions.

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