25 Best NICU Nurse Gifts To Show Your Appreciation

Children who are born with complications, and sometimes they need to be treated in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Knowing that your loved little one is in the NICU can be stressful. Therefore, NICU nurses play an important role in helping newborns and their families thrive through life-threatening illness. It’s important to show your support when they help children like yours in the NICU. So, why not give them NICU nurse gifts to show your appreciation and gratitude?

Suppose you are parents who want to say thank you in a proper way to the NICU nurses, then you should give the best presents for them. Let’s take a look at our top NICU Nurse gifts you can buy to support their noble work. From stationary supplies or gift baskets for NICU nurses to meaningful and personalized gifts, you will find a good choice in this article. Let’s check this out!

Personalized NICU Nurse Gifts

When a NICU nurse receives a gift, whether it be from parents, grandparents, or even friends, there is often a strong emotional connection to it. Therefore, the best gift you can give someone who is so close to your baby’s heart is something that they will have forever and cherish. If you have a friend or relative who is a NICU nurse, then personalized NICU nurse gifts are a great way to show them how much you appreciate them. 

1. Nurse Appreciation Wood Print

Nurse Appreciation Wood Print

Give your NICU nurses a little keepsake they will cherish forever. The beautiful floral theme wood print is a charming personalized gift to show your appreciation for their hard work. You can customize the name and message printed on the maple wood veneer. It is also one of the most ideal NICU Nurse gifts from parents to express their gratitude. You also give it to nurse students as graduation gifts. 

2. NICU Nurse Definition Print

NICU Nurse Definition Print

Saying “Thank You” may not be enough to express your gratitude to those sincere and kind NICU nurses. Therefore, let the NICU nurse definition gift speak for you. This is one of the most simple but meaningful NICU nurse gifts you can get. It features a minimalist design of NICU nurse description in a thoughtful way. Your favorite NICU nurses will definitely be grateful for this gift.

3. Nurse Thank You Card

Nurse Thank You Card

In case you are looking for meaningful but affordable NICU nurse gifts, you can simply give them thank you cards. These thank you cards feature a lovely design and vibrant colors in nurse themes, so you can send different cards to many NICU nurses. Write your sincere thoughts to them as they have been so helpful and kind while taking care of NICU babies.  

4. Personalized NICU Nurse Tote Bag

Personalized NICU Nurse Tote Bag

Surprise your NICU nurses with a charming tote bag to support their work. This lovely NICU nurse tote bag features an adorable design of colorful baby feet in the heart frame. You can customize the bag with your NICU nurses’ names, increasing the level of personalization. It also has a multipurpose design, making the bag ideal for carrying a laptop or tablet, a change of clothes, or serving as the daily work bag.

5. NICU Nurse Stethoscope ID Tag

NICU Nurse Stethoscope ID Tag

Add a little personalization to your NICU nurses’ stethoscope with this small and adorable gift. The stethoscope ID tag features a wonderful design of small baby feet and the heart shaped stethoscope with customized name, giving a strong statement of NICU nurses’ stuff. It helps keep their stethoscope differentiated from the many others on the unit. This is one of the best NICU nurse gifts to mark their stethoscope.

NICU Nurse Gift Sets

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a passionate NICU nurse? Look no further than a set of NICU nurse gifts! A heartfelt gift box shares your warm wishes with the hardworking NICU nurses, who will be grateful for any little things that can make them feel special and appreciated.

6. Nurse Survival Kit

Nurse Survival Kit

Tell your NICU nurses how much you respect their job with the nurse survival kit. As they have a tough job, the thought survival kit will give extra energy to pass their hectic day. The kit features a nurse survival kit pouch, nurse card bracelet, and nurse hair ties to light up their day. Specially designed for nurses, these lovely items are also ideal NICU nurse gifts for Christmas. 

7. Nurse Bag Gift Set

Nurse Bag Gift Set

If you are looking for NICU nurse gifts for a special celebration, then you should consider this gift basket. The nurse bag comes with a hard stethoscope case and stainless steel tumbler that will be loved by every NICU nurse. With the addition of a small bit of red heart, the phrase “peace, love, nursing” gains appeal and definition, bringing it to life.

8. Nurse Appreciation Gift Box

Nurse Appreciation Gift Box

A perfect gift basket for NICU nurses from parents that suits any occasion, this present will surely bring smiles on their faces. It consists of a tumbler, socks, coasters, and badge reels with an inspiring nurse theme design on all of these items. Those items will be very useful to support their job while showing their pride as a NICU nurse. Your favorite NICU nurses will feel thankful with this gift. 

9. Best Nurse Ever Scented Candle

Best Nurse Ever Scented Candle

Get your NICU nurses the scented candle set which will help them to relax at night. As they may have sleep difficulties due to the abundance of workload, then let these natural scented candles calm and relax them at night. Not to mention, the box comes with 3 scented candles with “Best Nurse Ever” lettering which will warm their hearts. Your NICU nurses will surely be happy with this gift.

10. Nurse Appreciation Planters

Nurse Appreciation Planters

For NICU nurses who love gardening and home decoration, the amazing planter set will be a great present. The attractive design of succulent planters make a strong statement as the best nurse ever. These lovely pots will be a wonderful indoor decoration. For you to include your best wishes for your NICU nurses, there are also three blank planter labels and one maker pen in the box. 

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11. World’s Greatest Nurse Gift Basket

World’s Greatest Nurse Gift Basket

This charming gift basket is one of the best symbolic NICU nurse gifts from parents to show your gratitude to them. This gift basket for nurses features delicious cookies with a pair of novelty socks and they can wear to proudly show that they are a great NICU nurse. Make sure to include your own unique message so your favorite NICU nurse will know your sincerity and gratitude.

Thoughtful NICU Nurse GIfts

Let’s face it, NICU nurses are some of the most important people in the world! Their job is to nurture and hold all those little miracle babies who are fighting for their lives. That’s why we have put together these thoughtful NICU nurse gifts collections so that you can find exactly what you are looking for when it comes to saying “thank you” to your favorite baby nurse.

12. NICU Nurse Tumbler

NICU Nurse Tumbler

As NICU nurses are always busy all day, they might forget to fulfill their daily water intake. In order to keep the NICU nurses hydrated, the charming tumbler might be one of the best gifts. It features a wonderful NICU nurse design with a heart shaped stethoscope. The vacuum-insulated, double-walled stainless steel design has an open port lid and will maintain the desired temperature for the beverages.

13. I Love Tiny Humans Badge Reel

I Love Tiny Humans Badge Reel

A cute and adorable present that resembles your favorite NICU nurses, this badge reel is a brilliant idea for NICU nurse gifts. Reading the cute text on the felt badge reel will surely bring a smile on their face as they really love to take care of NICU babies. The charming felt baby onesie design will match their daily uniform well. They will be happy receiving this gift.

14. NICU Nurse Wine Glass

NICU Nurse Wine Glass

Day off is the perfect time for a glass of wine to refresh your mind! Give your hardworking NICU nurses the adorable wine glass as a little company during their holiday. It has an elegant transparent glass design with charming lettering of “NICU Nurse Off Duty”. It will be one of the most useful NICU nurse gifts which help them to enjoy their favorite wine happily.

15. NICU Nurse Hoodie

NICU Nurse Hoodie

Suppose your favorite NICU nurses often stay up late to take care of NICU babies, then the cool hoodie will be a lifesafer. It features a funny design which will crack their laughter and lift up their mood. Made from cotton and polyester, this hoodie is one of the best NICU nurse gifts to bring warmth and comfort. Moreover, it is also a perfect graduation gift for nursing students.

16. NICU Nurse Pink Shirts

NICU Nurse Pink Shirts

Let your fashionable NICU nurses express their love to the little babies with the cute outfit after working hours. This is one of the most fashionable NICU nurse gifts for people who love to mix and match new styles. It has cute baby footprint designs in blue and pink color. The thoughtful quote showing the importance of taking care of NICU babies will surely warm their heart. 

17. Nurse Affirmation Cards

Nurse Affirmation Cards

In case your favorite NICU nurses are having a bad day, nurse affirmation cards can be brilliant NICU nurse gifts to cheer them up. These cards contain positive and supportive quotes, explaining to them that they are seen, their work is amazing, and taking care of themselves is essential. These cards will give extra energy to work better and love themselves more.

18. Strong Nurse Blanket

Strong Nurse Blanket

Show your appreciation to the tough NICU nurse with this attractive throw blanket. The attractive design of a nurse with empowering quotes will be a supportive buddy at home. This blanket is one of the perfect NICU nurse gifts for snuggling up on the couch after a tiring day. It may give your NICU nurse the best hug to recharge their energy and lift up their mood.

19. Nurse Mini Motivational Journal

Nurse Mini Motivational Journal

Help your NICU nurses work with a small motivational journal they will cherish forever. As one of their main jobs is to record important notes, this lovely book is a must have item all day. The compact nursing pocket size memory notepad is portable and fits in pockets. The colorful cover design with motivational quotes will make them work in a happy mood.

20. NICU Nurse Charm Bracelet

NICU Nurse Charm Bracelet

A charm bracelet is a great way to show your gratitude and sincerity to NICU nurses. It is constructed of organic pink and blue crystal stone beads and is worn to draw knowledge, tenderness, kindness, and strength. It will be one of the most precious NICU nurse gifts to wish them good fortune during their noble work. The medical sign pendant and the thank you card add charm to this bracelet.

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21. Nurse Polymer Ballpoint

Nurse Polymer Ballpoint

Pens are also a must have stationery for NICU nurses. Therefore, why don’t you give them these cute and appealing ballpoints as NICU nurse gifts to support their stationary supplies? The adorable nurse-shaped polymer will light up their busy day. Taking memos or writing notes will be fun and exciting with these pens. The colorful colors and unique design make ideal gifts for Christmas or graduation gifts.

22. Nurse Duty Off Funny Socks

Nurse Duty Off Funny Socks

Surprise your NICU nurses during their day off with these funny socks. The adorable pink and blue color with funny designs is one of the best NICU nurse gifts to brighten up their holiday. They can wear these socks while relaxing on the couch, so people can read the hilarious lettering on the soles. It will be a perfect joke to bring laughter to many people.

23. NICU Nurse Appreciation Mug

NICU Nurse Appreciation Mug

Mugs for NICU nurse gifts will never go wrong. Therefore, you should choose the perfect design to show your respect and honor to them. You can go with a simple and straightforward design to show your appreciation. This mug features a little baby footprint and palm hand which are beautifully framed in a heart shaped stethoscope. It can be a cute present which accompanies them enjoying their morning coffee.

24. Capsule Message In Bottle

Capsule Message In Bottle

For those who are not good talkers, you can express your gratitude to NICU nurses with capsule messages in a bottle. You can fill the capsule with your own messages to them or some motivational words. Therefore, whenever they feel down or stressed, they can take one capsule of a dose of daily support. It will be one of the most thoughtful NICU nurses gifts to show your appreciation.

25. NICU Nurse Pillow

NICU Nurse Pillow

Cheer up your NICU nurses who are lacking sleep with this thoughtful pillow. Besides its main function as a comfortable pillow for a nice rest, you can appreciate their busy NICU nurse’ life in a beautiful way with the heartwarming text on this gift. Made of high quality polyester, the pillow is soft and durable. Your NICU nurses can bring this pillow during the night shift to get a comfortable rest.

Latest Post:

Can NICU nurses accept gifts?

Yes, NICU nurses can accept gifts from patients within reason. It is usually a simple gift such as thank you cards, mugs, or tumblers. Smaller gestures of appreciation might be allowed, even if it is never suitable for a nurse to accept a gift with a significant monetary value, whether it be an item, cash, gift card, or tickets to a performance, the theater, or a sporting event. 

What do you get a NICU nurse for Christmas?

You can get them a little gift in vibrant colors to radiate the cheerful Christmas vibes. The nurse polymer ballpoint or the nurse duty off socks will be the best NICU nurse gifts for christmas. Moreover, you can try to give personalized gifts to make them feel special during Christmas. If you are looking for more NICU nurse gifts inspiration, please read in the article above.

How do you say thank you to NICU nurses?

Saying “thank you” directly to NICU nurses will be the easiest way as it is the basic manner to express our appreciation. In addition, you can give them NICU nurse gifts in case you are not good at words. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift. You can simply give them stationary supplies or a thank you card. As long as the gift is meaningful and useful for them, they will surely appreciate your sincerity. 

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