Lawn Chair Pet Crate

Let your dog rest in a safe space with this  Lawn Chair Pet Crate. It can turn any lawn or camp chair into a cool and dry hiding place for your pooch.

When you are relaxing in a comfortable chair in a shadowy spot on a hot day, why not give your dog the same opportunity.

It might not understand the benefits of kicking back in a chair. But a cool crate right underneath the dog’s favorite human? Yes, please.

This fabric crate slips easily onto any basic camp or lawn chair with up to 23″ seat. 

Lawn Chair Pet Crate

With a 600D coated polyester waterproof flooring and tough mesh sides, it instantly creates a dry spot for your dog to rest in.

You can outfit its spacious interior with a dog bed, toys, or your pooch’s favorite blanket. Staking loops at each corner allow you to peg down the chair for longer periods of time, like on a camping trip.

Lawn Chair Pet Crate

The back of the crate has extra pockets that provide you with added storage. You can also use the crate itself for storing your belongings and gear.

The pet crate can also be used as a portable bag for your lawn chair. Just fold the chair down without taking off the crate, fasten it, and use the handles or the shoulder straps to carry the chair around. 

Lawn Chair Pet Crate

Keep your dog close and relaxed. No tangled leashes, no runaways, and you get a piece of mind on road stops, beach outings, or camping trips.

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