25 Vintage Robot Toys for Robot Geeks

In the digital era, humans use robots to support our life. If you’re a fan of robots, then you probably aware that the look of today’s robots are totally different compared to the old ones. Due to the iconic shapes and looks, many people still adore vintage robots. For that reason, lots of robot geeks love to collect vintage robot toys, which often used as unique decorations as well. Moreover, vintage robot toys can also be a nice reminder about the great history of robots.

Vintage robot toys are actually one of the most popular boys’ toys. We can almost certain that adults robot geeks would love have a collection of vintage robot toys at home. In short, vintage robot toys are great collectible items. If you’re looking for the perfect robot as a gift or as a new addition to your collection, check out 25 cool vintage robot toys below and be ready to discover a new treasure.

1. Vintage Robot Toy Space Commander

Vintage Robot Toy Space Commander

Space Commander sounds like a cool name, isn’t it? It rules over many space characters and used to be a powerful commander during its glorious days. This vintage Space Commender robot toy can be yours to own. Although it’s called the Space Commander, do bear in mind that this cool toy is specifically made to stay on earth, and not in space. In addition, any robot geeks will love to own the rare space ruler robot.

2. ME100 Robot Tin Toy Battery Operated Rotatomatic

ME100 Robot Tin Toy Battery Operated Rotatomatic

This ME100 Robot Blue Metallic was popular back in 1960s and 1970s. It was known as the Rotat-o-matic as it features a spinning rotatomatic actions with doors that reveal lighted guns. The decorative antennas and dome will make this vintage robot toy looks super iconic on your robot collection shelf.

3. Rare Vintage Tin Battery THUNDER ROBOT

Rare Vintage Tin Battery THUNDER ROBOT

The thunder robot is a rare item that needs a battery to operate. So if you fall in love with this Thunder Robot, grab it fast and don’t forget to have your batteries ready beforehand. This robot is perfect to put anywhere in your home.

4. Yellow Sparking Robot Toy

Yellow Sparking Robot Toy

This robot toy is not just perfect to be a new collector’s item. Mother with kids or toddlers who often throw tantrums can make use of this cute vintage robot toy, too! This toy is definitely one of the most recommended vintage robot toys to solve the problem. This unique piece was made in 1994 and made in China. Moreover, the yellow color is also great for kids who love the color.

5. Vintage Style 4″Tin Baby Robot

Vintage Style 4"Tin Baby Robot

Look at this adorable vintage robot toy who is riding a tricycle. This robot toy is a brand new item and made of high-quality tin. If your child is in the process of learning to ride a tricycle, then you can give your child this toy to appreciate the effort. In addition, this item will be a nice addition to your friend’s vintage robot collection, too!

6. Wind Up Tin Toy Drumming Circus Clown Robot

Wind Up Tin Toy Drumming Circus Clown Robot

The next item on the list is this vintage clown robot who’s totally ready to perform. This vintage robot toy can definitely free you from a stress after a bad day. Moreover, it is made of high-quality eco-friendly materials. So it’s a perfect collectible, and also a perfect item to display on your robot collection shelf at home. As one of the most unique vintage robot toys, we believe that this robot will be the perfect gift for a friend who is a member of a marching band or a drummer.

7. Vintage Style Silver Mr. Cragstan Atomic Robot

Vintage Style Silver Mr. Cragstan Atomic Robot

This vintage atomic robot might be small in size, but it’s definitely sturdy and able to turn into many forms. If that’s not enough, this robot can features u-turn action to change directions during it’s performance, thanks to the unique paddling feet. Your kids will be super excited to play with this unique vintage robot.

8. Smoking Walking Spaceman Robot

Smoking Walking Spaceman Robot

The super vintage green robot is made of tin and requires a battery to operate. This robot is a rare item and perfect for vintage toys collector who would be thrilled to add this smoking walking spaceman robot to his collection. The price is the solid proof of how worthy the robot is. If you are a diehard collector, hurry get this robot now!

9. Retro Clockwork Wind Up Metal Walking Robot

Retro Clockwork Wind Up Metal Walking Robot

In spite of the funny face, the vintage robot toys are brand new and produced in high-quality. This is a superb tin toy with a working clockwork motor. The toy is not only great for kids but also for adults, especially those with a vintage soul.

10. Tin Toy Wind Up Tank Robot Vintage Retro Style

Tin Toy Wind Up Tank Robot Vintage Retro Style

A tank is cool and heavy. Especially if you have seen it with your own eyes and played a simulator of it, for instance in the GTA San Andreas. The vintage robot toys are inspired by tanks in the real world. This vintage robot will be a great collector’s item. Moreover, children would also love to have this as gift, as it doesn’t need batteries to move, super simple and cute!

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11. Vintage Clockwork Wind Up Robot

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These vintage robot toys are shaped like chickens. The chickens are made of tin with good design and print. Wind it up, and the robot will move. There are no batteries needed to move this chicken. So, don’t wait no more, add this to your shopping cart now!

12. Vintage Robot Wind-Up Soviet Robot Radar

vintage robot toys

This vintage robot toys are made in the USSR (Dnepropetrovsk). It was inspired from the 1980s era. The body is made of hard plastic to make it more durable. After you wind it, it will move its arm and move. The robot is a perfect gift for vintage collectors.

13. Robot Sonic HK-707A Vintage Blue Iridescent

vintage robot toys

The blue and golden robot look super cool. It will look even cooler if you can make it your own. This vintage robot toy can create noises and flashes on still position. The blue vintage color tone has a touch of metallic, which makes it adorable and worth buying. Since this robot is selling fast, you better grab it fast before someone grabs it before you.

14. Vintage 1970’s Ocean Friction Orange Robot Toy

vintage robot toys

If you look carefully, you’ll see that the head of this vintage robot toy looks like the shape of a toad. It makes it look unique. But unlike toad, this robot is made to perform and operates in the ocean. In addition, this 1970’s vintage robot toys can be operated with batteries. 

15. 1960 Playschool Toy Robot

vintage robot toys

The funny looking robot was inspired by the 1993 robot era. As an old and super vintage robot toy, this item is a perfect toy for decoration. We believe hard core vintage robot toy collectors would be dying to have. The funny expression on this robot’s face will make it an adorable piece to own.

16. ‘Forcebot’ Robot Toy Circa 1980s

vintage robot toys

The 1980s robot is in a fit condition to play. The older generations love to play with this type of robots when they were just kids. So, we think giving this as a vintage gift for your kids would be a great idea, too. Play with it together with your kids and bring back the old and beautiful memories, which you can share to your kids.

17. Windup Tin Toy St. John Toys

vintage robot toys

This is one of the most rare atomic robots. In fact, the robot hailed from the second world war era (the 1940s). You can switch on and off this robot by pressing the robot’s chest. Because of its antique design and originality, it would be a great idea to give this vintage robot toy to our parents, or even grandparents.

18. 1970s Durham Industries Wind Up Robot

vintage robot toys

This vintage robot toy is made in Hong Kong. Also, it was made back in the 70s. In short, this vintage robot toy is a rare item, and perfect to complete your robot collector friend’s collection. Despite the fact that this robot is quite old. it’s still in good condition and works properly.

19. Vintage Robot Toys Talk Blinking Light 1984

vintage robot toys

This robot looks like Datamon from the Digimon adventure franchise. It hailed from the 1984 era. The vintage robot toys were made 30 years ago and made of plastic. If you have a friend who love Datamon, then we think your friend would be happy to have this cute vintage robot toy as a gift.

20. Great Mazinger Jumbo Machinder Robot 

vintage robot toys

The Japanese robot hailed from the 1970s era. From its design style, it really suits Japanese art. The vintage part is in great condition, including the rocket holder, 14 rockets, and also the swords. The vintage toy robots are great for those who adore Japanese heroes’ characters.

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21. Vintage 13” Saturn Robot

vintage robot toys

Saturn is the second biggest planet in the solar system after Jupiter (the biggest planet in the solar system). Named as one of the biggest planets, this cute vintage robot toy is a big thing for vintage robot collectors. They would be thrilled to have this item as a new collection. The cute vintage robot toys are complete with missiles and box.

22. Caprice Star Command MS. STARROID Robot

vintage robot toys

Unlike many vintage robot toys. This robot has a radio on it and can make some sounds. Although it is an antique item (from 1977), the yellow robot is in new condition. Your children will be super happy to have this robot and play with it all day long.

23. Retro Vintage Wind Up Walking Robot

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The tin vintage robot toys are perfect as decoration. After you wind it up, the robot will move with a lovely action. If you want to give this to a special person, then a birthday would be the perfect occasion for that reason.

24. Newmind Vintage Retro TIN Toys Robot

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The dog-faced robot has a sturdy construction. The tin metal robot can be a good collection for both adults and kids. This robot also has a great design, and you know what? This robot can walk! How cool is that? just wind it up and let it moves.

25. Benjamin International Venus Robot – MS 461

Benjamin International Venus Robot - MS 461

Just like Saturn, there is also a Venus robot for nostalgia. The vintage robot toys are made in China. The toy is cute to play with, but it would be much more unique to be a decoration, at home or office. Moreover, this robot toy is perfect as gift for your loved ones, too.

Final Thoughts

For a true robot collector, there is nothing more rewarding than having one of the rarest vintage robots. When it comes to the rarest collections, price won’t be that much of a matter because we just can’t put a price tag on something we love the most, right?

Therefore, for those of you who are looking for some of the rarest vintage robots to add to your collection, then you better make sure to check our list above, as we believe you will find the one robot you’ve been looking for.

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The most expensive toy robot in this list is the Japanese robot, it almost worth USD 800. The Japanese design and historical value make it expensive but worth buying, even for adults. The Japanese robot is also expensive because of the community. There are many people who love Japanese products like manga, anime, and even robots.

What are the Rarest Robot Toys?

The rarest robot toys are space rulers. It might be because we cannot find many space ruler robots out there. Check the first item on this list, and you’ll see why our first vintage robot toy is considered as the rarest robot toy that you can find.

What are the Best Vintage Metal Robot Toys?

The best vintage robot toys are not the ones with less value over the time. The best vintage robots are the rare ones. So, the Japanese robot should be named the best vintage metal robot toy. With a high price, comes high quality. If not the Japanese, then the space commander might also be the best one, because it bears a great title with it. The price along with the rarity also proves that.

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