25 Amazing Gifts for Weightlifters 

Weightlifting works not only to build and shape your body, but it also helps to strengthen your muscles and increase bone density, too. To achieve the goodness of weightlifting, weightlifters will need to spend most of their time at the gym to exercise. More than just something to build their muscles, weightlifting can also be part of their efforts to improve their healthy lifestyle. So, if you’re about to search for the best gifts for weightlifters, it would be best for you to find items that will be helpful and useful for them.

Weightlifters need something unique to support their exercise, and also to motivate them in living their healthy lifestyle. When it comes to choosing the best gifts for weightlifters, there are bunch of gifts that you can find in the market. To help you choose the best gift, either it’s a funny or useful one, we have done a list of 25 amazing gifts for weightlifters below. So let’s check them out!

Gifts for Male Weightlifters

We all know that someone who’s into weightlifting. It can be your best friend, colleague, brother, or even boyfriend. Check out the following gifts for male weightlifters that can surely motivate them in improving their passion in bodybuilding. So, let’s check them out, shall we?

1. Rogue Weight Plate Keychain Charm 

Rogue Weight Plate Keychain Charm

This rogue weight plate key charm was designed to look like weightlifting plates, which can motivate weightlifters to raise their bar in weightlifting. They can use this key charm to keep their locker keys secure, while they can also use it as their gym bag accessory. This item was handmade and available in 4 solid colors to choose from based on preferences. What a nice gift for weightlifters!

2. PR Jar Weightlifter Personal Record

PR Jar Weightlifting Personal Record

Weightlifters need to keep track of their records to know the progress of their bodybuilding exercise. This set of gift can also work as a motivation whenever they feel in doubt, or just to know how far they go. Therefore, it will be a wise choice to choose this personal record as an amazing gift for weightlifters. The set includes a bunch of personal record papers and a piece of jar. 

3. Metal Wrist Wraps 

Metal Wrist Wraps

These wrist wraps will be useful to protect weightlifters’ wrists when they are doing powerlifting or wrist intensive weightlifting. Made of elastic polyester and cotton, this item allows a more reliable stability in your wrist while doing their weightlifting exercises. Such a useful gift for weightlifters, isn’t it?

4. Dumbbell Charm Bracelet

Dumbbell Charm Bracelet

A beautiful charm bracelet can be a lucky charm for weightlifters. The bracelet is made of adjustable string and features a dumbbell charm to show their love for bodybuilding and weightlifting. This bracelet also comes with a greeting card, so it will be a perfect as an amazing gift for weightlifters. 

5. Drinking Coaster for Weightlifters

Drinking Coaster

Avoid dirties on the dinner table by using this drinking coaster! Being the perfect gift for weightlifters, this item is available in 4 colors. Designed just like a rogue weight plate, this item will remind your weightlifters friends to always have time to exercise and practice their weightlifting skills. 

6. Recovery Box for Weightlifters

Recovery Box

Who says weightlifters don’t need to take care of themselves? This recovery box will come as a perfect gift for weightlifters because it includes a set of face masks for men, protein bar and drink, as well as sports rub, instant cold pack, and also muscle relief bath soak, which will basically help to relieve muscle pain after weightlifting. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss this item as a gift for weightlifters!

7. Weightlifting Sculpture

Weightlifting Sculpture

This weightlifting sculpture is an original NOVICA fair trade product in association with the National Geographic. Made of black metal materials, this sculpture will bring a touch of a classic vintage look to your desk or any room at home. Since the sculpture features a weightlifting pose, you can definitely pick this as a gift for weightlifters!

8. Compression Weightlifter Shirt 

Compression Shirt 

For weightlifters, it’s very important to have a useful and stylish workout shirt! This compression shirt for men is a must have item since it features a lot of features, such as UV protection and breathability. It will also fit to any body geometry. This shirt is also made of high quality spandex and polyester with stretchable and quick-drying technology. So, make sure you check this out as a gift for weightlifters!

9. Workout Log Book

Workout Log Book

Weightlifters need a lot of support and motivation from their surroundings. Similar with the PR jar mentioned earlier, this log book provides weightlifters a space to write their progress, goals-setting, and finished-workouts as records. This log book provides a target date, 100 workouts record, and even the details of your body weight and measurements to keep you on track of your work out schedules. So, this item will probably be the right gift for weightlifters.

10. Arm Curl Blaster

Arm Curl Blaster

Weightlifters need to carry out their intensive weightlifting exercise in the most possible way. You can use this curl blaster as a gift for weightlifters as they need it to support upper body muscles. It features neoprene and foam padding to put the neck and arms at ease while weightlifting. This item will be very useful for them, so make sure you check this item out while the stock lasts!

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11. Adjustable Dumbbell Set

Adjustable Dumbbell Set

For weightlifters who want to carry out their workout at home, this dumbbell set is the right gift for them! The set offers a compact size with a smart design, which can be adjusted according to how they want to use it. if you’re looking for the best gift for beginner weightlifters, this dumbbell is clearly the right choice. 

Gifts for Female Weightlifters 

Weightlifting has become a trend among sport enthusiasts. It’s no longer a sport for men, because nowadays, many women are also into weightlifting. Therefore, it would be a great idea to give them motivational gifts. In this category, we have a list of 10 gifts that you can consider for female weightlifters.

12. Personalized Embroidered Gym Towel

Personalized Embroidered Gym Towel

This personalized gym towel will be very useful for female weightlifters during practice. You can include the receiver’s name embroidered at the corner of the towel, too. The towel is available in 4 colors and it can definitely absorb sweat very fast. In short, this item is perfect as a gift for female weightlifters. 

13. Weightlifting Print Glass Wall

Gifts for Weightlifters

If you are looking for a more exclusive gift for female weightlifters, then this weightlifting print glass wall is the item that you need! Available in 5 sizes and 2 colors, this print features a picture of a woman athlete weight lifting on a glass, which will be perfect as a gift for female weightlifters. You can expect this item to inspire many women weightlifters to work harder everyday! 

14. Dumbbell Earrings

Gifts for Weightlifters

Who says being a weightlifter can stop a woman from being stylish? As much as these weightlifters love doing their bits, these dumbbell earrings will definitely become one of the right gifts for weightlifters. The hook is made of sterling silver while the earrings come in a cute shape of dumbbell charms to represent any woman’s love for weightlifting and fitness. These earrings are the perfect small and adorable gifts for female weightlifters.

15. No Pain No Gain Necklace

Gifts for Weightlifters

It is important to always have self-motivation with you wherever you go. Therefore, this no pain no gain necklace is perfect to be chosen as an amazing gift for female weightlifters. The necklace is made of solid gold. Moreover, what makes it more amazing is that you can personalize this item by engraving words at the back of the pendant. 

16. Foam Rollers for Female Weightlifters

Gifts for Weightlifters

Weightlifters often have sore wrists after work out, and that’s where these foam rollers come in handy. This item put their wrist at ease by simply rolling it back and forth. Moreover, this roller has a compact size so the weightlifters can bring it anywhere they go. With amazing features, female weightlifters will surely consider this as a useful savior.

17. Premium Electric Protein Shakers Bottle

Premium Electric Protein Shakers Bottle

For weightlifters, to obtain an ideal body shape, exercise and weightlifting practices are not enough. They also need to pay attention to their food intake, too. For more practical time setting in eating, this electric shaker bottle can be considered as a useful item. It provides easy clean technology and exclusive design, as well as a compact size that they can bring to the gym as well. 

18. Waist Trainer

Waist Trainer

Weightlifters need to feel comfortable around their waist after lifting such weight plates. Therefore, this waist trainer will be the right choice as a gift for female weightlifters. This waist trainer is made of stretchable fabric, designed to smooth out back rolls and flatten your stomach. 

19. Exercise Gloves

Exercise Gloves

We need to know that despite women weightlifters have superb energy while lifting heavy plates, they would also need to take care of their hands as well. Therefore, we need to give them these exercise gloves to protect their hands from breaking or slipping while weightlifting. These gloves are made of spandex and copper nylon with anti-slip silicon and fingerless design.

20. Fighter’s Kitchen Book

Fighter’s Kitchen Book

Being female weightlifters, they need to take care of their food intake. Therefore, this recipe book titled Fighter’s Kitchen will help them to find new cooking ideas that support their bodybuilding process. Containing 100 delicious recipes designed for fighters and heavy workout enthusiasts, this item will be the perfect gift for female weightlifters! 

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21. Pinky Weightlifting Belt

Gifts for Weightlifters

Looking for useful and stylish weightlifting items? This weightlifting belt that comes in pink will get your favorite female weightlifter to look stylish. Meanwhile, it will also support her lower back while lifting heavy weight plates. The belt features durable material with 8 adjustable sizes. So, make sure you check this out while the stock lasts!

Funny Gifts for Weightlifters

Weightlifters need to take a break from their exercise activity. Lifting such a heavy weight of plates might stress them out. Despite motivational and useful gifts, we should cheer them up by giving a funny gift, and these 4 items might be the best options. So, check them out! 

22. Custom Cartoon Portrait Weightlifters

Gifts for Weightlifters

What would be funnier than this cartoon portrait? Specially designed for fitness instructors and weightlifters, this customized portrait will be a funny gift for weightlifters! Simply send the person’s photo and this portrait will be created specially for them. It will be sent digitally, so it’s free for you to print it out and frame it, or simply send it as a digital gift for weightlifter friends! 

23. Bodybuilder Wood Desk Decor

Gifts for Weightlifters

Doesn’t it cute to put this cute gift on your desk? This Bodybuilder money holder will add positive vibes on any desk, which is perfect to be chosen as a fun gift for weightlifters. You can add your own personalization to the wood money holder, such as the name of the receiver and your message to them. Check it out while the stock still lasts! 

24. Zmart Weightlifters Socks

Zmart Weightlifters Sock

Weightlifters are often using long socks, therefore we are recommending you these Zmart Weightlifter Socks that will surely come handy during work out sessions. Designed with funny words, wearing these socks will also give them a little motivation to work out harder everyday. Made of mostly cotton, these socks will give comfort and therefore, it will come as a perfect gift for weightlifters. 

25. Weightlifter Ornament

Weightlifter Ornament

Looking for a cute and funny gift for weightlifters? This happy man figure is perfect to be put on your favorite weightlifter’s desk. This item perfectly represents your friend’s figure, who really loves weightlifting. This ornament is best put on the desk or as a gym room decoration. So check this item out right away!

latest post:

What do you get someone who likes weight lifting?

People who love weightlifting often need items that support their weightlifting routines. So, we are recommending useful items as gifts that they can often during practice. We can choose things such as exercise gloves, waist trainers, curl blasters, or compression shirts to look stylish at the gym. A dumbbell set is a good choice too for them to practice at home. 

What does every weightlifter needs?

Every weightlifter will need things that support their bodybuilding activities. Especially when they have a sore waist and wrist after a long period of practice. They will need a waist trainer, curl blaster, exercise gloves, and wrist wraps to protect their abdomen. 

Why do weightlifters wear long socks?

Weightlifters are known for wearing long socks to protect their shins during deadlifts, box jumps, and first pull of power lifts. We have recommended socks in each funny and other categories for men (which actually can be worn by women as well). 

What do you give a powerlifter?

Powerlifters have strong energy and often lift heavy weight plates. So we would like to recommend you to give things that will protect them from break or slip, such as exercise gloves or a recovery box for their healthier body and recovery after a lot of practice. 

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