25 Best and Personalised Gifts for Espresso Lovers

Espresso was originated in Italy, where the world’s first steam-powered coffee brewing equipment was designed and built. Espresso may be obtained from a variety of coffee shops wherever we are in our period, but those with a good espresso machine and coffee grounds can also make it at home. We all know folks that enjoy coffee a lot, whether it’s your parents, friends, relatives, or co-workers. Moreover, there are a range of gifts for espresso lovers that can be customized to their specific styles.

When it comes to selecting gifts for coffee aficionados, people are frequently perplexed; do you find yourself in the same boat? To help you with this conundrum, we’ve put together a list of fantastic gift ideas for coffee or espresso lovers in your life.

Espresso Lover Gifts for Him

Men like everything to go straight to the point! They like to keep everything simple, and minimize their belongings to the basics. So, just think of simple coffee lover gifts for them, and the following items might help you on that.

1. Espresso Men’s Necktie

Espresso Men’s Necktie

Tie is a form of men’s fashion statement. Giving a gift in the form of a tie to a man we know, would certainly be useful. For your father or boss who loves espresso, give an espresso tie on their birthday or for the upcoming Father’s Day. It will be a unique addition to his tie collections at home.

2. Espresso Hoodie

Espresso Hoodie

Hoodies are super useful in winter. Your baby boy or brother who loves espresso will definitely love to get a handmade hoodie with espresso print as a gift. We can give them this gift as a Christmas present. Without a doubt, your boy would love to wear it during a cold winter day.

3. Espresso Blend for Espresso Lovers

Espresso Blend

Espresso lovers are used to making their own espresso at home. For that reason, they will definitely need an espresso blend. So, why not give to your father, boss or male co-worker who loves espresso this four-in-one espresso mix on their upcoming birthday or Christmas celebration?

4. Personalized Wooden French Press with Engraved Name

Personalized Wooden French Press with Engraved Name

Portable wooden French press with an engraved name is sure to be a memorable gift for an espresso lover. Moreover, this tool must also be very useful especially because of its practicality. Its compact size makes it possible to carry inside a picnic bag or daily briefcase. In short, this Personalized French press is a great gift idea for espresso lovers in your life.

5. Personalized Cup for Espresso Lovers

Personalised Cup

A cup to enjoy an espresso, which includes the name of the espresso drinker, can be sure to be a very special gift. This kind of personal espresso cup is a very suitable gift for your favorite coffee lover’s special day. In addition, this handcrafted espresso cup will surely remind your friend of you, whenever they take a sip of their favorite espresso.

Espresso Lover Gifts for Her

Who said that coffee is masculine stuff? Many women also love coffee as much as men do! They can act more excited than men when it comes to coffee related stuff. So, if you want to give her a gift, these are our recommendations. 

6. Coffee Bean Necklace

Coffee Bean Necklace

Female espresso lovers will be very happy to get a gift in the form of a coffee bean necklace. Just look at this adorable item? No woman will ever say no to this beauty! The necklace represents one of woman’s favorite things in life, which is coffee. So, give a coffee bean necklace to your special female espresso lover on her birthday.

7. Espresso Lover Scarf

Espresso Scarf

Scarf is a mandatory item to have in winter. Although people tend to give less attention to fashion during winter, this espresso-patterned scarf is sure to be an effortless centre of attention. Undoubtedly, a special espresso woman in your life will be very happy to receive this gift of a coffee scarf on Christmas Day

8. Personalized Decorated Mug

Personalized Decorated Mug

Mugs with the initials of your names and elegant floral pictures are very personal. Giving this kind of gift will definitely be very useful for espresso lovers and will eventually give its own memories of each sip of espresso from that mug. Give this very personal gift mug to your female co-workers who really love espresso.

9. Pink Tumbler for Female Espresso Lovers

Pink Tumbler

Tumblers that have straws are very useful for anyone, especially for espresso lovers. They can take espresso anywhere easily with a tumbler. Pink tumblers are perfect for a female espresso lover. Give the tumbler as a souvenir at a bridal party, or simply as a holiday gift for female workers in the office.

10. Portable Mini Espresso Machine

Portable Mini Espresso Machine

Ease of use and flexibility are the advantages of a mini espresso making machine. Anyone around us who loves espresso will definitely love this minipresso. Give this tool as a gift to espresso lovers around us on their birthday or special day. It’s easy to use!

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11. Espresso Duvet Cover 

Espresso Duvet Cover 

Espresso-patterned duvet covers will be a fun item for espresso lovers. Using this blanket will not only give you the comfort you need, because you will be more energized, too! An espresso duvet cover will make you feel as if you are in a sea of espresso that refreshes the spirit. Duvet covers are very suitable to be given as gifts to mothers or wedding gifts.

Funny Gifts for Espresso Lovers

What is funny about coffee? Why so serious? These days, where life is full of challenges, you can take your cup of coffee and find our recommendation for funny gifts for coffee lovers below.

12. Polar Bear Coffee Plushie 

Polar Bear Coffee Plushie

Plushie bear with soft and very cute coffee beans body will make your daughter happy. This cute plushie can be used as a birthday or Christmas gift. Children would be very happy to get a cute toy in the form of a soft coffee bean bear plushie, which can also be an additional bed decoration.

13. 3D Espresso Mug Animal Inside

3D Espresso Mug Animal Inside

Have you ever seen a coffee cup with a cute animal statue inside? This item comes as a new idea as a funny gift for espresso lovers. Coffee lovers will be happy to have this item because they will be accompanied by sweet cookies while enjoying their coffee. A ceramic espresso mug is a very nice cup to be a funny gift for your friends or family. 

14. Funny Coffee Socks 

Funny Coffee Socks 

Socks bearing funny messages about coffee will always make coffee lovers smile. Aside of being useful for everyday wear, these funny coffee-themed socks can also become a fashion statement for coffee lovers. It’s going to be the perfect funny gift for your special coffee lovers.   

15. Ceramic Coffee Jar

gifts for espresso lovers

Coffee bean jars made of ceramics are certainly a necessity for coffee lovers. This funny coffee jar features a unique pattern that is not just perfect as a jar to store coffee beans, but it will also be a nice addition for your kitchen decoration. Moreover, you can also add funny messages to the ceramic coffee jar, to make it more personal. It’s perfect to give as a birthday present for your good friend who loves coffee.

16. 3D Latte Maker

3D latte maker

Art in coffee, who doesn’t like it? Professional baristas at your favorite cafes must have done it quite often. But don’t you want to make it yourself at home once in a while? This item will be a fun activity for coffee lovers. The existence of 3D Latte Art Maker allows anyone to be a barista at home. So give this tool to office friends who love coffee as a birthday present.

Affordable Gifts for Espresso Lovers

“It doesn’t matter how little a gift costs; what matters is the thought.” Yes, it is absolutely right. What matters most is what you think of the present. The amount of money you spend on a gift isn’t the most significant factor, be glad of the gifts you can provide, regardless of their cost!

17. Engraved Spoon

Engraved Spoon

Spoons that include special and personal messages are very touching. Coffee lovers will be very happy to get this sentimental additional collection of coffee spoons, which will be a nice addition to their collection. This beautiful carved spoon gift will always make its users remember you every time they enjoy their espresso. In addition, this item will also be a sweet gift for your neighbor who will move to another city.

18. Coffee Espresso Decorative Cushion Pillow

gifts for espresso lovers

Enjoying coffee on Sunday morning on your favorite couch will be even more perfect with this adorable espresso pillow. A pillow that inscribed with coffee messages perfectly shows your penchant for coffee. In addition, a soft pillow will make anyone feel more comfortable while sitting and relaxing on their favorite sofa. Get this coffee pillow for an upcoming Christmas present.

19. Espresso Coffee Drink Phone Cover

gifts for espresso lovers

Nowadays smartphones have become the one thing that everyone bring anywhere they go. The choice of smartphone case usually shows the character of the owner. Therefore, the case that features the espresso coffee theme can show how much the smartphone owner loves espresso. We can also give this coffee case to your co-workers who love espresso and coffee.

20. Campfire Roasted Coffee

gifts for espresso lovers

Coffee grounds are certainly the basic ingredients in making espresso. Undoubtedly, every coffee lover has that tool at home. Trying coffee grounds from a wide variety of regions and types is a fun experience for coffee lovers. Rewarding your friends who love coffee with campfire roasted coffee will definitely make them feel happy and grateful. So grab this set of coffee ground before it runs out!

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21. Gift Basket for Espresso Lovers

Coffee Gift Basket

A basket containing a variety of foods and coffee tools are heaven for coffee lovers. Giving it as a Christmas or New Year’s gift to your best friend who loves coffee can definitely give a great spirit to welcome the new year. So what are you waiting for? Go get a coffee gift basket now!

22. Square Single Coaster

gifts for espresso lovers

If you have a special coffee or espresso lover in your life who loves to enjoy a cup of coffee at home, then this gift is the one you’re looking for. This gift of glass trays would be appreciated by your mother or aunt who loves coffee. Coasters will be the perfect items to keep table safe from coffee stains.

23. Espresso Lovers Tote Bag

gifts for espresso lovers

What a Fantastic New Caffeine Coffee Lover Gift! “Espresso Not Depresso” Panda Tote Bag is a practical and economical espresso lover’s gift! A tote bag is very useful for anyone’s daily life today. This tote bag can be used for grocery shopping, which can be a great act to reduce the use of plastic bag. 

24. Coffee Machine Cleaner

gifts for espresso lovers

Make sure your coffee machine is working properly. Provide NSF-certified professional cleaning powder that follows the P152 protocol. Choose one that won’t taint your coffee and won’t corrode your espresso machine, too. This is the ideal gift for an espresso lover of your family, or anyone who owns a coffee machine. 

25. A Coffee Enthusiast’s Tasting Journal

gifts for espresso lovers

Coffee enthusiasts should know all about coffee. Ranging from the wide selection of coffee beans to the processing to the ins and outs of coffee maker tools. Give a coffee journal as a gift for your espresso lover friend on his birthday. Undoubtedly, your friend would be very thrilled to have this as a special gift from you.

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What to get a person who is an espresso lover?

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