Zebra Electric Wooden Boat

If your motivation in choosing a boat lies not only with speed and power but also with visual aesthetic then we’ve got something in store for you.

The Zebra Electric Wooden Boat is a masterpiece of a watercraft that you’ll find difficult to take your eyes off.

This vessel is a modern rendition of the iconic Sea Maid Wooden Ski Boat from 1947 created by a French designer Dimitri Bez. In terms of looks, it’s all about sleek curves and lines. 

Zebra Electric Wooden Boat

The daring combination of diagonal wooden boards and chrome covering the body of the boat looks extremely well.

What makes this boat stand out even more is the bright orange leather interior and the same color just slightly peeking out of water at the bottom of the boat.

Zebra Electric Wooden Boat

Although we are more used to motor boats being powered by raving noisy Diesel motors, Zebra takes another stance on that matter. This modern wooden boat is powered by an electric motor which gains more and more popularity nowadays.

Although your lizard brain might be telling you that water and electricity do not merge together well (and rightfully so), electric motor boats are made waterproof so there’s no need to panic.

Moreover, electric boat motors are quiet, produce no carbon footprint and can run powered by solar and wind energy. So the future for electric boats looks as bright and wide for them as ever.

Zebra Electric Wooden Boat

The interior of Zebra is just as beautiful as its exterior. Mainly because the orange leather we’ve mentioned is sewn into the same diagonal lines that cover the boat’s body.

This provides the user and the spectator with visual integrity and style like little boats can. 

Zebra Electric Wooden Boat

The navigation display inside the hub uses an OLED curved screen and if that name sounds familiar it’s because we’ve already covered LG’s revolutionary wallpaper TV  that uses the same technology.

This boat is the definition of tasteful minimalist luxury. It’s a no-nonsense watercraft that looks absolutely spectacular and will definitely find its way to lots of ‘wish lists’.

Zebra Electric Wooden Boat

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