Invincible Outdoor Socks

Let your feet relax in style in the Swiss Barefoot Company’s “Free Your Feet” Invincible outdoor socks!

Use these Invincible Outdoor Socks for sports, hiking, or any other outdoor activity, and your feet and legs will thank you for it.

These socks feature a tight-fitting elastic seam to help them stay exactly where you want them, and they are made from Dyneema, which is a very tough manmade fiber blend.  

Invincible Outdoor Socks

They fit your toes like gloves fit fingers, and they come equipped with wide-spread grip dots for excellent gripping and mobility.

Invincible Outdoor Socks

Best of all, they’re comfortable to wear!  Throw on a pair of the Invincible Outdoor Socks for your next outdoor excursion and let your socks do the hard work for you. 

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