25 Heartwarming Family Reunion Gifts Under $5 To Make Reunion Merrier

A home with loving family members is not only a safe haven but also a solid and reliable source of love and support. No matter how far everyone goes, family is always a safe haven. If you cannot spend time with your family daily, attending a family reunion should be an excellent opportunity for you to get together with them. Since a family is so valuable, you should take the time to cultivate a close relationship with them by sharing some gifts under $5 during the reunion.

Bringing gifts is an essential part of a family reunion, but you do not have to choose expensive ones. In any case, an inexpensive present given during a family reunion will be a lovely gesture that also makes the gathering more enjoyable for everyone. And so, here we have compiled a list of 25 thoughtful family reunion gifts under $5 that will make your gathering merrier.

1. Hanging Photo Frame

Hanging Photo Frame

These photo frames would make an ideal family reunion gift for under $5 because the entire family can gather and choose which adorable photos to hang on the frame. These collage picture frames are made of felt, and they include 20 frames which consist of 10 vertical and 10 horizontal one. The frames are in green color which makes it a perfect family reunion gift on Christmas day or any occasion. 

2. Cute Family T-Shirt

Cute Family T-Shirt

Purchasing a set of cute family t-shirts would be an excellent family reunion gift. Moreover, this family reunion gift’s starting cost is only around $5. These t-shirts are made from a combination of cotton and polyester, a fabric that is soft and comfortable to wear. Are you worried that the set will not fit? Worry not because these t-shirts come in a wide range of sizes and, even better, can be customized to your preferred color.

3. Book Photo Album

Book Photo Album

A small book like a photo album is an excellent thing to bring as a family reunion gift under $5 because it may serve as a medium for the entire family to reflect on good old times. It is crafted from high-quality leather and also has bookbinding to keep the album looking neat. It has the capacity to hold up to 100 photographs of your good memories. 

4. Floral Scented Candle

Floral Scented Candle

You could consider purchasing a candle with a floral-scented candle as a family reunion gift for under $5 for the whole family. The amazing price yet comes with amazing quality and scent to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in the room. The natural soy wax in this candle is not only harmless to inhale but also enhances the aroma of the floral essential oil.

5. Personalized Family Mug

Personalized Family Mug

A mug with the name of your family on it is an absolutely heartwarming family reunion gift under $5. It is crafted of high-quality ceramic and has a premium coating for long-lasting printing. There are also several heart drawings to make it even more lovely. 

6. UNO Junior Card Games 

UNO Junior Card Games

A UNO card game is the ideal family reunion gift under $5 to add fun to the family reunion event. Each card has cute animal illustrations that surely will be loved by children. UNO junior is also simplified so children understand the game play better. Bring your family together for a fun family night and say UNO!

7. Hazelnut Chocolate Box

Hazelnut Chocolate Box

If you’re having a family reunion and the whole family is coming together to have fun and catch up, you’ll need plenty of snacks and sweets to keep everyone happy. Therefore, bringing a box of pop-tarts to share with is an excellent family reunion gift under $5. This box contains 16 pieces of gooey pop-tarts. Perfect as a snack during game night or just a munching buddy. 

8. Artificial Plant

Artificial Plant

A gift of a bundle of realistic-looking fake plants would make a lovely ornament to bring to a family reunion. During a get-together of the family at home, a set of these artificial plants is the ideal family reunion gift under 5$ that can make the space feel livelier and more cheerful. 

9. Family Size Crackers

Family Size Crackers

Make the whole family thrilled with joy seeing you bringing a box of crackers as a family reunion gift under $5. This box of family-size crackers includes 12 stacks of savory crackers. It’s ideal for any occasion, including a family reunion as you can modify it as you like. 

10. Hot Cocoa Mix

Hazelnut Chocolate Box

A cup of hot chocolate milk could be an excellent accompaniment to a family reunion occasion. Therefore, a pack of Swiss Miss containing eight individual sachets of chocolate milk mix would be a wonderful family reunion gift. Even better, you can get your hands on this scrumptious chocolate mix for less than $5.

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11. Cookie Cutter

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A cookie-cutter certainly makes the family reunion more interesting because your entire family can create a jar of yummy cookies in the warmth of home. Cookie cutters are an excellent choice for a family reunion gift under $5 because it provides an opportunity for fun activities to be enjoyed by all participants of the occasion.

12. Paint by Number Printables

Paint by Number Printables

A paint-by-number printables as a gift for the family reunion? Absolutely, yes! Not only is it affordable, but it also serves as a fun and easy DIY project that keeps everyone occupied so they can have pleasant conversations with one another. You just need to print it and add a set of paint to start painting with your family during a family reunion. 

13. Macaron Box

Macaron Box

Bringing boxes of tiny macarons is an excellent family reunion gift under $5 that you may share with your entire family on family reunion occasions. You can also request a specific ribbon to your preference. A total worth the money, considering each box only cost $5 and could make your whole family delighted. 

14. Flamingo Photo Booth Prop

Flamingo Photo Booth Prop

If you are looking for a family reunion gift under $5, you can bring a fun ornament or decoration to make the event more engaging and exciting! These vibrant flamingo printables can be used as photo props at a family reunion or as a prop for a family game night. You can easily print it and glue it into a hard paper for your family to use later during the family reunion.

15. Monstera Air Diffuser

Monstera Air Diffuser

Using this monstera air diffuser may put the entire family reunion event in a good mood. As a family reunion gift under $5, this gift works amazingly to make the room smell fresh and look awesome with the gold monstera that is great as decoration. 

16. Family Reunion Table Toppers

Family Reunion Table Toppers

Bring a table topper as a family reunion gift to brighten up the entire décor. These table-toppers come in three different shapes, and the wooden sticks included in this set make it simple to attach them to the table. You can put it on a dining table or on an outside table for a  wonderful complement to the family event.

17. Penguin Puzzle 

Penguin Puzzle

A pleasant game for all members of the family to enjoy together at get-togethers makes it a perfect family reunion gift. These 48 pieces of the puzzle have an illustration of a mama penguin with its kid. This family reunion gift under $5 is surely a great choice as a family night game.

18. Toss Game

Toss Game

Getting a delightful set of toss games in an easter theme as a reunion gift will undoubtedly excite the entire family. This set includes the easter toss banner, 3 bean bags, and a ribbon to tie the banner. This fun family reunion gift under $5 can be used by anyone from children to adults. Definitely a great family outdoor sport during the family reunion event. 

19. Pictionary Game Card

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The pictionary game card might be a terrific family reunion gift under $5 since it has the ability to bring the whole family even closer together via the use of cards that can spark giggle, laughter, and happiness. This card game will certainly become a family favorite on game night as it can be played by both kids and adults. 

 20. Wine Bottle Opener

Wine Bottle Opener

Pop champagne or a bottle of wine is essential during a family get-together, don’t you think? Therefore, a wine bottle opener is one gift that you can consider getting as a family reunion gift. This wine bottle opener kit includes a cork opener and a wine vacuum cork. This wine bottle opener looks exquisite and long-lasting although it is a family reunion gift under $5.

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21. Popcorn Box

Popcorn Box

As a show of love for the family get-together, consider giving everyone a popcorn box printed with the phrase “family reunion”. This family reunion gift is under $5 which makes it both a great present and an affordable one. Each pack contains a set of popcorn boxes with a total of twelve individual servings that you can fill with yummy popcorn. Unquestionably a wonderful addition, particularly for movie nights with the family.

22. Handwoven Vegetable Fruit Basket

Handwoven Vegetable Fruit Basket

A handwoven vegetable fruit basket is a great family reunion gift because during that time usually tons of yummy foods, and healthy fruits are overflowing, so it is great to keep everything neat and easy to access for your whole family. 

23. Mini Serving Plate

Mini Serving Plate

Grabbing a plastic serving plate with a woven texture is a great alternative for a family reunion gift as it can add natural rustic vibes to a family event. This plastic serving plate has a compact size which makes it perfect as a snack serving plate, either for fruits or simply a tiny dessert. For a family reunion gift under $5, this pack is affordable since it comes with 3 pieces of serving plates. 

24. Love Coasters

Love Coasters

Show the love for your family at a family reunion with a coaster in a heart shape with a wording that reads “love”. Each pack consists of 4 heart coasters that you can share with your family. This pretty coaster that is made of cork is a great family reunion gift under $5 because it is manufactured of excellent quality to give you an inexpensive but heartwarming gift, especially with the ribbon and the small card. 

25. Linen Pillow Case

Linen Pillow Case

Bringing a cozy pillow during a family reunion event is a great move because not only does it provide comfort but also a great companion when having a family movie night or family game night. This pillow case is a great family reunion gift under $5 because it is made of linen fabric, a soft yet thick material that your whole family will enjoy. 

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What do you give at a family reunion?

During a family reunion, it is a wonderful idea to bring a family reunion gift that can make the entire event more fun and interesting, such as a simple game like puzzles, or an outdoor game, like a set of toss games to play with family in the backyard. Both of these options are great options for family reunion gifts under $5. 

What should you not do at a family reunion?

It’s possible that a large number of relatives will be attending a family reunion, but that doesn’t mean everyone will be keen to participate in all of the activities. For this, it is a nice thing to avoid invading the private spaces of individuals by not pressuring them to take part in the whole family reunion activities. 

How do you make a family reunion special?

You may make a family reunion more memorable by playing a card game with your family, such as a Pictionary or UNO, which serves as a jumping-off point for engaging in conversations with family members and also getting a good laugh. There is nothing more special than being able to enjoy a great game while at the same time enjoying a great chat. 

How important is a family reunion?

When life grows busier and there is less time for getting to know how each member of the family is doing, it is particularly important to gather everyone together for a family reunion at least once every once in a while. Spending time together at a family reunion is not only a wonderful chance to enjoy each other’s company, but it is also a wonderful opportunity to become even closer to one another in a fun way. 

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