25 Awesome Brother-in-Law Gifts He’ll be Excited For

How close are you with your brother-in-law? If you’re not close enough to go party together, coming up with some great gifts on his birthday, Christmas, or any other celebrations will be a good opportunity to get to know him better. But what’s considered good brother-in-law gifts? Everything that you bring can be the perfect gift for him. Even better if you spend some time preparing special things from the heart. Do a little research and observe his style, hobbies and interests for awesome brother-in-law gifts you can bring.

Looking for the perfect gift can be a challenge, including looking for the perfect one for your brother-in-law. If you don’t know how to start, we’ve listed 25 awesome brother-in-law gifts for you to begin with. Most ideas are filled with cool, unique, and personalized gifts. Some ideas might even blow your mind realizing such things exist.

1. CardSharp Credit Card Knife

CardSharp Credit Card Knife

The first cool brother-in-law gift idea you can bring is an unusual knife that looks like a black credit card. He can bring a knife fit in his pocket without worrying it might accidentally cut his trouser. Sounds cool already? Will it doesn’t stop there. The CardSharp credit card knife is a super light and comes as a thin utility knife with a sturdy handle. It features a 3-inch-long blade with a handle that can be folded into a credit-card size. It’s equipped with a locking mechanism to prevent accidental cutting or blunting when the knife is closed.

2. Covert Coin with Tiny Compartment

Covert Coin with Tiny Compartment

The next cool brother-in-law gift is a coin that can save his secret. It’s literally an ordinary piece of coin without such a spell nor magical thing. Covert coins is definitely one of those cool and useful brother-in-law gifts for him. It’s identical to a government-issued nickel, because it is! The coin is modified from US government nickel and minted with an added compartment inside. In addition, the tiny compartment can store a small memory card, or maybe his secret no one should know. 

3. Bluetooth Speaker and Water Bottle

Bluetooth Speaker and Water Bottle

How come a speaker and water bottle combined in one product? Introducing, a Bluetooth speaker slash reusable water bottle that will become jaw-dropping brother-in-law gifts. The Bluetooth speaker is embedded into the bottle top and it’s also wireless and USB rechargeable. Furthermore, the one touch button makes it easy to operate, makes everything even better. So sip (and sing) away everywhere with just this one tool. 

4. Block Party Drinking Game

Block Party Drinking Game

Game is a great brother-in-law gift for bonding, because playing a game together helps you understand and know him better which can improve your relationship with the in-laws. This block party drinking game is suitable for adults to play together with. The set is made with 54 sturdy and spill-proof blocks, which each block printed with a hysterical challenge. Plus, you also have five blank blocks to customize with your own sayings. This surely adds some spirited fun to the game.

5. Upcycled Vinyl Album Display

Upcycled Vinyl Album Display

Giving a pedestal from recycled things can make awesome brother-in-law gifts for those who love recycled and vintage items. This upcycled vinyl album display is made from a pair of reclaimed vintage records. Most of the vinyl is from the rock genre, making it suitable for a cool brother-in-law. The shape of this vinyl album display is really suitable for book and tablet stands, too. In addition, this item also works as a décor, because each product is unique and specific LPs are random.

6. Hanging Bar and Cork Collection Display

Hanging Bar and Cork Collection Display

For a wine-connoisseur who has an extensive collection of wine, this hanging wall bar and cork collection display will be a cool brother-in-law gift to give. This hanging bar also works to show-off the collection of wine corks. The wall-mounted metal frame features a hollow frame to stack the corks with some spaces, which can be used to place a fine wine and some glasses. Hang this bar on the wall and let them get the attention from people.

7. Stone Drink Dispenser

Stone Drink Dispenser

People from ancient ages used what was presented by nature to enjoy their drinks and spirits, such as wood and rock. For your brother-in-law, you can bring this experience as a nice present. Don’t worry, you’re not gonna grab a rock and wrap it as brother-in-law gifts. 

Give him this stone drink dispenser for cool brother-in-law gifts. Dispense wine or spirit while celebrating the natural beauty of stone with this sturdy bar fixture. It is crafted from rough-hewn, cobbled granite equipped with a stainless-steel tap. The sophisticated yet functional design defines the beauty and uniqueness of this product.

8. Personalized Leather Strap

Personalized Leather Strap

Personalized things can never be wrong for brother-in-law gifts. From an enthusiast or professional, this personalized leather strap suits for every style. The strap is made of full grain leather with universal attachment. There’s a leather patch that can be personalized with name, quote, or the also other text. You can choose from 3 color options for the strap and 2 options for the patch. Pretty cool, huh?

9. Hand-written Calligraphy

Hand-written Calligraphy

Turn his name into a beautiful hand-written calligraphy, which will be nice brother-in-law gifts as well as wall décor. You can choose to write his name into Chinese, Korean or Japanese calligraphy that is painted beautifully by experienced painting calligraphy. Next to the calligraphy you’ll also find a red stamp with the artist name, which adds a traditional touch to the painting. The calligraphy is painted on a parchment paper on a mat that can be customized with either white single mat or black single mat with 8” x 10” dimension.

10. Customized Black Polo Shirt

Customized Black Polo Shirt

Another personalized brother-in-law gift he can use daily is this customized black polo shirt with custom embroidered text on the side. The shirt is made of Soft smooth 100% fabric polyester suitable for indoor and outdoor activity. You can request custom text with customized font and thread color. Of course, you can choose any shirt color you think might suit his style. The customization is not limited to text, you can also request to embroider a logo besides plain text.

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11. Bathroom Slippers with Custom Design

brother-in-law gifts

The idea of having bathroom slippers with your own photo sounds unique. Why don’t they give it as brother-in-law gifts? A unique and personalized present will never disappoint anyone who receives it.

You can give him this bathroom slipper with customized design on the top. It can be his favorite photo, club logo, or even motivational quotes. The top part would be standout from the other slippers out there. The slippers itself are made of soft high-quality plastic and very comfortable for daily wear or distance walk.  

12. Wood Desk Organizer

brother-in-law gifts

Often hear brother-in-law nags on how messy his home-office desk was? You can be his little saviour with this table-top wood desk organizer as brother-in-law gifts. This wood desk has a round of 6 compartments suitable for organizing small or larger things that usually sits on the table. Bye-bye messy desk! Another great thing, you can personalize this wood desk organizer with 2 color options, natural and American walnut. You can also request an engrave with his name anywhere on the product.

13. Digital Photo Frame

brother-in-law gifts

A photography enthusiast who’s bragging about how beautiful his snapshot will definitely love this digital photo frame. This photo frame instantly displays pictures taken from a smartphone or camera. Share memorable moments anytime and anywhere with no need for a printing device.

This digital photo frame uses 2.4 GHz WiFi connection for instant sharing. There’s also a memory card reader to display pictures from external devices. It’s 10,1” wide display is perfect in size, not too small or too big for brother-in-law gifts.

14. Cuisineart Coffee Maker

brother-in-law gifts

Morning-coffee brother-in-law will definitely love this gift! This Cuisineart coffee maker features a 14 cup glass carafe with decorative stainless steel. Using advanced heat technology, this coffee machine brews at the ideal temperature for a more delicious cup without sacrificing taste or quality. This Cuisineart coffee maker also has a larger capacity and holds up to 14 five-ounce cups of coffee. It will stay hot and fresh for 4 hours with a programmable warming plate. Undoubtedly, this item is perfect for any setting from making for a crowd or just a couple with the quick and convenient 1-4 cup setting.

15. Ergonomic Swivel Gaming Chair

brother-in-law gifts

For game-junkie brother-in-law gifts, we have this ergonomic swivel gaming chair. Suitable for floor setting, perfect to add excitement during video games or while watching television. Give this to him and play video games together to bond with your brother-in-law. 

This ergonomic swivel gaming chair from The Crew Furniture is considered a timeless favorite. Moreover, the chair is constructed on an engineered wood frame with recycled polyester fiber batting, perfect for any place and setting.

16. Bluetooth Music Beanie Hat

brother-in-law gifts

Awesome gadgets are always the top-of-mind for cool and unique brother-in-law gifts. This Bluetooth music beanie hat from Genket is no exception. Let brother-in-law enjoy music straight from his beanie that has embedded wireless Bluetooth 5.0 headphones.

This Bluetooth music beanie hat has a built-in USB rechargeable battery with up to 10-12 hours talk/music time and 720 hours standby time. Equipped with built-in headphone and microphone, let your brother-in-law enjoy listening to music and answering the phone from the comfort of a beanie.

17. Golden State Assorted Dried Fruit and Nut Gift Tray

brother-in-law gifts

Snacks will be a great choice of brother-in-law gifts. Send him this Golden State assorted dried fruit and nut gift tray for a healthy snack in a beautiful arrangement. Even the other family members would love this gift tray.

The Golden State assorted dried fruit and nut gift tray set comes in 9 shells with a variety of nuts including roasted, salted almonds and pistachios. For the fruit, it has dates, prunes and an assortment of dried fruits such as apricots, peaches, pears, Angelino plums and apples. Add a personal touch with a special message that can be requested along with the product.

18. Do Not Disturb I Am Busy Gaming Socks

Do Not Disturb I Am Busy Gaming Socks

We all know a gamer really hates distraction while focusing on the game. For a gamer brother-in-law, this funny Do Not Disturb I am Busy Gaming socks might match with what they feel every time a distraction comes.

The socks are made of 90% combed cotton, which is super comfortable and breathable. It also has more writing options such as “Shhh I’m Reading” or “Let Me Explain, Dear Santa”, and the other fun options. There’s also gift packaging option, so you don’t need to do extra wrapping. This will make a fun gift for birthday, Christmas, and other celebration, too.

19. Fidget Kinetic Spinning Ball

Fidget Kinetic Spinning Ball

Amaze him with this fidget kinetic spinning ball as brother-in-law gifts. It’s a small ball that rotates but can maintain its balance. The ball has a mesmerizing swirl illusion, which is insanely relaxing to watch. The illusion can last up to one minute, and you can rotate it again for the same effect. Definitely a unique present for a tech-savvy brother-in-law.

20. Fitness Dice

Fitness Dic

Can’t decide what workout routine for today? Your brother-in-law might also feel that way when the workout seems too boring. This fitness dice can add a little excitement to a boring daily workout. To begin with, roll six dice to decide what area you’ll tackle today. Then, toss the seventh for the repetitions and time. Afraid of doing the same workout over and over? No worry, this fitness dice has more than 45,000 workout routine possibilities. You’ll never take the same one twice.

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21. Beer Mug Bottle Openers

brother-in-law gifts

Is he a beer addict? Instead of bringing a pack of beer, this cute beer mug bottle opener will be fun and unique brother-in-law gifts. The beer mug is made of glass, which looks realistic, just like a mini version of beer in a glass jar. It has a magnetic side that can be placed on the refrigerator, or also hung near a mini bar in the house. 

22. “Who Really Cares?” Funny Prank Wall Clock

brother-in-law gifts

Who cares what time it is! That’s what this weird clock says. This fun prank wall clock surely makes people look twice on it, really great for keeping people with the time. It’s just a usual wall clock with fun and colorful writings inside, of course with weird fonts, too! The clock is about 10” diameter and uses one AA battery as the power source. Great for brother-in-law gifts to hang in the office, living room, or any other space to add some extra fun. 

23. Journal Notebook with Fabric Cover

brother-in-law gifts

Give him this fabric snap closure lined journal to write down his schedule or ideas. It comes with a vegan leather strap closure and black-gold pen included for an elegant and mature feeling. Inside the notebook, you’ll find an inside cover with marble design and 120 college ruled lined sheets. This notebook comes in 6.5” x 8.5”, perfect size when he’s on the go.

24. Letterbox Afternoon Tea Gift Box

brother-in-law gifts

Why just send a plain letter if you can send a pack lots of happiness? Send him this Letterbox afternoon tea gift box. This gift box set includes twinning English breakfast tea, hot chocolate, many biscuits and brownies for an extra sweetness. A great way to send a letter and some treats for brother-in-law gifts.

25. Epoxy Wood Hook

brother-in-law gifts

Ever think of bringing hooks as brother-in-law gifts? Try to give him this epoxy wood hook that has beautifully design, perfect as hooks and wall décor. No more messy things around the house, he can hang his baseball cap, bag, or just mount on the wall as a décor.

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