28 Best Convertible Sleeper Chairs for Adults You Can Buy!

Sleeper chairs offer lots of living flexibility for all manner of homeowners. Whether you have to contend with tiny space living or are looking for a versatile sleeping alternative for guests, a convertible sleeper chair is highly convenient. A sleeper chair is essentially a chair that can easily be flipped or converted into a bed. These convertible chairs are becoming increasingly popular in recent times.

Just because you live in a tiny space does not mean you cannot enjoy hosting sleepovers! As living spaces become increasingly smaller especially in the city, people are opting for more flexible furniture options. They also save significantly on furniture costs thanks to their versatility.

And even where space is not an issue, you never know when these versatile pieces of furniture will come in handy!

Best Convertible Sleeper Chair Ideas

We have come across a large number of convertible sleeper chairs in our days. To simplify your search for the dream sleeper chair, we have managed to pick out our top 25 favorites just for you.

Take a look and discover some of the most amazing designs and concepts you will ever set your eyes on!

#1 Wolfe Convertible Sleeper Chair

Wolfe Convertible Sleeper Chair

If you are looking for the ultimate living flexibility, the Wolfe is your best bet. By day, it provides the perfect blend of comfort and aesthetic appeal.

When night comes, it spreads out to offer a spacious and convenient resting spot for you or your guest. Given its simple design, it does not take up much space in either role. So if you are an adherent of tiny space living, this is precisely what you have been looking for!

#2 Leola Convertible Chair 

Leola Convertible Chair

Complete your contemporary interior décor with one of these classy pieces of furniture. One look at it and all you want to do is sink into its plush goodness. Especially after a long and stressful day, it is an inviting place to unwind or take a nap.

Its design gives so much attention to your comfort and convenience. You could transform it into a chaise lounge when watching your favorite series or enjoying a good novel. Or lay it out flat to make a bed.

#3 Shayne Convertible Chair 

Shayne Convertible Chair

At first sight, you would never guess just how much potential this stately chair holds! Sporting a classy mid-century design it is the ideal piece to showcase your sense of style.

it has heavy-duty springs, support foam and deep tufted seating and back. The next time you have unexpected guests, all you have to do is fold it out and voila! In addition to its four legs, it has fold out support legs for additional support. What more could you ask for?

#4 Kenia Convertible Chair 

Your Zone Ultra Soft Suede 3 Position Convertible Flip Chair, Black

We all have those nights when we wish the fun would never end. Unfortunately, your minimalist den only has sleeping space for one. Well, with one of these, you can easily transition from daytime video games to sleepovers in one smooth move!

Going from around 29.5”, this chair folds out to almost 80”, meaning even your tallest friend will easily fit. Being the very essence of simplicity, it will easily blend in with your minimalist interior décor.

#5 Avesta Navy Blue Linen Convertible Sleeper Chair 

Avesta Navy Blue Linen Convertible Sleeper Chair

Are you picking out furniture for your guest room? One of these sleeper chairs for adults would be the ultimate way to create a welcoming space for your visitors. Comfort is among the top priorities if at all your guests are to rest easy. And this piece offers that and so much more.

Thanks to the choice of fabric, linen, and the simple yet classy design, it evokes a sense of sophistication. Offering a comfy spot to chill out during the day, it opens out into a welcoming sleeping spot when night comes.

#6 Onderdonk Convertible Chair Bed 

Onderdonk Convertible Chair Bed

Your search for the ideal blend of versatility and convenience ends right here! With five different positions to choose from, you can easily move from foldable chairs to chaise lounge and bed.

No matter what your needs are at any given time, this classy chair has got you covered. Made using a natural wood frame and faux leather, it is the essence of style. and it does not hurt either that it is extremely easy to clean.

#7 Balmoral Convertible Chair 

Balmoral Convertible Chair

For anyone whose home does not have a separate guest room, this adaptable piece could make a great addition. Considering its neutral color scheme and simple design, it can easily blend in with virtually any décor. With one of these convertible chairs, you can create a cozy spot in any room.

And when you have to welcome extra guests, you no longer have to worry about sleeping arrangements. Superb support and comfort are among its foremost features, providing a convenient alternative sleeper.

#8 Halcott Convertible Sleeper Chair 

Halcott Convertible Sleeper Chair

Make the most of whatever little square footage you have with this pull out sleeper chair. If you like to have guests over and your space does not allow for an extra bed, this will do the trick.

The convertible arm chair sports an average size pull out section that can fit one adult. On the inside, it has pocket springs, foam filling and synthetic fiber. Built on a solid wood frame, the unit has what it takes to live through years of use.

#9 Krystal Convertible Chair 

Krystal Convertible Chair

Take your living space to the next level of sophistication with one of these sleeper chairs for adults. Sporting a comfort-oriented design, the unit offers multiple positions for relaxation.

Fold it out flat to make a bed or leave it slightly slanted to create a chaise lounge. Whether you are looking to enjoy an afternoon snooze or read your favorite novel, this is the perfect spot. And when day turns into night, you do not have to leave your cherished spot!

#10 Abbyson Jackson Faux Leather Sleeper Chair 

Abbyson Jackson Faux Leather Sleeper Chair

Take full advantage of whatever space you have with this multifunctional design. Sporting a sophisticated contemporary design, this unit can fit in with any décor concept. Its multifunctional design makes it versatile and fully adaptable to your needs.

Use it as a chair, bed or chaise. Thanks to the low profile seating design and high-density cushions, comfort is its middle name. Steel legs serve to add to the great looks and offer stability, creating the ultimate choice for your modern living space.

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#11 Eagle-Vail Convertible Chair 

Eagle-Vail Convertible Chair

Looking for a space-saving alternative sleeper for your confined floor area? The Eagle-Vail sports a compact design that would fit in and meet your needs in an instant. Sporting pipe feet, metal parts and wooden accents, it is the perfect depiction of industrial style.

Besides its high functionality as a bed, chaise or chair, it also holds high aesthetic appeal. Invite guests to stay the night without having to sweat out the sleeping arrangements.

#12 Krystal Microfiber Convertible Chair 

Add some much-needed functionality to your den or gaming room space with this convertible sleeper chair. Its simple yet highly utilitarian design allows you to use it for a variety of functions. In the default position, it can fit two adults seated side by side comfortably.

Kick back and unwind after a long day at work on the chaise by opening it up halfway. Or open it up fully for a good night’s rest. High-quality brown microfiber makes it durable, appealing and easy to clean.

#13 Latitude Run Convertible Chair 

Latitude Run Convertible Chair

Versatility meets comfort on this chair to provide the ultimate seating, sleeping or lounging experience. Featuring an oversize chair design, its seating space is much larger than your average chair.

Not only does this provide a cozy spot for you or your guests. But it also offers a unique look that will add significantly to your décor. When folded out as a sleeper, it also offers extra length making it perfect for taller than average guests.

#14 Winvian Convertible Chair 

Winvian Convertible Chair

It might be hard to imagine but this little armchair can put an end to all your guest sleeping arrangement woes. Pocket coil seating and metal frames combine to transform it from chair to chaise or bed in mere seconds.

The tufted cushioning contributes significantly to its stylish looks as well as comfort. And thanks to the high-density foam, it is so comfortable that your guest might never want to leave.

#15 Austin Memory Foam Sleeper 

Austin Memory Foam Sleeper

Transforming furniture solutions such as this convertible sleeper chair are great when you live in a small space. When you are entertaining during the day, it offers sufficient room for two or three. And when night comes, the twin sleeper chair will comfortably accommodate two adults.

With five inches of memory foam, it offers as much support as your regular bed. A stain-resistant fabric makes it easy to maintain and keep in optimum condition.

#16 Hodapp Convertible Chair 

Hodapp Convertible Chair

Whether you spend most of your time in your den or a studio loft, getting one of these would add lots of value to your life. As an innovative space-saving solution, it will provide a welcome relaxation spot. Unwind during the day or night in any of its seating or sleeping positions.

Great looks make it the perfect furniture piece to complete your décor. But the glossy black faux leather is not just stylish, it is also quite easy to clean.

#17 Longoria Folding 5 Position Convertible Chair 

You do not have to live in a small space to appreciate the ingeniousness of this design. If you are thinking of converting your spare room into a home office or bedroom, this chair is a must have.

It saves you the hassle and cost of buying a sofa and bed. Instead, underneath its classy looks, it has the capacity to provide both. With five different positions to choose from, it will be one of your most versatile furniture pieces.

#18 Iso Convertible Chair 

Iso Convertible Chair

A twin sleep chair like this one offers double the benefits of a regular sleeper chair. With 360-degree swivel functionality, it can easily adapt to your needs or those of your guests.

Since it folds out to a twin bed, it will comfortably host two guests. And when night turns into day, you can just as easily fold it back up to create lots of seating space. No matter your existing décor, its simple design and neutral color ensures that it blends in with ease.

#19 Ninja Gaming Convertible Chair 

Ninja Gaming Convertible Chair

For the gaming enthusiast in your life, this convertible chair would make the ultimate gift. It easily adjusts to suit their needs round the clock. Made using a sturdy frame and an ingenious design, it has multiple flexible points to make it infinitely flexible.

The beautiful tufted cover makes it ideal for any setting. The only challenge you might deal with is trying to get them out of their comfort and convenience! Find it Here.

#20 Zipline Convertible Sleeper Chair & Ottoman 

Zipline Convertible Sleeper Chair & Ottoman

Say goodbye to bringing out the spare mattress every time you have a sleepover guest. With one of these sleeper chairs for adults, you can enjoy added functionality and much more. Its creative and fun design makes it the perfect centerpiece for any room.

Separate the parts to create a chair and ottoman for unwind sessions. Place the ottoman back in and use the raised surface to play cards. Stack them all up to make a bar stool or lay them all out to make a spacious twin bed.

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#21 Rohde Convertible Chair 

Rohde Convertible Chair

Enjoy the multi-dimensional visual effect and high versatility of Rohde’s design. This soft, comfy chair easily turns into a bed for any room in the house. Its plush design makes it the ideal spot for playtime or a reading nook during the day.

And when you find yourself nodding off, all you have to do is adjust it to a lounge or bed and take a snooze. The faux leather finish in classy black makes it a stylish addition to any décor.

#22 Lawncrest Convertible Chair 

Lawncrest Convertible Chair

Just because you live in a tiny studio apartment or micro-loft does not mean you cannot have an overnight guest! With one of these convertible chairs, you can have the best of both worlds. While in the past such chairs were massive, this futuristic design is perfectly suited to your small house.

Its unique design is meant to blend with any décor adding a stylish touch. With several positions to choose from, the chair will easily adapt to your needs and spice up your tiny space living.

#23 Romano Convertible Bed Chair

Romano Convertible Bed Chair

Convert from couch to bed and back again with the snap of your fingers. With a simple yet highly versatile form, this piece will add lots of conveniences and appeal to your space.

And the best part about it is that it does not require you to give up much space or sacrifice your style! Its vibrant color and design blends right in and could, in fact, add a touch of fun and vibrancy to a plain space.

#24 Costway Sofa Bed Folding Arm Chair 

Costway Sofa Bed Folding Arm Chair

Convertible sleeper chairs are not all about functionality. It also helps a lot when they can also keep up with your sense of style and this piece perfectly exemplifies that.

From the color choice to the design and detailing, this folding armchair will give your space a major facelift. Made of high-quality materials, it will easily withstand the rigours of everyday use. Its beautiful contemporary design and amazingly plush filling add to the appeal.

#25 Splitback Convertible Chair 

Splitback Convertible Chair

Choose from three convenient positions on this stylish multifunctional design. Combining high aesthetic appeal with matchless comfort and durability, this is a space savers dream come true.

Three-step elevation options offer convenience in different settings. The modular design allows you to make the most use of your living space. Entertain with ease in the daytime and provide offer your guests comfort during the night with this innovative concept.

#26 Tri-Folding Gel Memory Foam Mattress


Carry this memory foam mattress when you go for holiday. This one is light-weight with tri-folding feature for the function you can choose. Whether it is for the sofa, square mattress or long mattress.

Thanks to the cooling gel inside, it fits for the summer vacation or for yoga. Also, keep it clean by washing the cover of this mattress easily in the washing machine.

#27 Folding Lazy Sofa with a Pillow and Armrests


This folding lazy sofa perfectly fits for your bedroom, living room or even in your office room. The design is ergonomic with an armrest and pillow. The material is made from cotton and linen. Breathable and soft to touch.

The pad itself is made from recycled cotton, hence it is comfortable enough for you to enjoy the leisure time by sitting there while reading a book, watching TV or playing video games. All you need for the sofa and mattress are covered with this one.

#28 Folding Sofa Bed


If you are looking for a sofa in front of TV to lay down, then this one is your answer. You can adjust it for the sofa or for the mattress. No worries if you have to sleep there, just add some pillows or cushions to make it more comfortable. Since the design is plain, if you have a rug or cute blanket, then it is a perfect one.

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With this collection of the best Sleeper Chairs For Adults ever, you can get the most of your living space. Whether you have a thing for transforming furniture or love to host sleepovers, they offer a highly convenient and cost-effective solution. Make your life complete with any of these ingenious designs!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can sleeper chairs be as comfortable as regular beds?

Absolutely! Many sleeper chairs are designed with comfort in mind, offering features like memory foam mattresses, plush upholstery, and sturdy support systems. With advancements in sleep technology, you can find sleeper chairs that provide a cozy and restful sleeping experience comparable to traditional beds.

Whether you’re accommodating overnight guests or looking for a versatile seating option, modern sleeper chairs ensure comfort without compromising on style.

Are sleeper chairs suitable for movie nights and gaming sessions?

Yes, indeed! Sleeper chairs provide an excellent seating option for movie nights and gaming sessions. With their ergonomic design and cushioned support, you can sink into the chair’s comfort and immerse yourself in your favorite movies or gaming adventures. Many sleeper chairs also feature built-in cup holders and storage pockets, allowing you to keep snacks, remotes, and other essentials within arm’s reach for a seamless entertainment experience.

How easy is it to convert a sleeper chair from a chair to a bed?

Converting a sleeper chair from a chair to a bed is typically a straightforward process. Most modern sleeper chairs feature user-friendly mechanisms that allow for easy transformation. Common methods include unfolding the chair to reveal a hidden mattress or pulling out a built-in mattress from under the seat.

Some models may also have adjustable backrests that can be reclined to create a flat sleeping surface. Manufacturers often provide instructions or labels on the chair itself to guide you through the conversion process, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you or your guests.

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