Convertible Furniture

This Convertible Furniture takes space-saving to completely new heights. An apartment is something permanent in your life. At least it is until you find the necessary means to upgrade to a new one.

But if you’re a proud owner of a small apartment, you know that finding the right space saving furniture is the key to a comfortable life. Otherwise, inviting over larger groups of friends and keeping your toes unharmed is off the table.

Expand Furniture, The Canadian-based company, seem to make furniture appear out of thin air. If you don’t believe us, all you need to do is take a look at one of the crown jewels of their collection – Flexible Love folding chair. 

Convertible Furniture

The “chair” part of the name might be a bit deceiving since it can be expanded into a bench capable of fitting 6-10 people. It’s a furniture equivalent of a slinky.

Convertible Furniture

For those who want to sleep in a comfortable queen sized bed without sacrificing a whole room for it, Expand Furniture offer a variety of hidden beds.

Convertible Furniture

The most interesting ones are beds that can be hidden in vertical panels, freeing space and keeping the room tidy.

Moreover, some of the beds come as a combination of several pieces of furniture. For example, a bed that when lifted creates a desk. Or a bed that when rotated reveals a row of shelves. 

Convertible Furniture

This doesn’t even begin to describe the variety of expandable multifunctional furniture the company has to offer.

You can go small, like acquiring an ottoman that transforms into four chairs. Or you can go big, getting yourself a revolving bed or a transformer table.

Convertible Furniture

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