25 Agate Gifts References for Your Loved Ones

When you know that you are not the type of person who can express or say your feelings easily to someone, you can consider giving them a gift. There are many items you can choose as meaningful gifts, such as agate gifts. Agate is one of the most common materials used in assorted jewelry and it was often carved into other art pieces, too. They have a wide variety of colors, making them one of the all-time poplar items.

There are many reasons why agate is pleasing to the eye and is considered as the perfect gift. When you choose agate gift for yourself and for your loved ones, whoever received it will proudly own it for the rest of your life. You might need some references for choosing agate gift for self treatment and for your loved ones.

Agate Gifts for Her

You will never regret a decision of treating yourself or giving your loved ones an agate gift on special occasions, or even on casual moments.

1. Agate Ring Sterling Silver

Agate jewelry never fails to make your girlfriend smiles. The combination of agate stone and the silver ring could make it a point of attention by everyone who sees it. Moreover, it will definitely look good on your girlfriend.

2. Agate Slice Butterfly Home Decoration

Butterfly is believed to have a spiritual meaning, and it has to do with the spiritual rebirth and the ability to experience the wonder of life. Give this agate gift to your friends on their housewarming party, and it will be the perfect gemstone ornament to be placed at the bedside, workspace, living room or meditation room.

3. Agate Bracelet with Silver Beaded

Considering agate bracelet as a gift to your sister on her birthday is a good choice. Even if it is just an accessory, it will definitely catch people’s attention. She will wear it all the time, and you will always be remarked as the best sister in the world.

4. Agate Multipurpose Pebble Stone for Garden Fish Tank

When you have a mother who loves to take care of plants, try to buy her agate multipurpose pebble stone. Let her create a creative small garden using this agate pebble stone as part of the decoration. You will see that the hands of a mother can do magical things.

5. Chubby Agate Bangle

This cute chubby agate bangle is recommended to be a gift for your friends. This beautiful bangle has simple patterns and colors, so they can wear it on any occasion. Moreover, it will perfectly match any attire, too!

6. Handmade Agate Earrings

The best part of choosing a handmade gift is the fact that you can customize it according to your preference. Handmade agate earrings can be an option for you to give your lovely girlfriend as an anniversary gift. She will never get bored of wearing them, because she can wear them on any occasion, both formal or casual.

7. Agate Stone Yoga Necklace

Treating yourself with a nice jewelry won’t hurt. You can choose a useful gift for you and pick the best occasion to wear it. If you are implementing a healthy lifestyle, a yoga necklace made of agate stone would be the best idea of gift for yourself, especially after you achieve a certain target in life.

8. Agate Pendant Necklace

When you want to express how much you love your best friend, but you don’t want to say it out loud to her face, then you may want to buy her an agate pendant necklace. You can buy 2 same items with different colors so she will have the same pendant as yours, and both of you will keep them forever as your friendship lasts.

9. Agate Leather Bracelet

Unlike the silver bracelet, this agate leather bracelet will have you get a boho look. This bracelet is suitable as a gift to your lovely sister. She can wear it with together with a boho dress or outfit to complete her style.

10. Agate Exclusive Bohemian Choker

You can buy your never-get-old mother an agate exclusive Bohemian choker as a surprise gift for her. She can style this unique choker with her simple elegant satin dress to get a stunning look, especially when she is attending some special events.

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11. Golden Edge Agate Slice Keychain

When your best friend has a hobby of collecting agate stones, this could be an idea for you to give her a golden edge agate slice keychain as a gift. It will add to her collection and of course, she will always hang it on her purse and she will always remember you as she sees the keychain.

Agate Gifts for Him

Besides a ring, you might need some references of giving the men in your life agate gifts as meaningful gifts, which will never be forgotten.

12. Agate Gemstone Pocket Guardian Angel

This would be the best agate gift to be given to your little brother. This item will make him feel safe by carrying this pocket guardian angel anytime and anywhere. He will always remember you when he feel unsafe, and this agate gemstone will definitely help to strengthen them during tough times.

13. Rough Natural Agate Stones

Are you looking for something unique to be given to your lovely big brother? You should consider the rough natural agate stones. Tell your brother that these agate stones are usually used for metaphysical practice that will strengthen his spirit and for wellbeing.

14. Agate Candle Holder

Another best idea of giving your boyfriend a unique gift is agate candle holder. You can suggest him to put it on his bedroom, and he can light it up to create a peaceful glow in the night. He will see an amazing view of the light flickering through the crystal.

15. Agate Slice Coaster

Agate Slice Coaster

When you have a stone collector brother, finding this agate coaster will remind you of him. Well, you definitely don’t wanna miss this moment of making him happily ever after, right? He probably already has dozens of agate rings in his display case, but he will definitely be very happy to add his collections by receiving this special gift from you.  

16. Agate Palm Ston

Silk agate palm stones are classified as hard to find items of agate stone. They have a unique shape and color, which makes them look classy. When you consider buying this agate stone as a gift, you can suggest your friends to put it on their terrarium or just simply add to their crystal collection.

17. Agate Polished Crystal Bookends

Agate Polished Crystal Bookends

If your boyfriend is a bookworm, every time he’s having a birthday, you will always want to buy him a different book every single year. This year, why don’t you try to buy him agate bookends for once? You can help him to arrange his books and make them part of decoration in his own bedroom or library. 

18. Agate Slice Art

You just moved to the new place, and you have put your family portrait on the wall. However, you still have a plain space in the corner of your living room that needs decoration. Well, it means that you need to get yourself a little gift of agate slice art. It will complete your new house with a simple yet artistic design.

19.  Agate Geode Cufflinks

There are many items that you can give to your husband as a gift, such as cufflinks. Agate geode cufflinks can be one of the best references for you. The unique shape will add to his cufflinks collection in his wardrobe. When he wears it, he will get a vintage yet elegant impression.

20. Handcrafted Agate Dice

The handcrafted agate dice can be an alternative idea of giving a unique gift to your brother. He will like it even though he is not a collector of agate stone, because he won’t find it easily in the store since it is a customized item.

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Agate Anniversary Gifts

Anniversary is one of the moments where you can give your loved ones a gift. You may consider agate gifts as anniversary gifts.

21. Figurine Willow Tree with Agate Slice Base

Every couple has different ways of celebrating their anniversary. Some of them use the moment to give each other a gift. You may have bought your partner wallet, shoes, clothes, gadgets or any other common gifts. This time you can actually try something different. Find a unique home display and this figurine willow tree with agate slice base is highly recommended.

22. Agate Wind Chime Garden Decor

Agate Wind Chime Garden Decor

Another reference of agate gifts for your anniversary is agate wind chime. It is a home decoration that you can hang in the terrace area, and wait for the wind to hear them chime. It is a perfect decoration if you have a garden or backyard area in your house.

23. Agate Geode Lamp.

What is the favorite gift that your partner ever gave you? The best gift couldn’t be defined by the price or by the size. It can be defined by the function and also the value. To represent how much your partner means the light to you, and that they always light up your dark, you can give them a special gift of agate geode lamp. You will see how priceless their reaction will be when receiving a valuable agate gift from you. 

24. Agate Name Plate

As you like to have couple items, you will definitely want to personalize your name and your partner’s name on this agate name plate. Then, you can put them side to side in your room. Make this as a gift to your partner so your heart and his will always be side by side.

25. Cheese Board Agate Platter

This agate platter is made of natural agate stone and you can give it as an anniversary gift to complete your house’s decoration. The platter comes with a gold electromagnetic lining, making it a luxury item to be placed on your table top of your house.

Latest post:

Is an agate valuable?

Agate is a beautiful and meaningful stone but the market value is typically low. The agate stone is mostly used as jewelry but rarely used as a valuable item. When it comes to handcrafts, agate can be sold at a higher price.

What are the best agate gifts for him?

The best agate gifts for him are something that is useful or even just to add to his agate stones collection. You can choose agate gemstone pocket guardian angel for your little brother to make him feel safe, an agate candle holder to light up your room in an unique shape, an agate slice coaster to add your brother’s agate stone collection and agate cufflinks for vintage look. 

What are the best agate for anniversary gifts?

The best agate gifts for anniversary gifts are something that can be used together by the couple. For that reason, you can choose home decoration items, which will remind the couple of their best moments together.

How can you tell if an agate stone is real?

Agate is translucent, which means that only some lights can pass through. When you hold the stone up to the light source, the colors of agate should shine a little and become clearer. But if there is no light shining through, then the stone is opaque. It indicates your stone is not agate but it might be jasper.

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