Rocketbook Magically Connected Notebook

The Endlessly reusable notebook by Rocketbook is something that has taken the internet by storm. Now, that same company comes with a new take on the same brilliant concept.

The Rocketbook Magically Connected Notebook has been made specifically for artists who want to take their drawings to a digital level. That specifically includes parents that want their kids’ drawings to last forever.

Rocketbook Magically Connected Notebook allows you to draw, write, and even draw advanced graphs in it.  When done you can leave the drawing be like you would in a regular notebook. 

Rocketbook Magically Connected Notebook

But with Rocketbook another “endlessly reusable” option comes into play. More specifically, you can simply erase the drawing from the page like you would from a blackboard.

This works with Dry Erase products such as crayons, pencils, or markers.

Before you erase the drawing, you can always scan it and keep it in a digital form. This doesn’t mean going on a quest searching for the nearest scanner or ending up with a blurry photo on your phone.

Rocketbook Magically Connected Notebook

With this Rocketbook notebook comes a smart app that has an assisted scanning option. It will take the photo of the drawing (and only the drawing), sharpen, and enhance it. The “scanned” picture can then be sent directly to your cloud. Or more.

At the bottom of all the notebook pages, you’ll see symbols such as a diamond, a horse shoe and so on. In the app, you can assign the destination of the drawing to the symbol.

For example, a diamond would be associated with Google Drive, the horse shoe – with the direct message to you, and so on. Then, mark the symbol on the notebook page (the diamond, for example), take a picture, and the enhanced drawing will be sent to the Google Drive. Easy. 

Rocketbook Magically Connected Notebook

The Rocketbook Magically Connected Notebook has been designed first and foremost for kids who love doodling and drawing wherever they go.

It is waterproof, durable, suitable for all ages, and extremely fun to draw in. It might even restrain your kids from drawing on the walls. Here’s hoping.

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