Clothing Stacking Organization System

With this Clothing Stacking Organization System you can keep your folded clothes in a neat stacked up order thanks to a quite simple yet ingenious concept. So, you know how you fold all your T-shirts and neatly put them one on another in your closet?

But when it comes to pulling one out from under the others, the whole “tower” of clothes collapses and leaves you with a huge mess. Well, this organization system solves the problem of pulling your folded clothes from the middle of the stack while still keeping everything in order.

Thanks to this organization system your clothes don’t pull on each other since they are separated by interlocking dividers. 

Clothing Stacking Organization System

The dividers also serve as a folding pattern and can be used not only for clothes but for organizing papers and documents as well.

Clothing Stacking Organization System

Made from recycled materials, small, unobtrusive. This organization system is a must have for anyone who wants a bit of order in their life.  

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