25 Milestone Birthday Gifts for Your Beloved Ones

Milestone, basically means a remark or a sign. Originally used as a distance or place marking, the term milestone nowadays changes its meaning. Currently, the term milestone is closely related with age. Therefore, a milestone birthday signifies a certain turning point in your life. Although different people develop at different paces, there are some agreeable birthdays when someone is said to ‘achieve’ something or have a breakthrough. Whether it is simply surviving and living, achieving more success at the age of 25th, stepping into adulthood at 17th, living to the fullest until the age of 50th, and so on. 

To celebrate this kind of birthday, one can simply throw the usual birthday party. However, if you want something different to give your loved ones on their milestone birthday or anniversary, then you might want something different as their milestone birthday gifts. The gifts should be meaningful, show how much you care about them, and how much their birthday is worth celebrating. To see what kind of milestone birthday gifts you can give them, let’s check out these items.

1. Personalized Baby Album

Personalized Baby Album

Giving a personalized photo album is quite basic for milestone birthday gifts. This item is suitable as a milestone gift for a new mom who just welcomed their child’s first birthday. For a new mom, having a baby must be a life-changing turning point. It is always a good idea to keep track of their baby’s growth by having pictures of them taken, so every parent can show their children as they grow older. And since this is a personalized item, it makes the album worth keeping even more when they are ready to leave the nest.

2. Locket Necklace

Locket Necklace

Jewellery has been used as traditional milestone birthday gifts for ages. If you want your child’s picture to keep with them everywhere, or you want your partner in life to have your picture with them, then this locket necklace is perfect for milestone birthday gifts. You can give this locket filled with your own pictures or your baby’s pictures, and have them as a present. Another idea is that you can buy two of these and have matching item as a couple. 

3. Mom Gold Necklace

Mom Gold Necklace

You can always buy a piece of jewellery for your woman anytime, but just in case you want something precious as their milestone gifts for her, check this 14-karat gold necklace. This also works if you want to give it to mom too. As it is a handmade item, you can request the necklace to be personalized. That means, you can engrave her name in the necklace or you can express your love by having it written there as a quote. 

4. Bracelet for Men

Bracelet for Men

Women are not the only beings that are allowed to wear jewellery too, you know. If you are looking for something memorable and wearable for your man’s milestone birthday gifts, this bracelet for men might be the answer you are looking for. While shiny metal is usually associated with women, leather bracelets give a more masculine side to him, and you can always choose a more suitable colour for him. And just like the other personalized item, you can always ask to engrave the bracelet with your love expression. 

5. Personalized Name Necklace

Personalized Name Necklace

As part of the traditional milestone birthday, the name necklace never goes out of style. At the same time, it becomes one of the safest options you can give your loved ones. To keep the simplicity, the name necklace is better prepared with a thin chain, so the name engraved would take the spotlight. Also, the thin chain makes the necklace light, so light that even a non-necklace enjoyer would love this as their milestone gift.

6. Photo Frame

Photo Frame

Having your loved ones’ pictures displayed is also a good idea to celebrate their milestone. It does not matter how much they have aged, really. To make their milestone 50th birthday or milestone 70th birthday meaningful, have their picture as part of the display in their house with this decorative collage clock frame. You can choose the most memorable moment in their lives surrounding the clock, such as their wedding, their anniversary, their vacation, and other best parts of their lives. 

7. Anniversary Milestone Tree

Anniversary Milestone Tree

To celebrate your parents’ milestone 50th birthday, have this anniversary milestone tree as part of their house decoration. This anniversary milestone tree symbolized a deep bond shared with partners or families. Each colour is inspired from a gemstone, adding a beautiful light to your house. The clear gold one is specific to celebrate their 50th anniversary or birthday, making it suitable to represent your parents’ undying love that will continue to thrive. 

8. Silk Pillowcase

 Silk Pillowcase

As women grow, their hair and skin tell much about their health. Thus, keeping their hair and skin’s health becomes a great importance. To do so, you can have a silk pillowcase as part of milestone birthday gifts for her. Now, silk pillowcases have been popular as French women’s beauty secret. The use of silk prevents bad germs from affecting their skin health, thus improving their sleeping quality. 

9. Lavender Pillow Insert

Lavender Pillow Insert

Different from women’s skin and hair’s health problems, sleep deprivation can happen to anyone. When someone steps into adulthood, in particular, the burden of study and work doubles and adds to their stress. To have their sleep quality in check, you can have this lavender pillow insert as their milestone gifts for their 25th birthday. Lavender has been known for its relaxation magic and you can have it packed for long-term use in a pillow. 

10. Lavender Eye Pillow

Lavender Eye Pillow

Many people now suffer from bad eye health not only because of old age, but also from so much radiation from our gadgets, which has become part of our everyday lives. If your partners or parents have this problem, have this lavender eye pillow as part of their milestone birthday gifts. Similar to the other lavender-infused items, this eye pillow also provides relaxation specifically for your eyes. However, this eye pillow has a smaller size, meaning that it is possible to bring it everywhere. Having this pillow gives your loved ones a little nap before continuing their work. 

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11. Foot Soaking Tub

Foot Soaking Tub

The head and eyes are not the only ones that need rest. When your parents achieve that milestone 70th birthday, they need to exercise to keep their health in check. However, old age often makes them exhausted easily. To relieve those sore feet, have them soaked in this foot-soaking tub. They can have their favourite aroma or oils to go with the massaging. They can have their own ‘me time’ by simply having this as a gift. 

12. Necktie


A necktie would be a perfect gift for an adult man. You can have it as milestone birthday gifts for your son, boyfriend, husband, or even your dad. Having a necktie for your newly adult son or partner means that their time to make a breakthrough has come, and they are ready for their turning point as an adult. Furthermore, necktie is an essential part of a must-have item in his wardrobe for working life, or for a formal event. Usually, you can have a matching colour-coded dress to go well with your partner’s necktie, but the first necktie for him is always best given as his milestone birthday gifts.

13. Outdoor Wine Table

Outdoor Wine Table

A retired old couple would love to have a small outdoor picnic just for the two of them. To celebrate their milestone 70th birthday, have this outdoor wine table as their milestone birthday gifts. The simple yet very useful design allows them to put their wine glass and bottle safely, perfect for an outdoor picnic. It comes with a fiberglass spike so they can put them securely on the ground, but at the same time not sharp enough to hurt anyone.  

14. Wristwatch for Men

Wristwatch for Men

In many beliefs, a wristwatch is a traditional milestone gift to give to someone who just reached adulthood. Nowadays, wristwatches have been a symbol of a professional lifestyle. To keep this traditional milestone going, presenting a wristwatch to your partner can be a good idea. A great option to add an elegance and professional look for him, having a leather strap combined with sapphire stainless would really go well with his professional appearance. 

15. Grooming Kit for Men

Grooming Kit for Men

Another great idea on men’s milestone birthday gifts is to have this grooming kit for them. Many men nowadays are so busy with work, especially after their 25’s that it is considered a turning point in his life. There would be so much that they don’t have time to go to the barbershop. In that case, having a personal grooming kit would spare them some time, and allow them to learn to take care of themselves. A complete kit for him to take care of his body hair is sometimes what he just needs to look smart. 

16. Luxury Ballpoint Pen

Luxury Ballpoint Pen

While other ballpoint pens are simply used for writing, a professional-looking luxury pen adds to someone’s breakthrough into a more professional look. Especially if your partner often signs many important documents in front of important guests, then a luxury ballpoint pen is a must-have item in your milestone birthday gifts ideas list. The neutral colour makes a good impression, while it does not affect any writing comfort. It could be attached to a suit or be a part of the office desk too. 

17. Digital Camera

Digital Camera

When your child is getting older, or your parents retired, it could mean that they now want to pursue their hobbies. If your child happens to love vlogging, or if your parents decided to travel the world now that they have reached their 70th birthday, a digital camera is best presented as their milestone birthday gifts. Many cameras might have more features with bigger lenses, but for a retired old couple who does not really bother with technology might want something simpler. The small size eases them to carry it everywhere, making it a perfect choice as their breakthrough item. 

18. Polaroid Instant Camera

Polaroid Instant Camera

If a digital camera is not simple enough, you can have a polaroid camera as milestone gifts too. It is simpler to use with an instant result, compared to digital cameras. You can have it as a gift for your parents if they don’t have enough time to print the picture from a digital camera. Either way, it helps them to store their memories through pictures. Have it packed with a necessary amount of polaroid film, and this gift might be a new breakthrough for them. 

19. Anti Aging Skincare Set

Anti Aging Skincare Set

Other than having a silk pillowcase to maintain your mother’s skin health, presenting a set of anti-aging skincare routine for mom is also a good idea for a milestone birthday gift. The point of giving this kind of skincare set for mom is to tell her that she has done well in her life, and she is now aging gracefully. If by any chance your mom does not exactly have a favourite skincare brand, you can start here. 

20. I Love You Necklace

I Love You Necklace

When you want to have jewellery as milestone gifts for your woman, you never actually run out of options. However, things could get difficult when it comes to milestone anniversary gifts, and you don’t know how to express your love. In that case, have this I Love You necklace as a gift for her. This necklace, when it is given a light, shows the phrase ‘I Love You’ in one hundred different languages. That shows how much the phrase actually meant for you instead of just saying it over and over again. 

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21. Yin Yang Bracelet Set

Yin Yang Bracelet Set

When it comes to jewellery for him, either as milestone birthday gifts or as anniversary, a bracelet is quite a traditional milestone gift option. If you want it as an anniversary gift, however, the gift should be something you both can cherish. If that’s the case, you might want to have this yin-yang bracelet set. You both can wear it as a couple, and the bracelet shows it clearly. After all,  yin-yang is known as a symbol of duality, man and woman, making it a perfect symbol for your and his anniversary. 

22. Eternal Rose

Eternal Rose

If your woman happens to love Disney, then she might be familiar with the Beauty and the Beast movie. In that case, you can have the eternal rose as her milestone birthday gift. The eternal rose has become the symbol of undying true love, thanks to the movie. It works great as part of the room décor, with the lights on to keep reminding her of you. Having this for her birthday or your milestone anniversary could express how much you cherish her in your life, and thus telling her that your love for her is the same as the rose, true and undying. 

23. Air Fryer

Air Fryer

When your children turn 17, it means that it is time for them to go to college and start living separately. Living alone can be a big turning point for them, and they have to be prepared for that. To ease them with the cooking problem when they live alone, you can have an air fryer as their milestone birthday gifts. It is simple to use, and they surely can manage to cook simple dishes with it. Also, having an air fryer would really save some time to reheat some food rather than to use the oven. 

24. Six-pence Coin

Six-pence Coin

A major woman’s breakthrough can happen when they are ready to start a family with her significant other. In that case, have a six pence coin as your daughter’s milestone gifts. Six pence coins, in the UK especially, hold a traditional milestone meaning. Traditionally a six pence coin is slipped in her wedding shoes as a good luck charm. Others also said that a six pence is placed between the Air Force aircrew’s uniform for the same reason. Therefore, to wish your loved ones luck, do add a sixpence coin on your gifts ideas. 

25. Wooden Memory Box

Wooden Memory Box

Make sure your loved ones have all their precious belongings stored in a special place, such as this wooden memory box. This comes as a great use, for example, to put their jewelleries, lockets, or memories of loved ones in one place. Especially if it is your grandparents, they surely have some small treasure that reminds them of the lost ones. Have it personalized with their name, and the box is ready to go as gifts for your grandparents on their milestone 70th birthday. 

Latest Post:

What is mean milestone birthday?

Milestone birthday refers to a birthday when you welcome an age that is considered as a mark for your achievement. In other words, it is the age when you would typically experience a major turning point in your life. The milestone birthday for everyone is different, but there are such occasions when you welcome adulthood on your 16th birthday, or you have your breakthrough job at 25th, or you welcome your early retirement on your milestone 50th birthday. It really depends on how you view your life, but to simply living and thriving is a good reason to celebrate in your milestone birthday

What are the special gifts for birthday?

When it comes to special items for milestone birthday gifts, you want to give something to ‘mark’ their milestone. For example, when your man becomes successful at the age of 25, you want something to improve his appearance as a successful person. For such needs, a professional item would be a great gift for him, such as a wristwatch, or a luxury item like a luxury ballpoint pen.

What is the biggest milestone birthday?

The biggest milestone birthday is when you survived adulthood and you welcome your retirement gracefully. This means you can rest from all the hard work you have done, and it is time to enjoy the result. This makes a great importance on your milestone 50th birthday. Furthermore, as humans nowadays often suffer from bad health, having a milestone 70th birthday could mean that you are grateful to have a long and happy life. 

How do you celebrate a milestone?

While a milestone can be celebrated by having a usual birthday cake like the rest of your birthday, there is also another way to mark your certain breakthrough age. If you just reached adulthood and you are preparing to have a turning point in your life, some stuff that would really help would be an air fryer to help you adjust to your new life.  But, if you would like to try  something new as a hobby, like photography or travelling, then having a digital camera would really be a great pleasure. 

What milestones do people celebrate?

The celebration for milestones varies, depending on a person’s breakthrough, experiences and achievement. However, most milestone birthday celebrations start when a baby reaches their first birthday, to mark their birth. Then, another step in your life is when you pass as a teenager and become an adult at the age of 17th. The age of quarter-life crisis in 25 is also considered as a milestone, since that is the age when things take their turning point. And if you survived all of these, then the biggest milestone would be during your 50th birthday.

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