26 Adorable Easter Gifts for Toddlers

Easter is more than just a day of egg hunting. In fact, people worldwide celebrate Easter as a commemoration of Jesus’s resurrection from the dead. Since then, people have used eggs to represent new life and rebirth. But the important thing is to enjoy Easter with your loved ones. You should also consider buying Easter gifts for toddlers to celebrate the occasion!

When you start a new family, you also need to make sure that you’ll educate your little ones and teach them the importance of Easter. If you are religious, it’s important to pass down the knowledge of Easter to your kids immediately. But, don’t forget to find some cool Easter gifts for them too. Help them enjoy the holiday more while educating them with some wise life lessons. If you’re confused, please take a look at our list of Easter gifts for toddlers below. Check them out! 

1. “Hip, Hop” Easter Toddlers Matching Shirts

“Hip, Hop” Easter Matching Shirts

These pair of matching shirts are the perfect gifts for a twin. Just imagine how cute your children will look like when they wear the shirt during Easter. Now, they can attend Easter festivals with style! Make sure to take a photo of them for your sweet memory and documentation. 

2. Hunting Season Shirt

Hunting Season Shirt

Hunting Easter eggs is an activity that all children look up to every year. Prep up your loved ones by giving them this fabulous shirt. With this awesome clothing, we’re sure that they will find so many Easter eggs and be the winner!

3. Little Bunny Shirt for Easter Toddlers

Little Bunny Shirt

The Easter Bunny is a figure and symbol of Easter that is often depicted as a rabbit. Children really love and adore them so much. If your kid shares the same feeling, you should buy them this adorable shirt. Show them that they will always be your precious bunny!

4. Rabbit Hoodie as Cute Easter Gifts for Toddler

Rabbit Hoodie

When you try to dress your kid up for Easter, why not transform them into a full-on rabbit with this hoodie instead? Perhaps they need this in order to gain some speed during the egg hunting competition. Plus, won’t they look so adorable in this cute hoodie?

5. Flower Costume for Easter Toddlers

Flower Costume for Toddlers

If you thought that rabbit hoodies are probably too mainstream, then you might want to consider this flower costume instead. Sunflowers represent happiness, which seems fitting for Easter celebration. Ask your toddler to wear this during your annual Easter photoshoot and look how adorable he or she will look!

6. Easter Bunny Outfit as Cute Easter Gifts for Toddler

Easter Bunny Outfit

If you thought that the bunny hoodie is too simple for your taste, then you might enjoy this particular outfit. The super cute design will be perfect for your toddler as they prepare for their first ever Easter celebration. 

7. All Things Are Possible Necklace

All Things Are Possible Necklace

Despite all those fun festivals and celebrations, let’s not forget that Easter Day is a religious celebration for Christians. Perhaps, you might want to pass down your faith by giving them this beautiful necklace. Here’s to hoping that God will always guide them to be a wise and good person in the future.  

8. Easter Toddlers Sandals

Easter Toddler Sandals

After discussing different kinds of shirts and costumes, let’s not forget to mention footwear! After all, your children will need to wear something comfortable to help them up and ready for the egg hunt. We thought that these sandals look adorable and would fit perfectly for your lovely toddler. 

9. Mr. Potato Easter Basket Filler

Mr. Potato Easter Basket Filler

There’s no use in buying some Easter baskets if you don’t fill them up with awesome decorations. Besides cool Easter eggs, you probably need to consider buying this Mr. Potato as a basket filler. The friendly potato is here to accompany your toddler during Easter!

10. Personalized Easter Bunny Doll for Toddlers

Personalized Bunny Doll

Mr. Potato shouldn’t be the only lovely character to fill up your baby’s Easter basket. In fact, you should consider buying this lovely bunny doll as a decoration. Make sure to ask for your baby’s name to be printed out on the bunny’s shirt!

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11. My First Easter Egg Plushies and Basket

easter gifts for toddlers

As an infant, your toddler might not be ready for an outdoor egg hunting challenge. However, you can let them enjoy their first Easter with this awesome set. It contains several plushies and a couple of Easter eggs for them to play with. So adorable!

12. Personalized Easter Basket

easter gifts for toddlers

Egg hunting can be a lot fun now that your kids have their own personalized Easter basket. With this item, you can request the seller to put your baby’s name on it. Even if your loved one isn’t ready to do some egg hunting, this basket will be a good Easter decoration in their room. 

13. Baby Hedgehog with Easter Blanket

easter gifts for toddlers

After a fun day of playing, it’s time to tuck your toddler and let them rest. However, you need to make sure that they sleep with a new blanket in honor of their first Easter celebration. We thought that this cool blanket would be the perfect choice for the occasion. 

14. Easter Bunny Wall Stickers

Easter Bunny Wall Stickers

Let your kids get excited for Easter by decorating their room with these adorable bunny stickers. These decals can easily stick anywhere you want to. And don’t worry, because you can easily remove them without causing any damage to the wall once Easter celebration is done. 

15. Peter Rabbit Room Decoration

easter gifts for toddlers

Children love to listen to the tales of Peter Rabbit before bedtime. To celebrate Easter, you can seriously consider decorating their room with their favorite character from the book! It will definitely put a smile on their face for the whole day.  

16. Hello Bunny Board Book

easter gifts for toddlers

It’s good to teach your kids about the true meaning of Easter as early as possible. Should you decide to do that, you can buy them this lovely board book. This Hello Bunny book contains illustrations and easy-to-read text that your children will enjoy. 

17. Pete the Cat Book

easter gifts for toddlers

Here’s our genuine thought: why just buy one book when your children can enjoy plenty more? It’s the reason why we’re recommending yet another awesome book for you. This book tells the story of Pete who needs to deliver some Easter eggs before time runs out. 

18. Musical Easter Eggs

Musical Easter Eggs

 Whoever has the opinion that collecting Easter eggs is boring should really think twice. In fact, these musical Easter eggs are one of the best Easter gifts for toddlers. Shake them off to produce some high-quality music that your kids will love. 

19. Tricycle Scooter

easter gifts for toddlers

Your precious baby might still be too young to ride a motorbike. But it shouldn’t stop them from enjoying this awesome scooter. Plus, this cool scooter might help them in finding all the Easter eggs that you hide around the house. 

20. Brown the Storytime Buddy

Brown the Storytime Buddy

This is truly one of the best Easter gifts for toddlers! Just choose one of the books available and press the corresponding number on Buddy’s collar. Then, Buddy will proceed to play some bedtime stories along with a sweet lullaby for your kids!

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21. Munchkin Bath Bobbers Toy

No products found.

After a long day, it’s time for your little one to take a bath before going to sleep. However, you need to make sure that they’ve got some cool company while cleaning themselves. These toys will do just that! Plus, they also help develop your toddler’s motor skills. 

22. Garden Plate and Utensils

easter gifts for toddlers

Egg hunting shouldn’t be the only outdoor activity planned during Easter. Make sure that you have cooked some nice meal for a family picnic in the garden. This plate and utensil set will definitely be the last touch to increase your loved one’s appetite. 

23. Magifire Matching Easter Eggs

Magifire Matching Easter Eggs

Don’t ever underestimate the power of Easter eggs. At times, they can be more than just a decoration for your kids. In fact, you can give this amazing item as part of your Easter gifts for toddlers. They can learn to match different eggs by the shapes or colors!

24. Pre Filled Easter Egg Toys

easter gifts for toddlers

Looking for cool variations to fill up your Easter eggs? We thought that this fabulous item might be the solution to your problem. In this set, you’re going to get 18 Easter eggs filled with different toys that your toddler will certainly love. 

25. Easter Seed Box Kit

easter gifts for toddlers

Ask your loved one to grow some bunny tails during Easter with this fun kit. This easy-to-use kit will be the perfect way for you to bond more with your kid. Go buy one while it lasts, and let’s hope that you can grow some beautiful bunny tails. 

26. Giant Gummy Bunny for Easter Toddlers

easter gifts for toddlers

Our list won’t be complete without offering at least one food for your precious one! Therefore, we’re going to be recommending this awesome giant gummy bunny! Make sure to show them this cute bunny before cutting them into small pieces so that they can chew it slowly. 

Final Thoughts

For toddlers, Easter is one of the most awaited occasions. They know that it is the time for them to decorate eggs with colorful paints and of course, it’s hunting time! Let’s make Easter memorable for your toddlers by giving them gifts that will not only allow to the to enjoy the fun and excitements of the special day, but also to share some knowledge about Easter and to let them know the meaning of it and the story behind it as well. So make sure you read through our list of the most recommended Easter gifts for your toddlers, because we’re pretty sure you will find what you’re looking for.

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