Totseat Portable High Chair

Totseat Portable High Chair allows you to convert almost any adult chair into a high chair for your baby or toddler.

Both mothers and fathers can not be expected to spend all their time at home caring for their baby. But when it comes to going out or traveling with the baby in tow, some problems might arise.

For example, when going out to dine in a restaurant, you really don’t want to drag around a bulky high chair for your rugrat. Well, with this portable high chair, you shouldn’t. 

The Totseat at its core is a piece of fabric cleverly engineered to envelop your baby like an oversized diaper. It can be adjusted to fit virtually any shape of a dining chair, whether it’s round, square or just odd.

Totseat Portable High Chair

The portable chair is dedicated for babies and toddlers aged 6-30 months. It’s machine washable, so even when some minor spilling disaster strikes you can rest assured that the Totseat will survive it.

Totseat Portable High Chair

Anything that will make a parent’s life a little bit easier is worth its praise. Totseat does just that. 

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