25 Unique Easter Gifts for Adults

Getting an Easter gift for children is relatively easy. Just get a cute easter basket and fill it with toys and chocolates and you are good to go. But finding truly unique and meaningful easter gifts for adults is quite challenging.

Adults are more practical and not easily impressed anymore. Therefore, if you want to create a wonderful easter memory, you need to get something truly unique as easter gifts for adults. Below is a list of easter gift ideas to help you to find a cool and meaningful easter gift that you are looking for.

1. Some Bunny Needs Coffee Sweatshirt

Some Bunny Needs Coffee Sweatshirt

Coffee is one of the most important parts of grown ups’ life. The majority of adults will start their day with a cup of hot coffee. Having said that, this sweatshirt will be a perfect easter gift for adults who are busy with their working life, and need extra caffeine to keep them going. 

2. Easter Seed Packets

Easter Seed Packets

If your friends are into plants and flowers, these seed packets will be the cutest easter gift they can ever get. Each package contains wildflower seeds they can plant and grow. The package is fully customizable, so you can add your own personal messages. The design of each package is beautiful and it is also sealed with a golden foil sticker. After they planted the seeds, they will grow and your friends will have a beautiful garden filled with wildflowers that will always remind them of you.

3. I’m Eggs-tra T-shirt

I’m Eggs-tra T-shirt

Some people are modest, while some others are born to be extra. If you have a friend that always have to be over the top, don’t tell them to stop being so extra. Instead, gift them this eggstra t-shirt that will be a very funny easter gift for adults who are enjoying an over the top lifestyle. If you also have an extra personality, you can get the same t-shirt so you and your bestie can wear matching shirts. 

4. Some Bunny Loves You Candle

Some Bunny Loves You Candle

As we grow older, it’s easy for us to forget that we are lovable. The amount of stress and self hatred often ruin our self worth. It is good to get reminded that we are lovable and deserve to be loved, especially on rough times when we have long days of work and deadlines we need to tackle. This candle is a thoughtful easter gift for adults who sometimes get caught up with their jobs and need a gentle reminder that somewhere, some bunny does love them. 

5. Bunny Bath Bombs

Bunny Bath Bombs

Bath bombs gain much more popularity the past few years. Children and adults showing their bath bombs footages all over the internet. And this trend will not go down in the near future. Even if it does, bath bombs are still considered as basic essentials since we actually use it to take our baths. So give your best friend this cute calm smelling bath bombs so they can relax and enjoy themselves on holiday. 

6. Personalized Bunny Breakfast Board

Personalized Bunny Breakfast Board

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives us the energy we need to start the day and do what we need to do as adults. You know, responsibility and dealing with reality kind of stuff. Even though we know how important it is, we still skip it unintentionally because mornings can be busy at times. This personalized breakfast board can be a motivation so we don’t skip our breakfast, so it will make a great easter gift for adults with busy mornings. 

7. Easter Gnome Plush Decoration

Easter Gnome Plush Decoration

These gnomes are so cute and come in the spring theme colors, making it the perfect easter decoration. Made out of soft felt fabric, these are high-quality hand made items that serve beauty esthetic that is very much needed on Easter. It will be a nice gift for adults who love decorating and into plush decoration. 

8. Unicorn Necklace Bath Bomb

Unicorn Necklace Bath

Magical things are not exclusive to children. Adults love magical and fantastical stories too. There are a lot of adults who are into unicorns and other magical creatures. And in case you forget, everyone loves surprises. This is why this bath bomb will make a great easter gift for adults because it can give them the very much needed bubble bath and a surprice unicorn necklace inside

9. Easter Bunny Decoration

Easter Bunny Decoration

We all love seasonal decoration. People spend a good amount of time decorating their spaces to meet the suitable seasonal aesthetic. On easter for instance, we can find a lot of easter bunny figures and spring themed decorations. This easter bunny resin statue will be the perfect addition on easter. Hence, it is a great easter gift for adults. 

10. Dried Fruit Gift Basket

Dried Fruit Gift Basket

When we’re growing older we need to reduce our indulgence of sweets and swift to healthier options. This dried fruit gift basket is the perfect gift for adults as an alternative to chocolate and other sweet food. This gift basket feels more grown up and suits the adults better. Highly recommended as an easter gift for adults. 

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11. Pantry Essentials Kit

Pantry Essentials Kit

We often adore our grandmother’s pantry kit collection. Those cute and pretty kits make the house feels a bit more like home. In our adult age, we may start our own collection, too. This set will make a great easter gift for adults who are interested in collecting pantry essential pieces and create their own feel like home feelings. 

12. Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

Some people prefer shower over bath and these shower steamers will be the perfect way to relax whether they took a quick or long shower. This set includes six shower bombs with different aromatherapy that smells amazing and will melt away any adult stress. This will be a great easter basket filler and is perfect to help adults relax after a long day of work or simply to freshen up in the morning. 

13. Rotatable Aromatherapy Candle

Rotatable Aromatherapy Candle

You may think of scented candles as a gift, but have you thought of getting an amazing candle set with a rotatable carousel? Not only does the candle make the room smell amazing, the design of this candle holder also makes a great decoration piece. The cup is refillable so you can refill it easily once it’s burned out. 

14. Assorted Variety Tea Box

Assorted Variety Tea Box

We all love a good tea time and isn’t Easter a great time to hold a tea party with the rabbit? This tea box will make a great basket filler and it will be an appropriate easter gift for adults. Accompanied by a healthy snack and a healthy amount of sweets, you can hold the perfect tea party with your adult friends.

15. Granola Cereal Breakfast

Granola Cereal Breakfast

When we enter adult life, we become more and more conscious about our health. If you are into the nice cream smoothie breakfast trend, you know that no smoothie is perfect without a good granola cereal toppings. This granola cereal is also delicious on its own and you can enjoy it as a healthy snack. Such a perfect easter gift for adults. 

16. Easter Diamond Painting Kit

Easter Diamond Painting Kit

Now you can decorate the easter eggs in a glamorous way with this easter egg diamond painting kit. The kit comes with various colors of diamonds, and once it’s done you will have a set of beautiful and personalized easter egg keychains. It will be a great gift, plus it would be more special since you craft it with your own hands. 

17. Cozy Bunny Home Slippers

Cozy Bunny Home Slippers

Cozy slippers are what every adult needs. After a tiring day of wearing high heels, it feels so good just to slip on a foamy and soft slippers that gives us the comfort we need. These slippers can be a great option when you are looking for an easter gift for high performing adults. 

18. Musical Bunny Building Kit

Musical Bunny Building Kit

Doing a building kit can be a meditative activity that is great to relieve our stress and swift our focus for a while. It is also a music box so once you’re done building it, it can generate a nice sound. It will make a nice decoration as well. This building kit has an intricate design of a bunny and will be a perfect easter gift for adults who love to create and build things. 

19. Harry Potter Labels for Mini Liquor Bottle Potion

Harry Potter Labels for Mini Liquor Bottle Potion

Most of us grow up with Harry Potter and it becomes one of the most important parts of our life. These Harry Potter labels will turn any mini liquor bottle to potion and they will be a great basket filler. The perfect easter gift for potterheads. 

20. Egg Shaped Jewelry Box

Egg Shaped Jewelry Box

This jewelry box is so pretty and can fit small jewelries such as rings and ear studs. It has a vintage design and will make you feel as if you live in a magical fairy tale. Due to its shape, it will make a great easter gift for adults who love collecting vintage stuff and into pretty fairy core aesthetics. 

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21. Personalized Jewelry

Personalized Jewelry

No gift ideas list is complete without personalized jewelry. This necklace comes with a bunny pendant and you can personalized it with an initial and a birthstone. You can customize the box, too! and add your own personal message to make it even more special. 

22. Easter Bunny Egg Holder Wooden Basket

Easter Bunny Egg Holder Wooden Basket

This wooden egg holder is made out of wood and has a raw cutting finish to it giving it an old country look. It can hold an easter egg and will be a great easter decoration in the house. Add a painted easter egg on it and give it as a cute easter gift. 

23. Candy Making for Beginners Recipe Book

Candy Making for Beginners Recipe Book

This book will be the perfect easter gift for adults who love to cook and plan to make their own easter candies. Published in the 80’s, this book can be considered as vintage and will be a valuable keepsake. 

24. Replica Faberge Lily of the Valley Trinket Box

Replica Faberge Lily of the Valley Trinket Box

Ever wonder how people gave out easter gifts back in the 1800s? This is a replica trinket box that is made based on the most famous egg “Lilies of the Valley”, one of the fifty-two imperial Easter eggs made by the company of Karl Faberge for the Russian imperial family. It was made in 1898 as an Easter gift to the last Russian Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, the wife of Nicholas II. The original jewelry egg is currently on permanent display at the Faberge Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. This will make a great easter gift for adults who care about history and fine arts. 

25. Personalized Balloon Cocktail Glass

Personalized Balloon Cocktail Glass

Planning on making some splitzer this easter? It’s better done in a personalized glassware, right? This personalized cocktail glass can be an unexpected but surely well appreciated easter gift. You can customize the glass with a monogram that look elegant but will be a memorable easter gift for adults who receive it. 

Final Thoughts

We all know that children loves to have Easter gifts. But, what about adults? Adults love to get Easter gifts, too! After all, Easter is a special day for everyone to celebrate and it’s the perfect time to give special Easter gifts to those we love dearly. We believe our list of some recommendations of Easter gifts for adults will help you find the best gift to pick. So, make sure you check all items on our list and perhaps, get one for yourself, too!

Latest Posts:

What do you get adults for Easter?

You can get them something simple such as bath bombs and candles. You can also pick the present based on their personality and current needs. If you know that they are into vintage stuff and historical fine arts, for example, the replica of the Faberge egg will be a great choice. 

What do you give a man for Easter?

You can give them a healthy snack box or personalized liquor glassware. If they happen to be a potterhead, filling a basket with mini liquors in Harry Potter labels will make them very happy. You can also give them the easter bunny building kit to keep them busy. 

What can you give for Easter instead of candy?

A dried fruit basket or a jar of granola will be a nice and healthy replacement of candies. You can fill a basket with all of the healthy snacks. Sneaking some essentials such as scented candles and shower steamers will be nice as well. 

What are the best easter gifts for a girlfriend?

You can get them cute gnome decorations or personalized jewelry. Simple t-shirts will make a great gift too. If your girlfriend happens to be a tea lover, giving them the assorted flavor tea box will be a great idea. And if she loves plants, why not give them the wildflower seeds packets?

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