25 Wonderful Wall Grid Ideas To Decorate Your Room 

Using wall gird is one of the most common ways to arrange your belongings while incorporating some decorative pieces. Since you can attach your photo, postcard, piece of art, child’s drawing, or anything else you choose to this wire wall grid panel, it’s perfect for wall decor.It may also be used as wall brackets, a bulletin board, or a memo board on your desk at work.  Whether you are a student who wants to organize your study room or simply a person who loves collecting memories, we are sure you love wall grids. Today, there are various wall grid ideas you can try to create a charming wall decor while organizing your stuff. For instance, teenagers will love to decorate the wall grid with quotes and personal target notes to motivate them while studying. Meanwhile, a green thumb will happily hang some indoor plants on it.

In this article, we have compiled the best wall grid ideas you can do at home. From making unique themes for decorative wall panels, to the wall grid shelf application for optimizing your room space, we are sure you will find the best grid wall design ideas for your room. Let’s dive in!

Wire Wall Grid Ideas

Add a modern, industrial touch to your walls with wire wall grid panels. For your house or office, this wire grid wall material will produce a distinctive, low-cost wall decoration that is a terrific concept. Amazing wall grid design ideas below are versatile, stylish shelf systems are surprisingly easy to install and a great way to display artwork or create a home or office decor display.

1. Black Wire Organizer

Source: Pinterest (@Picot Pals)

When it comes to simple wire wall grid ideas for men, then you can consider this concept. Simply hang a long horizontal wall grid panel to the wall so that it is at men’s eye level. Add some memos, bulletins, and even white board hanging, making every space useful. In addition, you can add black and white photos or wall decor, so it keeps elegant and minimal.

2. New Resolution Wall Grid

A new year is a perfect time to arrange your new resolution on your wall grid. Make your wall grid personal by attaching some of your new year’s resolutions using black binders. You may also hang a mini calendar to track the progress of your goals day by day. Add some charming ornaments such as crochet heart hanging or small furry balls, making this wall grid more attractive.

3. Aesthetic Rose Gold Wire Wall Grid

Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Make your minimalist wire wall grid panel look aesthetic in rose gold. Unlike the regular wall grid in black or white color, this wall grid is designed to show your feminine side and make a wonderful wall grid decor. You can hang a dreamcatcher for an aesthetic element in this wire wall grid idea. Beside, add a wire basket to place a mini planter. You can also use the wall grid as a photo display.

4. Four Wall Grid Panel Setting

Source: Pinterest (@amazon.com)

In case one panel is not enough, we have the best idea for multiple wire wall grid panels setting, then! You 4 square wall grid panels to create a larger version. With this idea, you can divide them into specific purposes. For instance, use one panel for a wall grid shelf, while the others become the photo display or decorative wall. Let your creativity make an artistic masterpiece!

5. Stationary Rack Display

Source: Pinterest (@urbanoutfitters.com)

To save more space in your study or office desk, wire wall grids will be very helpful. Add some wire baskets to store your pens, markers, and even your books or journals. This is a creative idea to organize your stationary while keeping your desk neat and less messy. In addition, you can put this wall grid attached to the wall above your desk for easy access.

6. Multipurpose Small Wire Wall Grid

Source: Pinterest (@urbanoutfitters.com)

A versatile wire wall grid which can store everything, this is definitely an ideal choice for those who have limited wall space. Although you only have a small wall grid, you can optimize its function with this idea. You need to add wire hooks in the top part, so you can hang a lot of stuff like your sunglasses or car keys on it. On the different level put some wire baskets so you can accommodate heavy things as well on the wall.

7. Long Wire Wall Grid

Source: Pinterest (@ruemag.com)

For those artists who have a lot of inspiration and love to display their artwork, a vertically long wire wall grid will be your perfect board. You can customize the human sized tall wire wall grid for better artwork display. In this large wall grid, you can hang your sketch, photos, or some art concept which needs a long contemplation and reflection. This is an ideal wall grid for the art studio.

8. Minimalist Wire Mesh Memo Board

Source: Instagram (@eagleboutiqueonline)

A minimalist wire wall grid idea for boys, this concept emphasizes its functionality rather than decorative purpose. This wall area is dedicated as a memo board in balck and white tones, perfect for additional ornament in men’s study or office rooms. You can hang a minimalist house wall clock, some bulletins, notes, and even motivational quotes in black and white. Don’t forget to match the other furniture in black and white as well, creating a minimalist and masculine room.

Decorative Wall Grid

Add instant style to your living space with decorative wall panels. The top wall grid ideas below look clean, modern, minimalist and will also hold lights, plants or other decor you want to feature in your home. It’s perfect for storing your favorite knick knacks and displaying photos or decor!

9. Greenery Decorative Wall Grid

Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Add more green in your house using this greenery decorative idea. To make a large greenery decor, you need some wall grid panels arranged as in the picture above. Use 2 grid panels for the decorative vines decor. Meanwhile, you can add some shelves and hooks on the rest of the wall grid panels to display an artificial sunflower pot, alarm clock, notes, journals, sunglasses, and even quotes.

10. Vintage Wire Wall Grid

Source: Pinterest (@ninetyfourdesign.com)

With this wall grid idea, you can create a vintage decorative spot in your house. This idea allows you to put some retro old pictures. Use paper clips to hang them on the grid. You may also add a vintage and unique 80’s style lighting, hanging on the hook rack. Put more unique and artistic ornaments such as decorative wall art and quotes in matching tones with the retro images.

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11. Childhood Memories Decorative Wall Grid

Source: Pinterest (@homedeco.nl)

A fun way to display your childhood photos instead of keeping them on the photo album or on the boring wall frame, this decorative idea will add warmth to your house. Select some memorable childhood photos and print them in black and white. Hang them all randomly in the wall grid, making an artistic photo display on the wall. Add some artificial vines to frame this charming wall photo album display. You may also add a positive quote and other decorative plants hanging. 

12. Pink Heart Wire Wall Grid

Wall Grid Ideas
Source: Instagram (@ichhya.store)

When it comes to cute and adorable wire wall grids, we are sure that this idea has a special part in your heart. Use the pink heart shaped wall grid to make this sport lovable and attractive. You can hang some vintage photos on it. Decorate the wall grid with a cute pink cloud which has colorful water drops hanging. To hold a larger decorative item, add a medium sized pink basket on the wall grid. 

13. Magical Fairy Lights for Wall Grid

Magical Fairy Lights for Wall Grid
Source: Pinterest (@buzzfeed.com)

For an extra magical touch to your decorative wall grid, this idea is simple but worth trying. Simply add string lights around the wall grid, giving a wonderful glow in this area. We recommend you to add more ceramic or glass decorative items such as the plant pots for optimizing the light reflections. Don’t forget to hang some photos or quotes since they will beautifully shine with proper lights.

14. Spring Flower Wall Grid

Spring Flower Wall Grid
Source: Pinterest (@apartmenttherapy.com)

Express your spirit to welcome the new Spring season with this wall grid idea. Especially if you love flower decor, you will fall in love with this idea. Use a white wall grid for a clean appearance in your white wall. Put some pink flowers on the wall grid shelves and racks to radiate the Spring vibes. You can also put some inspiring quotes with cute heart pins, adding more charm to this decorative wall grid.

DIY Wall Grid Ideas

Welcome the new you with the addition of a DIY wall grid. The DIY wall grid ideas below are multipurpose with minimalistic design and are great for hanging up your favorite posters and artwork. Want to hang up your own wall grid? Here are a few DIY ideas for you!

15. Polaroid Round Decorative Wall Grid

Polaroid Round Decorative Wall Grid
Source: Pinterest (@Hannah)

A round wall grid is a perfect decor item to make your wall aesthetic. Round shape makes your room less stiff and more relaxing. Use this attractive wall grid for your polaroid photo display, keeping your precious memory in that spot. In addition, you can add some greenery and string lights to enhance the nostalgic mood once you see the polaroid photos.

16. Night Dream Decorative Wall Grid

Night Dream Decorative Wall Grid
Source: Pinterest (@thedecorhouse.com.au)

If you wish to feel some great memories again, then you can keep them forever in this night dream wall grid. This wall grid allows you to display beautiful memories with beautiful night view decor. Use some bulb string lights to light up the wall grid area. Add night decor items such as moon and stars, along with some sheeps in your dream. Add some vines for extra greenery in this wall grid.

17. Motivational Heart Wall Grid

Motivational Heart Wall Grid
Source: Instagram (@uni_mart9394)

Use your wall grid as the source of motivational words and strength you can see everyday with this idea. Choose an artistic heart shape wall grid, making an appealing spot to see everyday. You may write your own motivational words using sticky notes or print some inspirational quotes to decorate this DIY wall grid. Make sure each of the quotes has some space to each other, so it will look neat and wonderful.

18. DIY Garden Office Wall Grid

DIY Garden Office Wall Grid
Source: Pinterest (@stylist.co.uk)

A wonderful DIY wall grid to decorate your kitchen or office area, this is definitely a lovely indoor garden area you can try at home. You need to hang some large wire baskets to hold indoor plants on the wall. Hang some gardening equipment as well such as a watercan, gloves, and scissors on it. Use the rest of the empty space to have your shopping bag or add a mini black board.

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19. Mini Dolls Collection Display Wall Grid

Mini Dolls Collection Display Wall Grid

For those doll collectors who have a favorite character, a wall grid also can be your ideal space to display your special collection. Make your own wall grid organizer with this idea. Choose a larger doll as the center of your display collection, making a focal point in your DIY wall grid. Surround the center with the smaller dolls. In the bottom part, you may also hang some decorative ornaments like keychains or ID badges. Complete the decoration with some monstera leaf vines above.

20. DIY Traveling Photo Display Wall Grid

DIY Traveling Photo Display Wall Grid
Source: Pinterest (@Carol Doria)

If you love traveling, then you can create a DIY traveling journey display in your wall grid. Print some special photos from certain locations you’ve visited. Use wood clothespins to hang them all on the wall grid. Add traveling decorative elements such as your traveling map or brochure, making a stunning wall photo display full of unforgettable experiences.

21. Mini Photo Display Wall Grid

Mini Photo Display Wall Grid
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

This one offers a simple and minimalistic style of a wall grid that can be the perfect place to put your polaroid photos with loved ones. You can place it in your bedroom or even in your family room to let everyone see your photo collections. This grid comes in a set of three small square grids combined, with an additional plant placed under it, inside a wooden pot. Change the photos gradually to keep your memories updated. 

22. Wall Grid with Space for Magazines

Wall Grid with Space for Magazines
Source: Pinterest (@burkatron.com)

If you feel bored of the usual wall grids, you can try to have this DIY wall grid that comes with a space to store your books or magazines. First prepare yourself a straight rectangle wall grid and bend the bottom part 360 degrees to make a space for magazines. It will look like a unique multifunction DIY wall grid to hang your photos, store your magazines, and place your important notes, too!

23. Golden Wall Grid for Stationeries

Golden Wall Grid for Stationeries
Source: Pinterest (@designeatrepeat.com)

Keeping your stationeries or sewing kit neat and tidy is easy with these super sweet golden wall grids. You can place all your small stuff like scissors, sewing threads, origami papers, color pens, or stickers on the grid. Instead of placing one grid, you can place three grids next to each other and specify a special category for each of them. We must say your cute wall grids will be envied by your friends.

24. Wire Wall Grid

Wire Wall Grid
Source: Pinterest (@godiygo.com)

This wire wall grids is something that you won’t find anywhere. It looks very unique, which is why we think that it can be the perfect wall grid for you. It combines wire and some thin plywoods that make a space to store your books, small speakers, or small plants. Moreover, due to its unique shape, it will be more than just a grid to store your stuff, but also to become a fancy home decoration as well.

25. Climbing Wire Grid for Plants

Climbing Wire Grid for Plants
Source: Pinterest (@Zim the Baker)

Turn your empty stairwell into a hanging garden using these wall grids. You can arrange the grids to follow your wall’s angle and then hang your plants to make a lovely hanging garden. Use terracotta pots to create a natural look, and you might want to have some hanging plants as well, so the leaves can grow down and make your home look natural yet adorable. 

Latest Post:

What are wall grids used for?

Wall grids are a versatile item you can use for decorative purposes or organizing stuff on the wall. With some wall grid panels and an empty wall space, you can hang various items without damaging the wall. It is also a creative tool since it challenges your brain to optimize the usage while considering the proper and artistic setting.

How do you make a wall grid?

First, you should determine the purpose and the perfect location for the wall grid. For instance, if you want to use this wall grid as an office stationary rack, then you should place it near the office desk. After that, you can buy some baskets or shelves in case you want to put heavy items. Make sure you have a clean plan and design arrangement before applying on the wall.

How do you use grid wall panels?

Well, it depends on your purpose and the area of your wall. If you want to make a practical wall grid, simply use a single wall grid panel to hold your stuff. Meanwhile, you may need several wall grid panels for decorative purposes in the larger wall area.

How do you stick a grid to the wall?

Line attach the mounting clips on the grid by opening it and pinching the clip onto the grid wire. Place the grid against the wall whether hanging the grid vertically or horizontally. Make sure you already have a plan setting before placing the grid wall.

What should I put on my wall grid?

Before adding things on your wall grid, you should determine the concept and the purpose. Greenery will be a versatile decorative element which matches any wall grid decor. You can also hang some notes or quotes for extra charm in this spot.

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