Moar Folding Electric Bike

The Moar Folding Electric Bike is the world’s most powerful electric bike that can be taken with you anywhere. When we hear of any kind of electric vehicle, our minds probably conjure an image of something quite low-powered.

It’s environmentally friendly, we’ll give you that, but what if someone wants a little bit more of torque. Well, for those people we’ve got Moar folding electric bike.

This bike is powerful enough to tow an SUV. That should pretty much seal the deal for you, but if you want more insight into the specifications of this bike, we’ve got you covered.

The original folding electric bike features a 750w motor, but if that’s not enough for you the manufacturer also offers a new model, Rapt II, with a 1000w motor installed. 

The bike also runs on a 48v Samsung lithium ion battery, same battery that is used in Tesla. You might have heard of a Tesla car somewhere, we’re sure. It’s also got full-suspension and 80 miles range with pedal assist.

Moar Folding Electric Bike

Have we mentioned that this bike is foldable? We must have.

The unique frame design allows you to fold this bike in half and easily transport and store it. In addition to the state-of-the-art design of the main frame, the fat tires used on this bike are worth mentioning.

Moar Folding Electric Bike

These thick 26”x4” tires allow you to tackle any terrain you wish. Plus, combined with full suspension these fat tires are aiming at giving you the utmost comfort during high-speed runs.

Moar Folding Electric Bike

There are much more things to say about Moar folding electric bike but if you consider yourself a bike enthusiast in the slightest then you can easily recognize that this beast is one-of-a-kind. 

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