Meet Onewheel+XR: Self-balancing Electric Skateboard with One Wheel!

Would you ride this ultra-futuristic one-wheeled skateboard? Check out the mind-bending design of the self-balancing Onewheel+XR! This innovation has revolutionized the way we play with the skateboard. Even though it only has one wheel, it can do various tricks that could not have been done in conventional skateboarding.

By adding an electric motor, you can accelerate on Onewheel+XR by simply leaning forward. If you want to stop, you just need to lean backward and the brake will be automatically activated. This unique mobility platform can reach a maximum velocity of 30km/h.

The project to create Onewheel+XR was started back in 2014 by Future Motion on Kickstarter. The ambitious design immediately became a sensation all over the world. The mobility device has a refreshing new appearance that will captivate anyone of all ages.

There are a lot of things that differentiate Onewheel+XR and a regular skateboard. For instance, a manual skateboard needs to be propelled forward using your legs. Meanwhile, this platform relies on a battery to power the motor. On a flat surface, this advanced skateboard definitely can be much faster.

Onewheel+XR Electric Skateboard

Onewheel+XR comes with a battery with Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (NMC) cells to power the motor. This new system offers lightweight energy storage with a large capacity for optimum range.

Depending on how hard you use the electric self-balancing skateboard, a single charge can take you as far as 19 to 29 kilometers. The farther you can explore with this skateboard, the more freedom you feel.

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Onewheel+XR Electric Skateboard

Because Onewheel+XR uses only electricity, it does not generate any carbon emissions. This one-wheeled self-balancing mobility platform is suitable for green-minded skateboarders.  The eco-friendly skateboard is definitely an attractive alternative if you are concerned with the earth.

Additionally, you do not need a specialized track for the one-wheeled electric skateboard. Even in an off-road area, the capable Onewheel+XR will not have any problem moving forward. With a giant wide wheel in the middle of the board, this e-skateboard can mow down any obstacle with ease.

Onewheel+XR Electric Skateboard

This electric skateboard is equipped with one all-terrain tire. As seen from the demonstration video, Onewheel+XR can confidently pass through off-road paths. The massive torque allows the single wheel to climb rocks and drive on a sandy surface.

In addition, this high-end electric skateboard comes with a LED light for night usage. The manufacturer also provides you with an accompanying app where you can socialize with other Onewheel+XR owners. You can compare distances or and other records.

With such a radical design, the self-balancing Onewheel+XR is an impressive yet practical invention. This e-skateboard is suitable for skaters who love to go out into a wilder environment.

Onewheel+XR Electric Skateboard

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