25 Unusual Wine Stopper To Make Party More Fun

A wine stopper is an essential accessory for a connoisseur. This item allows people to resealed leftover wine bottles before refrigeration. Usually, it is almost impossible to put the original cork back due to decompression. Hence, the importance of a stopper can not be overstated for those who love wine tasting. 

For your wine-loving friends, unusual wine stoppers will be an excellent present. Because this type of accessory will allow them to extend the life of wine for several days after the opening. There are various wine stoppers with unique designs. And so, Awesome Stuff 365 is here to help you choose the best unusual wine stoppers for special people in your life!

What’s A Wine Bottle Stopper Called?

A wine bottle stopper is an accessory that can prevent spills and contamination. Typically, stoppers are made out of corks. Nowadays, unusual wine stoppers have also become part of dining table decoration. The design of wine stoppers has improved to reflect the latest trends. This type of item will be a great present for a housewarming or Christmas stocking stuffer.

What Is A Good Wine Stopper?

A good wine stopper is one that can prevent oxidation. Wine in an opened bottle will lose its unique flavor over time. And so, a good stopper is a necessary accessory during a wine tasting. Some wine stoppers can remove extra air to create a vacuum. With this item, the life of a leftover wine can be extended for a few days.

Unusual Wine Stopper with Top-notch Design

Wine Stopper is not just a simple bottle plug. It also keeps the flavor of opened wine fresh and prevents spills. And because wine is a sensitive liquid whose flavor may get affected by the air, this item will prevent contamination. So, the quality of the leftover wine is retained! 

1. Crystal Blue Peacock Wine Stopper

Wine Stopper with Dazzling Peacock Design

Peacocks are the ultimate symbol of beauty. And for that reason, the Crystal Blue Peacock wine stopper shall be a great present to complement a fine dining experience with your beautiful soulmates. This unusual wine stopper is very well designed and will surely look great on any type of wine bottle! You can preserve the flavor of the wine longer while having a long romantic chat.

2. Luxurious Heart-shaped Crystal Stopper

Luxurious Heart-shaped Crystal Wine Stopper

Are you looking for a wedding gift for wine lovers? This luxurious wine stopper with an elegant crystal-shaped heart will indeed become a memorable present for the happy couple. They can use this unusual wine stopper to preserve their leftover wine after a dreamy wedding night!

3. Gothic Skull Bottle Stopper

Gothic Skull Bottle Stopper

A wine stopper is not just a practical accessory to plug a leftover bottle. It can also enhance the style of wine tasting and improve the atmosphere! A pro wine aficionado would tell you that mood will affect the flavor of a wine. And so, for people who love gothic vibes, this Olivia Riegel Skull Bottle Stopper will be a unique gift!

4. Custom Map Wine Stopper

Custom Map Wine Stopper

The place of origin of the grapes can affect wine’s flavor. For instance, different soils, water, and climate. They also may affect the quality of the fermented grape juice. If your soulmate is a nerdy wine connoisseur, this stopper with a customizable map can be a unique gift. Moreover, the map is enclosed within a glass crystal dome. It is attached securely on top of the stopper, making this unusual wine stopper an excellent decoration!

5. Amethyst Gemstones Wine Stopper

Gemstones Wine Stopper

Just like wine, each gemstone conveys a specific feeling. Now, dining with someone special will be a lot more romantic with the unusual Gemstones Wine Stopper! The ingenious creators of this unusual wine stopper attach various gemstones such as quartz, agate, and amethyst to a wine stopper! 

6. Golden 50th Wine Bottle Stopper

Wine Stopper to Celebrate 50th Birthday

For your friends or parents who are turning 50, this golden wine stopper will undoubtedly be the most suitable present you can get! It is also a great gift for your grandparents who are celebrating their 50th marriage anniversary. Elderly people are full of wisdom. Thus, this unusual wine stopper will be a meaningful gift to them.

7. Birthstone Wine Bottle Stopper

Wine Stopper with Birthstone

The colorful gemstones are often associated with birth months, like zodiacs. For your friend’s birthday, a colorful wine stopper with corresponding birthstone will be a nice present. It will remind people that you love to toast in their good health! This unusual wine stopper will surely become a stylish stopper for cheap Shiraz or even the rare Montrose!

8. Repour Wine Saver

Wine Stopper that Reduce Oxidation

Extend the life of an opened wine up to six weeks with Repour! This wine stopper is designed to reduce the amount of oxygen in the bottle. After all, overoxidation is the bane of wine lovers because it reduces the freshness and affects the flavor. Hence, The Repour Wine Stopper will be a suitable gift to remind your friend to drink in moderation!

9. Hummingbird Wine Stopper

Vintage Wine Stopper for Antique Collectors

A wine stopper is not just a practical present. It also has become a collectible item due to its history or unique design. The liquor wine has been around for thousands of years. So, it will be no surprise if there are really old stoppers that will hold a special value. For your antique-loving friend, get them this very well-made Hummingbird Wine Stopper!

10. Leila Wine Stopper Pourer

Elegant Wine Stopper with Pourer

The beautiful Leia Wine Stopper will enhance the atmosphere of romantic dining. This accessory comes with its own wine pourer. You can attach the pourer and the stopper together to create an elegant Peace Lily flower design. This item will indeed be a thoughtful present for your friend who has just gotten into a relationship! 

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11. Dragon Wine Stopper

unusual wine stopper

For fantasy fans such as Game of Thrones, any wine accessory with dragon motifs will be an excellent gift. Get your friend this Metal Dragon Wine Stopper! The fire serpent will elegantly sit on top of the wine bottle, protecting it from oxidation and spills.

Unusual Wine Stopper with Controversial Design

Wine is the liquor for passionate lovers. However, the ‘no-no’ juice is also an ideal way to bring whacky friends closer together. For a special occasion, a wine accessory with a quirky design will also be appropriate. You can bring laughter and controversy to the dining table with these unusual wine stoppers!

12. Dicksaurus Wine Stopper

unusual wine stopper

For your buddies with a morbid sense of humor, the golden Dicksaurus Wine Stopper will blow their minds! It comes in the shape of male genitalia combined with a bipedal dinosaur. This unusual wine stopper can also be an excellent prank gift for your close friends. Of course, this type of item will not be suitable for intimate occasions, but it will bring amusement to the dining table!

13. Middle Finger Wine Stopper

unusual wine stopper

Drinking wine is the best way to forget a bad day. Sometimes you just need to cut yourself some slack and enjoy alcohol in your system. You can now help your friend to let loose with this hilarious Middle Finger Wine Stopper! This item will surely be great for a gag gift on a friendly occasion.

14. Sexy Bust Wine Stopper

unusual wine stopper

There is no denying that drinking wine with your lover is the best way to spend the night! For a sensual occasion, you can enhance the mood with this handmade Sexy Wine Stopper! The item comes with a sexy man or woman bust attached to it. You can also see that the accessory is really well-crafted. Moreover, this unusual wine stopper is glossy, smooth, and will prevent your wine from going sour!

15. Custom Sarcastic Message Wine Stopper

unusual wine stopper

Sarcasm can be an excellent coping mechanism and anger prevention strategy. Instead of saying insults directly, subtle sarcasm can show a lot of class. For your friends who enjoy comedy, this Wine Stopper with custom sarcastic messages will surely brighten up their day!

16. Corny Wine Bottle Stopper

Corny Wine Bottle Stopper

Did you know that exchanging a joke gift can foster a healthy relationship? Sometimes it is okay to play around and take things less seriously. And so, get this Colonel Corn Bottle Stopper as a quirky present for your special friends! Thanks to the funny wine accessory, the dinner table will become a less tense place!

Unusual Wine Stopper for House Warming Present

Are you looking for a classy small gift to celebrate a new house? Try these unusual wine stoppers! They are elegantly crafted to complement a homely dinner table. 

17. Glass Bird Wine Stopper

unusual wine stopper

For a wine connoisseur with refined taste, the Glass Bird wine stopper is a high-class present. The green crystal bird has a minimalistic design yet permeates luxurious vibes. Moreover, it is hand-crafted by a skilled artisan using a blowtorch at extreme temperatures. This accessory will also go perfectly with any wine bottle! 

18. Custom Message Wine Stopper

unusual wine stopper

For your friends who have just got engaged and moved in together, the personalized wooden wine stopper is a great choice for a present. You will be able to order a custom-made stopper with personal messages engraved on the wooden part. Ask the artisan to engrave the name of your friends to create a special wine stopper!

19. Vacuum Seal Wine Stopper

unusual wine saver

Circle Joy Smart Wine Stopper is an excellent present for people who enjoy expensive wine. In case they can not finish it in one sitting, the vacuum stopper shall retain the quality of the wine flavor. You just need to push the stopper and pump the air out. The resealed bottle will be in a vacuumed state. It is much more effective compared to conventional stoppers.

20. Father Christmas Wine Stopper

father christmas wine saver

Special holidays such as Christmas are the best time of the year to pop open an expensive wine. You can now help your friend to keep their spirit up with Santa Claus Wine Stopper. It is an adorable piece of wine-tasting accessory that will look great during the magical night.

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21. Vacuum Pump Wine Saver

vacum pump wine pourer

Every wine, be it cheap or expensive, deserves to be preserved. And for that reason, you will need this wine saver set that features 4 stoppers and a vacuum pump, making it the ultimate complete wine accessory! Your friend’s new house will be more homely with this item. They will also be able to enjoy leftover wine of a consistent quality!

22. Electric Wine Pourer

electric wine pourer

A high-tech wine accessory will enhance a modern household. You can now preserve the quality of an opened wine with this electric wine stopper. The device will help you to vacuum the air out. It also doubles as a dispenser that will help you to pour the liquor without spilling. In addition, The Automatic Wine Dispenser and Stopper is rechargeable.

23. Weiner Dog Wine Stopper

Weiner Dog Wine Stopper

Does your friend own a Dachshund? The iconic long dog is certainly a great companion for a new home. The Weiner Dog Wine Stopper will be a suitable present for your friend’s lovely household. It is a type of decorative wine accessory that will be appropriate for a housewarming party!

24. Wise Owl Wine Stopper

unusual wine saver

Owls are a symbol of wisdom. They are depicted as mystical animals that bring knowledge to new households. Therefore, you can wish your friend a happy life with this Owl Wine Stopper. The bird figure is very well designed and shows off intricate details. You can see the details in the feathers and eyes, a great item to provide gothic vibes.

Final Thoughts

Most wine lovers would appreciate a nice wine stopper, as it will be a pleasant companion to the enjoyment of having their favorite wine. However, there are so many types of wine stoppers out there and we can understand if you think finding the best one can be a struggle, especially if you plan on having it as a gift for your loved ones. The best way to choose the perfect and best wine stopper is definitely to focus on two things; design and function.

The best design of wine stoppers usually feature a classic and unique shape that will look like a stunning addition to any wine bottle. To add to that, there are also wine stoppers that come with functionality to make your life easier, such as a wine stopper that can be an automatic dispenser or as a vacuum seal to keep the wine sterile. Or, you can also try to find the one that has both, design and also function. So make sure you check out our list carefully to find the one you need!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do wine stoppers keep wine fresh?

Wine stoppers will keep the flavor fresh! Without a stopper, a wine will go bad quickly by being exposed to the open air because oxygen and other contaminants will affect the flavor of wine in no time. With a good bottle stopper, you do not need to finish one bottle of wine in one night. Thanks to this accessory, the freshness of the wine can be retained longer.

How long does red wine last with a stopper?

Typically, red wine will last around 3 to 5 days. However, a stopper that can create a vacuum will extend the quality of the wine longer. Some wine stoppers claim to be able to extend the wine freshness up to 6 weeks.  Wine in an opened bottle should be consumed quickly because of the quick flavor decline. The stopper will slow down the deterioration and reduce oxidation.

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