25 Recommendation Georgia Gifts You Should Buy

Let’s reminisce about the exquisite events that happened in Georgia, your homeland at heart! You can do it by getting original Georgia gifts that we choose carefully only for you! Suppose you visit the beautiful Georgia state someday and want to bring back souvenirs. In that case, you can get inspired by the exciting items from our curated choices! They are suitable for your special someone like your girlfriend or boyfriend, your parents, or your siblings!

Georgia, a state in the Southeastern region of the United States, offers a lot of unique items. The iconic items include merchandise from the Atlanta Braves baseball team, Bulldogs football team, and the Georgia Institute of Technology with yellow bees mascot. In addition, tasty food such as Arbequina olive oil, peach fruit, and honey is harvested in Southern Georgia. Furthermore, some unique products made only in Georgia are meticulously handcrafted by talented local artists, suitable for gifts. In any case, we have created this list carefully only for you!

What Food Is Georgia Famous For?

Georgia is famous for its Arbequina olive oil, peach fruit, and honey harvested from the southern part of the state. In addition, fruit such as Georgia Peach is also a local specialty. Southeast Georgia is particularly famous for its honey because of the wide variety of flowers. For example, Gallberry, Tupelo, Blackgum, and Palmetto flowers are common in Georgia.

BEST Georgia Gifts When You Visit Georgia State

1. Georgia Peach Candle

Georgia Peach Wood Wick Soy Wax Candle

Fill your room with the fragrance of fresh Georgia peach! This handmade candle is packed in a premium tin. The mixture of soybean wax and fragrance oils blend well to create this masterpiece. Suppose you want to give this item as a custom Georgia gift. In that case, you can ask the seller to personalize it with a warm message for your special someone.

2. Rustic College Team Wooden Flag

Rustic College Team Wooden Flag

This perfect handmade patriotic centerpiece is an excellent Georgia gift suitable for any occasion. Each wooden flag is made to order, making all the flags unique and one of a kind. It is intended for indoor use only with 4 clear gloss spar urethane coats to protect it. Furthermore, this flag is charred to give it the perfect rustic look.

3. Georgia Art Print

Georgia Art Print

Adorn your walls wonderfully with the southern charm of The ATL forever. This wanderlust-inspired art print features an array of local Georgian flavors to deck your walls. It also uses premium digital printing on heavy-weight felt paper. The item is a gorgeous Georgia gift suitable for your special someone who appreciates local art.

4. Pumpkin Cheesecake Candle

Pumpkin Cheesecake Candle

This pumpkin cheesecake scent is absolutely perfect for the fall season! The unique-looking candle is created by mixing rich pumpkin puree and cream cheese! In addition, the artisan put an extra warming spice that makes a delicious scent. Handpoured in the North Georgia Mountains, this candle also features soy wax, beeswax, coconut wax, cotton wicks, and high-quality fragrance oils.

5. Georgia Grown Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Did you know that Georgia-grown Arbequina olive oil is one of the most popular varieties because it is light, fruity, and buttery flavor? This extra virgin olive oil is excellent for dipping bread or salads dressings. It also pairs well with most vinegar. Try it as a marinade or topping for any meat or fish, and you will be pleasantly surprised at the result of the added flavor. You can also use it for baking by substituting butter with this olive oil in recipes.

6. Georgia-themed Premium Puzzle

Anna Ruby Falls, Georgia Premium 1000 Piece Puzzle

This original premium 1000 piece puzzle displays sharp detail and vivid imagery of Anna Ruby Falls in Georgia. This set features excellent color accuracy and durable imaging. After all, it is printed on heavy stock paper using a high-end digital printing press. It also offers the highest print resolution for stunning picture quality.

7. Georgia Wall-hanging Decor

Georgia Home with Heavy Gauge Steel

This gorgeous Georgia gift is suitable for your special someone to remind them of their sweet homeland. Made with 100% recollected barn wood in the US, this rustic style artwork will add warmth to your home, office, cafe, or restaurant. It is also suitable for your living room or bedroom. 

8. Georgia State Coaster 4-Piece Set

Georgia State Coaster 4-Piece Set

The attractive rustic and classic design allows these coasters to remain beautiful even when not used. It is perfect for decorating the kitchen, dining area, patio, or bar. In addition, this item will provide extra enjoyment to your morning coffee by the bedroom nightstand. This accessory is constructed using ceramic stone to absorb excess drips and condensation from cold drinks. Furthermore, these coasters also feature cork backing to protect the surfaces from scratches and stains.

9. Georgia License Plates Vintage Sign

Georgia License Plates Vintage Sign

Looking for a Georgia gift with vintage style for your special someone? This Georgia License Plate is handmade using heavy gauge American steel in the USA. The image is baked into a powder coating for a durable and long-lasting finish. The creation process is also known as sublimation. 

10. Heart State Charm Bracelet

Heart State Charm Bracelet

Surprise your special someone with a smile by giving this Georgia gift in the form of a charm bracelet. It comes with a thicker twisting rope-style chain in the shape of your favorite state. The artisan filled the charm with detailed, bright-cut engraving. Made from 99.9% fine silver plated over a brass base material, it also has Montana Armour protective finish to prevent tarnish. 

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11. Georgian Woven Necklace DIY Kit

georgia gifts

This craft of weaving is meticulous and meditative. It can also calm your mind by keeping your hands busy. With this well-stocked DIY kit, you’ll get an accessible introduction to this ancient art. This way, you can create a charming necklace on your own. After that, you can wear the finished product or give it to your friend as a handmade Georgia gift. 

12. Georgia Book of Honey

georgia gifts

Every honey has a story, and this “book” contains 6 jars of honey! These jars of sweet nectarine goodness will add dimension to many foods and drinks. Moreover, the ingredient is perfect for baking. Each jar in the set has equally fantastic tales, flavors, and pairings. This Georgia gift set includes tupelo, wildflower, lavender, orange blossom, black sage, and sourwood honey.

13. Hand-Painted Georgian Forest Mug

georgia gifts

Pour, sip, and breathe! Any beverages will be a lot tastier if you drink them from the stunning hand-painted mugs set. Each item will remind you of the beautiful Georgian evergreens. The cup will also bring naturalistic vibes into your kitchen. Skilled artisans adorn the cups with seasonal woodland scenes. Finally, you can choose the design that depicts a spring or summer scene with a cardinal in flight, autumn leaves, or a winter snowfall with an owl.

14. Save The Ocean Ornament Set

georgia gifts

The Georgian coast invites us to splash in its waves and wade along its shores. However, we should not discard cans, bottles, and trash on the beaches. And so, a skilled artisan crafted these majestic sea-themed accessories from unused cans! These recycled aluminum ornaments are an artful way to help clean up oceans and beaches. The cute items are very enticing and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, you get to donate $3 from each set sold to ocean cleanup initiatives!

15. Handmade Celestial Carving Necklace

georgia gifts

f your loved ones are going away from Georgia, this beautiful necklace will be a fitting present for them. This novelty necklace’s maker always adored the idea that our loved ones are like stars in the night sky. Her handmade necklace display celestial carvings on each side which frame a pair of elegant and customizable attributes, two birthstones. Choose the stone of your special someone into a wearable guiding star.

16. Raw Gallberry Honey

Raw Gallberry Honey

This gourmet honey derives from a range of floral sources native to Southeast Georgia. Raw honey has been harvested by a family in South Georgia for generations. They pride themselves in serving the sweet thick liquid 100% natural, unfiltered, and never heated. These flowers grow in Southern Georgia and become the source of the nectar. They include Gallberry, Tupelo, Blackgum, and also Palmetto flowers. Moreover, the quality sources provide the honey with a longer shelf life than average.

17. “Georgia Made” Book

Georgia Made” Book

This hardcover book tells the history of people who hauled Georgia up from its poor, agricultural roots, making it among the country’s most diversified, prosperous states in the US. The book includes Martin Luther King Jr., Jimmy Carter, and Ted Turner. Other prominent figures such as Alice Walker, Juliette Gordon Low, Hammerin’ Hank Aaron, and Vince Dooley are also there. All deserve recognition among the most influential Georgians of the 20th century.

18. Georgian City of Atlanta T-Shirt

City of Atlanta Georgia T-Shirt

Looking for a relaxed and comfy Georgia gift for your special someone? Try this t-shirt that depicts the city of Atlanta, the capital of Georgia. Your friend or family can wear it for any occasion. Bottom line, people who love Atlanta cityscape, and Georgia souvenirs in general, will be glad to get this monochrome man’s T-shirt.

19. Watercolour Skyline Home State T-Shirt

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This woman’s T-shirt will be a suitable gift for anyone born and grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. It is also perfect for those who live in Midtown Atlanta, Greenbriar, or Buckhead. Additionally, high school, college, or university students who study in the Georgia area will appreciate the item.

20. Georgia Tech Men’s Necktie

Georgian Tech Men's Necktie by Southern Proper

Your friend will look neat with this brand new Georgia tech men’s necktie! Designed distinctively with premium printing material, it is also a great Georgia gift for your special someone. The item will be a lot more meaningful for those born, grew up, or studied in the Georgia area.

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21. Wincraft Georgia Tech Pennant

georgia gifts

Style up your space with this vintage Georgia Tech pennant! Thanks to the vibrant design and vivid colors, this brand new pennant is also suitable as a Georgia gift for your loved ones! It is perfect for people whose heart belongs to a beautiful state.

22. Vintage Georgia Souvenir Plate

georgia gifts

This Georgia gift comes in a vintage souvenir plate that shows various landmarks and important buildings in the area. This plate is thick white porcelain with dark red-colored accents. In addition, there are small gilt-edges around the rim for extras style.

23. Georgian Cat Tree Condo

Georgian Cat Tree Condo

Looking for a Georgia gift for cat lovers? We provide this multi-level sturdy Cat Tree Condo as the perfect pick! This fantastic kitty den is created using high-quality material from Georgia. There are 4 different levels where your cat can climb around or sit and watch the world go by. The adorable feline can choose to chill in a roomy den or climb the square platforms in the middle. It can even jump up to the top to sleep in a cozy, snuggly bed.

24. Georgia Peach and Island Breeze Cofee

georgia gifts

These Georgia Peach and Island Breeze Flavoured Coffees were created with passion by a family-owned business 30 years ago. Brew it at home and have the perfect cup of coffee authentic to Georgia! Interestingly, the coffee beans are roasted to perfection and shipped on the same day you order to ensure freshness. You can taste the juiciness of a sweet Georgia peach in your cup. Furthermore, extra toasted coconut, toffee, and a splash of rum will bring that island breeze vibes.

25. Atlanta Laser-Engraved Home Plate

Atlanta Laser-Engraved Home Plate

Show your support for the Atlanta Braves, the best Georgian baseball team, with this one-of-a-kind wooden baseball home plate. It is officially Licensed By The MLB, so the item does have an exceptional value! Each plate is made from solid beech wood and is laser engraved with the team’s official logo and Atlanta city skyline. You can not call yourself Atlanta Brave fans if you do not own this item!

Final Thought

There are so many things to love about Georgia. Not only the famous sports teams, the places and food and definitely worth loving as well. If you are wondering about what would be the best Georgia gifts for your loved ones? First and foremost, the gift has to represent the state of Georgia in the most original ways. You can search for Georgia-made beverages or food that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

You can also buy merchandises or souvenirs that have a unique graphics or images or Georgia. And last but not least, you can always get Georgia sports teams’ souvenirs because the state has two of the biggest teams in the US, which are the Atlanta Braves and the Bulldogs.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is something you can only get in Georgia?

There are particular pieces or something special that you can only get in Georgia. You can only find merchandise from the sports team like the Atlanta Braves baseball team and Bulldogs football from the state. Furthermore, the famous local specialty includes Georgia-grown foods like Arbequina olive oil, peach fruit, and honey from Southern Georgia.

What are some special products made in Georgia?

Talented local artists from Georgia produce various handcrafted items unique to the state. For example, you can buy a custom You and Me” necklace by Benedicta Awere-Malik or “Save the Ocean Ornament Set” by Grace Moore. You can also get the hand-painted forest mug by Vicente Franco.

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