25 Unique Chandeliers to Revamp Your House Ambiance

Renovating and redecorating don’t always require major changes. To add a new and fresh touch to your space doesn’t mean that you need to make major renovations. Instead, you can add simple and unique items and see how they can transform your space and create a whole new ambiance in an instant. One of the most recommended items to consider is a chandelier. Adding a unique chandelier can make your entire space or even house look different. Therefore, we highly recommend you consider adding a piece or two chandeliers to transform the look of your space, and create a unique ambience to make it more comfortable.

There are tons of unique chandeliers out there that you may have never seen before. The best selections of unique chandeliers are exquisite to be featured in your home. To help you pick the most unique piece to revamp your house ambiance, we have selected the most unique chandeliers that bear striking designs to instantly become a focal point in the area where it resides. Besides lighting up your room, it also serves as a fantastic decoration to spice up the spot.

From contemporary styles up to minimalist ones, we have curated 25 unique chandeliers for you! Check them out and find yours below!

Unique Chandeliers for Modern and Art Deco Interior

While art deco is about geometric shapes, lavishness, grandeur, and a sense of glamorous nostalgia, modernism is embracing concrete, steel, and glass. But, it’s not rare that the two of them overlap.

So, if your interior design is one of them or both, these 12 unique chandeliers can inspire you.

1. Surpars House – Feather Crystal Chandelier

Surpars House - Feather Crystal Chandelier

A product of the Surpars House Store, this chandelier comes as another level of classic crystal. For those of you who adore crystals accessories, this is the perfect item for you. It has four pendant lights, wrapped with a snow-white feather that looks luxurious and feminine.

The diameter is 19.86 inches with a height of 59 inches, which I think pretty big for any room in your house. But don’t worry, the height is adjustable so you can fit it into your ceiling. With this elegant design, we can assure you that there’s nothing can beat the living room to showcase its beauty.

2. CRYSTOP Store – Modern Flush Mount Crystal Chandelier

CRYSTOP Store - Modern Flush Mount Crystal Chandelier

Enhance your modern interior with this modern flush mount crystal chandelier. As you probably know, a very distinct design makes your room so modern and futuristic. Also, the hanging crystal adds a luxury touch to the whole room. Based on all that, we think this is the one item to consider.

This unique chandelier from CRYSTOP can be mounted in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, and dining room. However, we recommend that you mount it in the living room since it will make a focal point that wow everyone in the room. Plus, since it also has an exquisite design. Furthermore, its warm light makes the room feels cozy for your guests and perhaps makes them stay longer.

3. Dandelion Shaped Crystal Chandelier

Dandelion Shaped Crystal Chandelier

Getting an enchanting chandelier for a warm tone in your working spot? Why not? For that purpose, we have the perfect recommendation that you need to check out. This unique chandelier from Qamra is 16-light and colored in gold, sparking a glamorous feel in the room.

The starry design gives a luxurious visual enjoyment and elevates the minimalist home interior into something more extravagant. You can customize the dim light with a dimmable bulb, and a compatible switch for easy use. In addition, we also suggest that you hang it on the ceilings near your stairs.

4. Antique Brass White Ceramic Chandelier

Unique Chandeliers

We believe that you will agree when we say that this next recommendation is very antique and gorgeous. Plus, it also has a romantic appearance, too. Therefore, if you want to add romantic vibes to your living room, you can definitely consider getting this one from Amanda Lighting.

Additionally, the combination of white and gold depicts a luxurious feel but is not overwhelming, making it a perfect piece for a modern minimalist home. If your house design is a bit of an art deco, we suggest that you add this unique chandelier to offer more texture. 

5. Sea Color Flowers and Leaves Chandelier

Unique Chandeliers

If you have that one quirky spot for your me-time, reading your favorite book, or just an escape from reality, we think that this sea-inspired chandelier might be your new companion. In our opinion, this is one of the most unique chandeliers that are able to light up your room and lift up your mood!

While having this one in your reading room, you can arrange a reading chair with a similar color tone, like a turquoise one to blend in with the cheerful, coastal theme. In addition, if you love neutral tones, then you can go for beige or ivory.

6. Maxax 4 Globe Chandelier

Unique Chandeliers

Loving an art deco interior? We think this chandelier (or some call it a pendant) can be a perfect option for decorating your kitchen. After all, being a fan or art deco design, we believe that you know that designing an art deco house is all about geometry-shaped things with a touch of luxuriousness.

This unique globe-designed chandelier with gold bulbs reflects that art deco kind of style. Nonetheless, we believe that its simple design will blend in smoothly with any home interior, but especially the minimalist one. Moreover, consider the living or dining room to feature this lamp as it bears warm light.

7. A Modern Dimmable Lotus Shaped Chandelier

Unique Chandeliers

Adjustable height, smart-enabled lighting, and a unique design with a lotus-shaped pendant. If you are a die-hard modern-look interior, then we believe there’s no way you dislike this chandelier from House of Hampton.

The glitzy looks will enhance the vibe of your favorite room. Considering its luxurious design with many sparkling crystals, it will be unfortunate not to have it in your living room. In addition, you might want to choose a Mediterranean palette, like the combination of Bakelite yellow and historic white to match the lamp.

8. Regina Andrew Design – Ofelia Chandelier

Unique Chandeliers

We have no doubt, an art deco lover would totally fall in love with this Ofelia chandelier. It is a carefully sculptured chandelier with interlocking metal rings that make this one looks unbelievably stunning!

Moreover, this features a trio of candle bulbs that highlights rustic with modern designs. Therefore, if you want a warm look for your art deco room, then you can consider taking this one home for your dining room.

9. Ceiling Chandelier Bronze Wood Gray

Unique Chandeliers

Next up we have one of the most unique chandeliers that features modern industrial taste mixes with rustic vibes that vibrate from the wood texture. This chandelier from Possini Euro Design is suitable with 60-watt candelabra base bulbs, a perfect pick for industrial-design fans.

Furthermore, the bronze and wood gray finishes freshen your room effortlessly. In fact, we personally think that it also makes it more elegant in a simple way. Bearing such a design, this chandelier will make an excellent addition to your industrial-themed home.

10. Verite Chandelier with Globe Metal Gold

Unique Chandeliers

This matte gold chandelier from Warehouse of Tiffany is made from metal, hardwired, and is perfect using a 60-watt bulb. In terms of the look, it was designed with a globe-shaped with a unique framework.

In our opinion, it would be a wise decision to consider this to add more style and a distinct look to your room. Nonetheless, we highly recommend featuring this lamp in the living room knowing its golden color and intriguing design that will capture your guests’ attention.

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11. 4-Light Contemporary Cage Chandelier

Unique Chandeliers

Calling all contemporary design lovers! We have the perfect option of a unique chandelier for you. This is a unique chandelier that you can shop at Lowe’s, and we think it is the best option for making your room more magnificent and looking extra. Also, it can be mounted, sloped, slanted, or vaulted in the ceiling.

Not only that, but this lamp is also easy to install, and has a 1-year warranty! Moreover, you can display this chandelier in your plain dining room to provide a warm tone and a luxurious feel around.

12. Eris 8-Light Contemporary Chandelier

Unique Chandeliers

Contemporary art that will make your room feel different. Like you are just renovating the entire room. This chandelier from Kichler has a very unique design, and long spiked stems diverge from a polished nickel finish. A very useful, functional piece of art!

Furthermore, you can try to mount it on in your living room’s ceiling if you wish to display one to your guests. Also, make sure that its position is in the center of the room to make it looks to stand out in the crowd.

Unique Chandeliers for Minimalist House

Chandeliers for minimalist house check! We have gathered 13 unique chandeliers that will make you 100% fall in love. Moreover, these chandeliers are distinct, hard to find, and maybe only a few people own them.

So, if you want a fresh look in your minimalist house or even room, we got you!

13. LED Moon Crystal Chandelier

LED Moon Crystal Chandelier

Who says a minimalist house can not vibrate a luxurious feel? This crystal chandelier shaped like a moon will break that stereotype. Made from top-grade K9 crystals and stainless steel, we can assure you that this unique chandelier from CXGLEAMING will not disappoint you. 

Given its pretty big size and lavish design, it will perfectly suit your living room. Especially if it features a modern minimalist interior. However, make sure this area has all-white or grey tones to make the light shines brighter.

14. Modern and Futuristic Chandelier

Modern and Futuristic Chandelier

We guess you have never seen a wave-shaped chandelier, have you? Then, make your house more unique and futuristic with this LED chandelier from Guang Shuo. We think getting this item as a new décor element is a great idea. Furthermore, they come with 10 wave-shaped light strips, are super bright, and are easy to install.

Considering its unusual, long, and crawling design on the ceiling, you better consider a wide area to install one. We recommend a family room that connects to your dining room. Hence, this lamp will illuminate the light for both spots.

15. Handmade Natural Walnut Chandelier

Unique Chandeliers

Renovating your room into a minimalist one? Don’t forget to attach a unique chandelier that perfectly matches your furniture. If you are looking for a lowkey one that still looks amazing, this chandelier made out of natural walnut from SONLINER is your best choice.

It is handmade and has unique colors that will make the room homier. Given its material, we think that it will easily match your tropical or rustic design home with no doubt. Nevertheless, you must consider a high-ceiling area to install one.

16. Unique Minimalist Pendant Chandelier

Unique Chandeliers

As you are aware, most of the chandeliers for a minimalist room don’t include crystals on it. But, that doesn’t mean a minimalist chandelier is less pretty, because just take a look at this unique design chandelier from unique lighting home!

The gold-plated metal and warm tones can bring an extravagant feel to your room. You better hang it on your dining room ceiling, especially if it has a minimalist design. In addition, mount a painting to match the lamp.

17. Simple Nordic Chandelier

Unique Chandeliers

If your new house design is more minimalist Scandinavian, then we believe without a doubt that this chandelier is definitely made for you. This Nordic chandelier is very unique and rare with its rattan pendant light. It’s a bit retro but fashionable at the same time.

Your house will feel super cozy and homey with this chandelier from Lab Piece. In addition, if you have a reading room at home, then we think it is the best one to feature in the area given its warm light. However, you can also have it in your living room to spice up the spot.

18. Acrylic Pendant Chandelier with Remote Control

Acrylic Pendant with Remote Control

To make your work-from-home experience better this year, we suggest you get this acrylic pendant with remote control. The design rhymes well with your minimalist room. Plus, it can also enhance your productivity as it can make your room look proper to meet your client.

If wooden furniture and similar color tones dominate this room, then choose a warm-white lamp. However, the white light will make a better pick for rooms that feature all-white shades to create a clean and neat sight.

19. Lotus Flower Petal Unique Chandelier

Lotus Flower Petal

Adding a flower texture to your minimalist home office room, or bedroom can freshen its look and feel of it. For that purpose, we think the unique design chandelier from Aohuada is going to be a great choice. not to mention that it can also add playfulness to the interior.

This chandelier needs 90-watt to power up, LED bulbs as its light source, and is dimmable with a remote controller. Thus, you can easily adjust the light. With such features, we think this chandelier will look awesome in your bedroom.

20. Unique Spiral Chandelier

Spiral Chandelier

Getting bored of your living room style? Change nothing, and just hang this unique spiral chandelier from SINGES. In our opinion, this is one of the most unique chandeliers that describes a true definition of a perfect chandelier for a minimalist-looking dining room.

No need to hassle anymore when having an important guest, you can just turn on the lights to make your dining table looks luxurious. Besides, you can consider one to feature in your dry kitchen with mini bar to adorn the area.

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21. Minimalist Metal Flower Chandelier

Minimalist Metal Flower

It is a simple yet elegant chandelier that we strongly suggest for you. The copper color metal flowers pendant is very unique and will make your living room look grand and magnificent. Moreover, the height is adjustable, and it needs 120V for power.

In case your home features wooden types of furniture, then we think is one of the most unique chandeliers to become the perfect complement. You can install one in your dining room, reading room, or even bedroom to create a cozy ambiance.

22. Unique Origami Chandelier

Origami Chandelier

A chandelier with an origami pendant? Well, we surely have never seen this before. But, have you seen this item somewhere? No? Then, we both agree that this origami chandelier is unique and hard to find.

You can get this brown and gray shades chandelier for decorating your bedroom or living room. But make sure you have proper wall tones to highlight its presence. We recommend either gray, wooden colors, or white as the wall paintings to make the warm light feel cozy and offer luxurious vibes.

23. Roswell Bronze Minimalist Chandelier

Roswell Bronze Minimalist

Coming from Kichler, this unique oval shaped minimalist chandelier can bring out the best of your minimalist room. The 3-light will create a unique impression. Plus, the outer finish that is made from satin etched glass formed a distinctive liner kind of design.

At first glance, we think that you might see it an item that looks more like an industrial design. Well, you’re not wrong. So, if you want to feature one in your industrialist home, you better showcase this lamp in your living room or dining room.

24. Statement Geometric Chandelier

Statement Geometric

Geometric chandelier for your dining room? Excellent! We have the perfect recommendation for you. This 9-light chandelier is unique, and it is one of those unique chandeliers that was carefully made by Brayden Studio. Purchasing this is worth the price because you get a canopy, sloped ceiling adapter, and down rod. 

Knowing it bears a simple design, we think this chandelier will make an effortless pair for your minimalist home interior. Nonetheless, you better add more lamps in each corner of your room if you want to install one in a wide area.

25. LED spiral chandelier

LED spiral

We strongly suggest you get this very unique chandelier. The spiral shape is outstanding, it is an iron finish, the height is adjustable, and more importantly, your room will feel a lot more lavish and futuristic with this.

Oh, the chandelier also has a 2 years warranty. Well, that sounds like a good deal for us! As for the best place to install this lamp, we think nothing can be better than the high ceilings on your second floor. That way, you will have the light that illuminates most of the rooms on the first floor.

Final Thoughts

Perhaps, not everyone consider unique chandeliers to feature in their houses knowing it is pretty costly. However, we can assure you that having one will elevate the space of your room to make it look more luxurious and modern.

You can consider installing one in the living room because this area is the main picture for guests to judge the interior of your home. But again, you must consider the size of the chandelier. If they are the big ones, a high ceiling is required. So, be wise about buying one because it’s not cheap!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are chandeliers?

Chandeliers are lighting fixtures that are different from traditional chandeliers and stand out for their exceptional design, materials, and/or features. They can range from modern and contemporary styles to vintage and retro designs.

What materials are chandeliers made of?

Chandeliers can be made of a variety of materials including glass, crystal, metal, wood, and more. Some unique designs feature intricate hand-blown glasswork, while others feature a combination of materials such as metal and wood.

How do you choose the right unique chandelier for your chome?

When choosing a unique chandelier for your home, consider the overall style of your décor, the size of the room and the ceiling height, and the amount of light you want to create. Also, consider the color and texture of the materials used, as well as the design and style of the chandelier itself.

What materials are chandeliers made of?

It can be made of a variety of materials including glass, crystal, metal, wood, and more. Some unique designs feature intricate hand-blown glasswork, while others feature a combination of materials such as metal and wood.

What type of chandeliers are in style now?

That depends on the design of your room or house. If yours is minimalist, modern, Japandi, or Scandinavian, the most up to date chandeliers would be minimalist ones with contemporary look pendants. But if yours is more like an art deco, modern century, or European, a unique chandelier pendant with crystals is in style now.

How do you choose a chandelier?

You can start from the color of your room. If it’s gray, deep sage green, or monochrome, then a chandelier with black metal is perfect.  If the room color is beige, or marmer walls, you can consider a simple chandelier with soft colors. 

Which is the best chandelier?

Any kind of chandelier is best  if you know how to pair it up with your room design. If you are looking for bedroom light, then a small and not too grand chandelier is best. But, for living room or dining room, you might want to have a lavish style for a more eye-catching look.

Are crystal chandeliers out of style?

Absolutely not. Crystal chandeliers have their own beauty and can elevate the room into another level of extravagance. There are tons of design selections out there, like what we have provided you above, so avoid the mediocre ones.

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