25 Unique Nightstands That Will Elevate Your Bedroom

Nightstands are an essential part of a bedroom. It doesn’t only serve the function of a decorative item, but also works as a functionable furniture. Nightstands evolve from time to time. Starting from classic nightstands with intricate details, unique nightstands, to more modern and minimalist ones. 

You may need to get a nightstand at some point of your life either when you just move to a new place or when you decide to redecorate your current living space. Below is a list of unique nightstand curated by the AWESOME STAFF to give you an idea on what nightstands to get to serve your best interest.

1. Mid-Century Old Radio Single Drawer

Remodeled from the old radio Mid-century single

This nightstand is remodeled from a mid-century old radio that is going to be perfect for you who is pursuing a retro look in your house. The drawer is painted minty turquoise and gives it a cool tone accent. It will be perfect to be placed against a warm tone wall.

2. Manta in Ocean Resin Nightstand

Ocean Table, Manta in Ocean, Nightstand

Do you want to escape and go get some vitamin sea, but too bad you have so much work on your desk and you cannot just disappear to go on a vacation? This nightstand might help you to get that exotic vacation feel while you still have to stay home for the next few months. It has a gorgeous blue ocean with great beach detailing and even black manta on the water. 

3. Ocean Inspired Resin Table

Unique ocean inspired blue colored resin side table

This blue ocean look is achieved by layers of resin being poured on top of a wooden table creating a unique ocean look. This table is handmade so you might find some imperfection on it but it is what makes the table even more unique. 

4. Farmhouse Rustic Style Nightstand

Farmhouse Rustic Style Nightstand, Antique White Nightstand with drawers

Designing a farmhouse style interior? Then you need to get an old and distressed nightstand like this one to accentuate that rustic look. This is not a faux vintage furniture you may find in the market. This is a real vintage drawer that comes from a Hungarian Castle from the 1900’s. How cool is it to own a cool looking furniture with a real history behind it? 

5. Indian Rough Wood Nightstand

Indian Wood Rough unique Coffee Table/Indian Antique

This nightstand looks very simple but also very unique at the same time. It is made out of rough wood cut and it is left that way, giving a rough finish that is perfect for industrial interior design. This nightstand speaks a lot without saying much. 

6. Modern Floating Nightstand

Modern Nightstand, Floating Nightstand

This nightstand will make you feel like you live in the future. It has a modern floating design completed with light to illuminate your bed side. Beside that, this nightstand has a smooth and shiny design too. So when you turn the light off during the day, but once you light it up, boom! It glows and showcases the inner skeleton with great design. 

7. Military Chest Army Nightstand

Unique Side table Military Chest Army Munition Kit Box

Want to relive that scene from one of your war movies? This military chest nightstand will help you to realize your desire and make you feel like your favorite character every day. The chest is fully functioning and can be used as an extra storage space. 

8. Oil Drums Nightstand

Night stand made from small oil drums

Your perspective on oil drums will be turned upside down once someone puts the effort to repaint it white and put a wooden disk on top of it. Oil drums that were supposed to look rusty and uninteresting suddenly become a modern fully functioning piece of furniture that will make the corner of your bedroom appear more unique. This nightstand is suitable for minimalism, bohemian, or industrial interiors. 

9. Side Chick Table

Side Table "Chick" by Maria Rästa

Whoever invented this nightstand must have a bitter taste of humor. This nightstand is not only unique, but also funny in a way. It has chicken feet design and as the side table, it makes the perfect side chick you can have without making your partner jealous.

10. Natural Log Nightstand

Natural log bedside table

When you’re a minimalist, but also a naturalist, this wooden log will be the best nightstand you can ever get. It is a natural wooden log with a smooth finish and is perfect for a bohemian interior design. You can see the natural wooden texture that will give your room the natural soul it needs. 

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11. Modern Mirrored Nightstand 

Modern Mirrored Nightstand

This nightstand is perfect for every extra soul out there who likes everything to be extra shiny and over the top. This nightstand is made out of mirrored glass that will catch and reflect the light beautifully and make it shine and sparkle. Sure you need to take extra care to keep it clean all the time, but the elegant style it’s worth the elegant style it gives to your room. 

12. Dark Burl 2 Drawer Nightstand

Dark Burl 2 Drawer Nightstand

This nightstand is also perfect for another extra queen who wants to live that medieval era and feel like a queen. It has a bomb shaped body that scream elegance. The marble top makes the nightstand look luxurious. Even though it has an old vintage look, this nightstand is actually completed with two USB ports for your electronics charging convenience.

13. Wood and Metal Nightstand 

Wood and Metal Nightstand

This nightstand comes with a rustic brown wood and heavy duty metal feet that can be adjusted. It serves both looks and functionality because it has reliable storage spaces. This is the nightstand to get when you have a rustic or industrial interior home design. 

14. Unique Anti-Bowing Drawer

Unique Anti-Bowing Drawer

This nightstand is pretty simple and doesn’t take up too much space in the room. However, it has plenty of storage with its easy to slide drawer and shelves. It has a unique wooden cut body that will add a touch of uniqueness to your bedside. 

15. G-Shaped Acrylic Table

Acrylic End Table - G-Shaped End Tables for Living Room

This is a clear acrylic table with a curved design that looks very unique, modern, and futuristic. The clear finish makes it suitable for any room and will match other furniture colors perfectly. Even when the look makes it seem fragile, this nightstand is actually very durable. It has a weigh-holding capacity up to 6 pounds and shatter proof so you can use it as a functional bedside table with no worry.

16. Terrarium Display Nightstand

Round Terrarium Display End Table with Reinforced Glass

This terrarium nightstand is so cute and will brighten up any bedroom. It has a round glass terrarium display that will add a natural element to your room. It is supported by a metal frame making it not only a cute decorative item, but also a reliable high functioning table. 

17. Stacked Vintage Book Nightstand

Design Toscano Stacked Book Volumes Vintage

If you don’t have any idea on what to gift a book lover, then you can add this stacked vintage book table on your list. Any book lover will scream in joy to get this as a gift. The stacked book design makes a great decoration while supporting the round glass disc on top of it. This nightstand is also pretty and elegant and kinda gives the Beauty and the Beast vibe. 

18. Christopher Knight Nightstand

Christopher Knight Home

Some people love to get minimalist but funky furniture in their house. If you are one of them, then this nightstand can be the perfect option to choose. It is a simple block of black concrete but has a unique twist design making it appear modern and futuristic. It will serve the look well in a modern and minimalist room. 

19. Reclaimed Wood Nightstand

WELLAND Side Table Reclaimed Wood

This nightstand is very special because it is made out of recycled boat wood. Somebody decided to reclaimed old wood from boats and created a unique piece of art that actually functions as a nightstand. It has a retro style but can go with almost every interior design. 

20. Metal Safe-Like Nightstand

Metal Safe-Like Nightstand

This nightstand has a unique retro safe-like design that will be perfect for an industrial interior design. This cabinet has a futuristic retro look with its metal material and brush finish. It also has plenty of storage space you can use to store your stuff. 

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21. Industrial Cabinet Drawer Nightstand

Industrial Cabinet Drawer Nightstand

Another perfect and unique nightstand for an industrial home design. This nightstand has a side to side drawer and a spacious surface for you to put your drinks, books, phone,and decorations. This nightstand has nice details and is made out of high quality material that will last for a long time. 

22. Unique Raw Wood Nightstand

Unique Raw Wood Nightstand

Isn’t this nightstand so cute? It is made out of a chunk of wood that is carefully sanded and polished to leave a smooth finish. When you get this kind of table, you can expect that you’re the only one who has it. Because it comes out of natural resources, it is impossible to find the same shape. So this is a rare, one and only nightstand worth collecting

23. RGB LED Light Bedside Table

RGB LED Light Bedside Table

This nightstand has a simple and modern design that serves functionality and practicality. The LED light adds a touch of modernity to it and will light up your room. The RGB LED light comes with a 24 keys remote control so you can adjust it however you like. It also offers 4 auto transform modes that will warm up your space. 

24. Retro Cabinet Unit Factory

Retro Cabinet Unit Factory

The design of these nightstand alone is very unique with a black metal retro style. It will suit industrial, vintage, or rustic interior design well. Most importantly, it is sturdy and compact and has plenty of storage spaces. 

25. Corona Magazine Drawer

Corona Magazine Drawer

It is hard not to pay attention to this nightstand when it’s in the room. The design of this nightstand is very unique but it ensures practicality at the same time. You can put your favorite magazines or books on its side. The drawer part also has a large storage room to keep your belongings. The top part also rett spacious. You can put several decoration items on top of it. 

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Why is It Called a Nightstand?

It is called a nightstand because it is usually placed on the bedsides and people often use it to put all of the essentials they need during the night or all of the things they need first thing in the morning. Even though it is also called with different names such as bedside tables and even day stands, people use the most of it during the night, hence the nightstand is the most common name it is called. 

What do People Usually Put in Nightstands?

People usually put all of the essentials they might need during the night or right in the morning such as water, glasses, books they read, magazines, clock, phones, etc. In the drawers, they may put on some of their personal belongings such as jewelry boxes. Some people also utilize the top part of the table to put on some decorations such as figurines and flowers. 

Are Nightstands Out of Style?

No. Nightstands are still pretty much in style up until today and will continue on trends for the next years to come. Nightstands will probably never go out of style no matter what kind of nightstand you use. There are trends on nightstands that come and go, but in general, nightstands are still very convenient and will never go out of style.

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