25 Charming TikTok Room Ideas Which Match The Hype   

Nowadays, TikTok has become a great place for  people to find some insights in a fun way. Not only for dancing and funny videos, this platform offers plenty of TikTok room ideas for people who love home decoration. Many popular trends have now evolved as a result of the app being used by people all around the world to gain decorating ideas. For instance, LED color-changing lights are without a doubt the most well-liked bedroom fad which match the hype on TikTok. Moreover, galaxy projectors are quite popular among TikTok users, just like LED strip lights are. Finally, TikTok room ideas always create a fantastic effect in your bedroom which is worth trying.

Having a TikTok home decor may seem complicated at first if you aren’t familiar with the items. But this article will help you for more TikTok room ideas to create an adventurous and fun environment for your bedroom.

From stunning TikTok lights and TikTok bedroom set decor ideas to TikTok room aesthetic decor for your bedroom, you will find the best decor ideas on this page. Let’s check this out!

What Is A TikTok Room?

TikTok room is an aesthetic room style you can find on the app. TikTok users who made room decoration content in the app are the pioneers of this trend. The most popular TikTok rooms usually play with light effects, making a charming and wonderful visual for the whole room.

Are TikTok Lights Still Popular?

Yes, they are very popular! As the app becomes more viral, many people want to decorate their rooms with TikTok lights. LED strip lights and galaxy night lights are the most popular TikTok lights. If you need more inspiration to decorate your room with TikTok lights, please read the article above.

BEST TikTok Room Ideas

1. TikTok Room Aesthetic with Galaxy Projector

Source: Pinterest (@Jennifer Costa)

Do you want to make your TikTok room aesthetic in easy way? The Galaxy projector is one of the best TikTok room ideas you should try!  It has various lights that will color your bedroom ceiling.

They come in a variety of colors and transform your room into a galaxy, giving the impression that you are in space. You may add some LED strip lights in the corner walls of your room with a lighter color for extra glow. 

2. Aesthetic Picture Collage Wall Decor

Source: Pinterest (@Clarahacoffey)

TikTok users always have great wall decor for their TikTok home decor. So, you can customize aesthetic picture collage wallpaper to adorn one side of your bedroom.  These photos can be from your aesthetic photo collections or simply vintage photos to bring a retro vibe to your TikTok room decor ideas.

Don’t forget to combine it with a galaxy night light projector to create a warm and pure atmosphere. Consider offering warm white fairy lights near the picture frame so that this corner isn’t too dark.

3. Vines TikTok Home Decor

Source: Pinterest (@hailee)

For those TikTok users who love to put greenery inside their rooms, this idea will be a great choice. Instead of placing too much wall art that will harm the wall, you can hang some vines for Tiktok home decor. It gives a natural and refreshing look to your TikTok bedroom.

In addition, you can put some LED strip lights to add a whimsical color around the room, making the TikTok room aesthetic. And remember about a hanging picture frame to mount against the vines for an even more appealing room.

4. Bolt Neon Light Decor

Source: Pinterest (@vsco.co)

In case you want to make a focal point in your TikTok bedroom, then you need a neon light sign that will gorgeously glow in the dark. The bolt light sign can be a great decor for TikTok room ideas as its luminaries beautifully glow in the dark place.

You can place it along with some vines wall decor, giving an attractive spot in your TikTok bedroom.  If your room features pinkish lights, consider purchasing the blue bolts to create an attractive contrast.

5. Summer Vibes Wallpaper Decor

Source: Pinterest (@wattpad.com)

Greenery will be a great TikTok home decor to give an outdoor feel, but the beach photo wallpaper will enhance the Summer vibes in your TikTok room. Make your room radiate the outdoor atmosphere with beach photo wallpaper for TikTok room ideas.

Decorate the beach wallpaper side with vines to add more nature and outdoor environment. You can hang them on your ceilings or simply on the top end of the wallpaper. In case you have a window near your bed, put on some potted tropical plants, succulents, or cacti to elevate the theme.

6. Bohemian Fantasy Room Decor

Source: Pinterest (@mara ♡)

Have you ever dreamt of living in a fantasy fairy world? Now you can make it come true with bohemian fantasy TikTok room ideas. Inspired by the world of fairies and the aesthetic bohemian style, you need the right TikTok bedroom set.

Choose the bohemian style for bed sheets and wall decor. Moreover, add fairy lights with vines and some floating mushroom decor on the ceiling. Well, it may look too crowded, but for TikTok content, this one will absolutely steal the spot!

7. Stars and Galaxy Light Projector Room Decor

Feel the amazing vibe of sleeping under the stars and galaxies around with this idea. You will definitely need some TikTok lights to create this atmosphere. First, you should place LED strip lights and fairy lights around the border of the wall and ceiling.

After that, you need to combine a galaxy light projector and stars light projector to turn the whole room into a calming mood. You can also hang picture frames on the walls and play relaxing music that will make you relax while creating TikTok content.

8. Broke and Famous Neon Light Sign Decor

Source: Pinterest (@vsco.app.link)

When it comes to an inspiring quote that resembles TikTok users well, this TikTok home decor will be the perfect answer. Place the “Broke & Famous” neon sign for the wall decor to embrace the reality that TikTok users will sacrifice everything to be on the “for your page”.

Match this adorable light sign with cute TikTok bedroom sets, such as fluffy blankets and pillows. Stick some of your favorite idol posters on the wall to make the set more lively.

9. String Light Decor For Bedroom Canopy

Source: Instagram (@house_by_the_seaside)

The TikTok room is famous for its lights! If you are going to put a curtain to cover your bedroom canopy frame, then you need to re-think it. Why don’t you put some string lights as the curtain instead?

It will be one of the most brilliant TikTok room ideas to make your bedroom look stunning. You can place your bedroom canopy in the corner, and put some lights on the sides of the attached walls. It makes a fantastic design for those who don’t like crowded rooms.

10. TikTok Pink Room

Source: Pinterest (@harppost.com)

Calling pink lovers for adorable TikTok pink room ideas! This is a great idea if you are bored with TikTok galaxy project lights and want to make a cute bedroom feel. Inspired by pink pastel tones, you need the customized TikTok bedroom set for this idea.

Choose pink pastel tones for your pillowcase and blankets. You may add fairy lights around the bed to give a TikTok room feel comfy. Also, hang a dream catcher near the curtain to adorn the empty area.

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11. Round Swinging Chair With Ball String Lights

Source: Instagram (@mybedroom)

Create a special spot in your room for your perfect sanctuary. This swinging chair is a great TikTok home decor that will make any TikTok room aesthetic. You can put some pillows or dolls inside the chair for extra comfort.

To make this spot a focal point, decorate the edge of this chair with mini ball string lights. It is definitely one of the most stunning TikTok room ideas you should try.

12. Small Tent For Mini Bedroom

Source: Instagram (@mybedroom)

Find your personal space with this teepee tent inside your room. If you are bored of sleeping in the regular bedroom, many TikTok room ideas also suggest building your small but comfortable tent indoors.

To make it more special, put some TikTok lights with various shapes inside the tent, which will appear cool from the outside. Inside the tent, you can put a mattress and some adorable pillows to make yourself feel at home while hanging around to shoot your TikTok videos.

13. Aesthetic All White Curtain with Lights

Source: Instagram (@solnet-sy.com)

Feel the magical vibe in the all-white bedroom with some decorative lights! The idea is to place some fairy lights behind the bedroom canopy curtain to enhance the glowing effect in the room. You can choose all-white colors for the bedroom theme, making a warm and comfortable atmosphere once combined with lights.

Install transparent curtains around your bed so that the light from the fairy lights can penetrate your sleeping area. This is a wonderful way to create an aesthetic feel in your TikTok room.

14. Moon and Cloud Bedroom Decor

Source: Instagram (@mybedroom)

Create an adorable sky scene with some clouds and a moon for your TikTok room ideas. Moon lovers or sky enthusiasts will surely love this idea. You need cloud decor on your ceiling for a realistic cloud appearance. You can make it yourself by using cotton or cotton sticks with glue to the cloud-shaped frame.

Decorate the wall with moon phase decor and some vines. Finally, you turn on the iconic galaxy night light on one side and the tabletop night light on the other side to create an amazing view.

15. Adorable String Lights and Vines Wall Decor

Source: Instagram (@mybedroom)

If you want to make the whole white wall glow beautifully in your TikTok room, the vine lights decor will be a simple solution. You can combine the vines with fairy lights to decorate the whole wall, creating a magical and fantasy vibe in your room.

Match this concept with white and pink bed sheets to highlight a clean and neat theme. Also, hang some macrame on the wall to match the vibes. This concept will make your bedroom look sleek during the day while looking charming at night.

16. Purple Galaxy Fantasy TikTok Bedroom

Source: Instagram (@mybedroom)

Make your TikTok bedroom look gorgeous in a purple atmosphere with this concept. Inspired by the fantasy world in the galaxy, you need purple night light and a star light projector to match the environment.

Place the luminosity moon lamp for the highlight of the Tiktok room ideas. We also recommend setting your TV next to your cabinet full of figurines collection to vividly spark the fantasy vibes around you. If you have a LED screen in your room, you can set the background with the image of the galaxy.

17. Artistic Jungle Style Bedroom Decor

Source: Instagram (@mybedroom)

Rustic style is also one of the best TikTok room ideas you can try. Inspired by life in the jungle, you can choose the loft bed frame with a tent-shaped headboard. Decorate the whole room with plants and vines to enhance the jungle feel.

You can match the blanket tones with the greenery in the room or the wood instead. So you better choose brown, tan, or green for the blanket. Don’t forget to add more rustic elements, such as the woven basket wall decor and lamps, to match the forest theme.

18. Mandala Tapestry Ceiling Decor

Source: Instagram (@mybedroom)

Decorate your ceiling with Mandala tapestry in case you are bored watching the galaxy view. This is one of the smartest TikTok room ideas for those who want to feel calm and peaceful in their bedroom. In fact, Mandala is a great symbol for a spiritual journey, making your inner core feel calmer.

In addition, you can put some fairy string lights for some decoration. Hang classic vinyl on your walls behind the bed to adorn the empty space. And if you are someone who cherishes memorable moments with your loved ones, consider hanging picture boards.

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19. In The Clouds Bedroom

Source: Pinterest (@blog.jennasuedesign.com)

Outdoor bedroom style is also one of the most attractive TikTok room ideas for those who love nature. Customize the loft bed frame with rope to make a floating bedroom, giving a feeling of sleeping in the clouds.

Decorate the rope with artificial vines to give a natural outdoor look to your bedroom, as if you are up in heaven. You can place a white cloud rug under the bed to make a realistic floating bed in the cloud atmosphere. Paint the wall with gradations of sky blue and white so that the interior design of your room feels above the clouds.

20. Twinkle Light Ceiling Decor

Source: Instagram (@mybedroom)

Ceiling decoration is always an interesting option for TikTok room ideas you should try. Placing twinkle lights for the whole ceiling area may take a lot of effort, but it will give a cool effect to the room.

Pair this decoration with the large pinky promise wall poster and “Love” neon lights. For the bedsheets, you can choose rainbow pastel colors to add more colors to your bedroom. Stick your favorite stickers on the walls if you want to decorate the void space.

21. One Color-toned Bedroom

One Color-toned Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@twitter.com)

For a Tiktok-er who loves turquoise so much and dreams of having a room that highlights turquoise as the main color theme, this one’s for you. This bedroom decor highlights a minimalist design with less use of too many elements of decoration. The bed sheet and curtain come in white, and some pot plants are set next to the bed.

Meanwhile, the turquoise theme comes from the lighting applied in the room. You can place the lighting elements on the bottom of the wall to create stunning light effects all around the bedroom area.

22. Girly Bedroom Style in Soft Pink

Girly Bedroom Style in Soft Pink
Source: Pinterest (@instagram.com)

You probably know that this Tiktok room idea is the perfect recommendation for girls the moment you see it. This room has everything in all shades of pink, starting from the bed, bed sheet, blanket, wall, curtain, and even pillows and cushions.

One thing we admire the most about this room decor is the lighting element set above the bed. It will create a pleasant and adorable backdrop for Tiktok content-making process, which will attract attention from those who view the video. You can consider white fairy lights wrapped in a transparent curtain to create a sparkling sight in this room.

23. Purple Colored Bedroom

Purple Colored Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@pinterest.ca)

This bedroom decor is something that will be loved by those who love to cherish memories with loved ones through photographs. This is one of the most recommended Tiktok room ideas that features a special wall to become a photo gallery full of memories in pictures.

You can place any pictures you like, especially those that capture the most beautiful moments in your life. You can then add some lighting elements and place them around your photo collection of yours. 

24. Vintage Inspired Bedroom

Vintage Inspired Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@sheholdsdearly.com)

There’s no better place to rest, relax and comfortably enjoy your spare time other than inside your own bedroom. For us, there is one word to describe this picture, and it is homey. Yes, this bedroom decor looks very homey, cozy, and comfy. It’s like a place where you can spend hours inside, including creating a new Tiktok video, of course.

This room features vintage-inspired macrame decor that will be a perfect backdrop for any video you make. It has a little boho style with earth-tone colors and nature-related decor items. Consider choosing items with a combination of brown and white tones to match the vibes.

Photo Gallery with Lights Room Decor
Source: Pinterest (@homebnc.com)

This next one comes as an idea for you to hang your photos with your BFFs, family, and friends. It offers a decor idea that includes more than just a gallery to place your photos on the wall; it also includes some lighting that brings out a simple yet stunning lighting effect.

Once you have all your pictures on the wall, you can use them as the main objects in your video background. Consider having all-white items with various textures for the pillows and bed sheets. We recommend wrapping one of your pillows in a knitted sheet and adding a fluffy blanket to create a neat and clean setting.

Final Thought

If you are a TikTok user or even a content creator on this platform, you definitely want your room to be an aesthetic area. Thus, you don’t need to look for a coworking space to shoot your videos but use your room instead. In this case, we have compiled some of the most amazing TikTok room ideas for you to discover.

If you like colorful rooms, you can be more playful with decorations, lights, and picture boards. On the other hand, those who prefer clean interior design may love rooms that are dominated by warm tones, like white or brown. Choose your fight!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What do you need for a TikTok room?

Since TikTok rooms often play with night lights, then, of course, you need some LED lights. Rustic and bohemian style is also popular for TikTo rooms, so you can put some decorative items to match with these styles. Moreover, TikTok rooms usually bring an outdoor feel inside the room with greenery or flowers.

How can you decorate your TikTok room?

The simple way to decorate your TikTok room is by projecting the galaxy night light on the ceiling. It will turn the whole room mood into a TikTok room. Moreover, you can put some TikTok home decor which is usually aesthetic and adorable. If you need more TikTok room ideas, you can read the article above.

How do you make TikTok space?

To create a TikTok spot, you need an aesthetic background with proper TikTok lights. You can customize the background with aesthetic photo collages, greenery, or even flower murals. Don’t forget to put ring lights in front of the background, so your Tiktok video will look clear. 

What are the TikTok room lights?

TikTok room lights are usually recognized as LED strip lights. These lights are very versatile as you can stick them on the wall, door, and even ceilings. Then, you can adjust the hue, the pace, or even a cool fade with several shades using a remote.

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