26 Innovative Sukuna Cosplay Ideas to Bringing Him to Life!

Ryomen Sukuna is the coolest antagonist in the Jujutsu Kaisen series, we have no doubt. Aside from having an amazing power and ability, he also has an amazing appearance, which is basically the enhanced look of Yuji Itadori.

sukuna cosplay
Sukuna Cosplay Ideas

Fans of Jujutsu Kaisen, and fans of Sukuna in particular, need to cosplay as him at least once in their life. Below we have a collection of the most amazing Sukuna cosplay ideas that will surely inspire fans who want to cosplay as the amazing Ryumen Sukuna.

Sukuna Cosplay for Men

First let’s start with a list of the most amazing Sukuna cosplay ideas for men. From sexy topless Sukuna costumes to the classic look with a kimono, we have them all below.

So, scroll down and get ready to be inspired. 

1. Shirtless Sukuna

Source: Facebook (@Miccostumes)

If you have sexy abs, then here we have the most suitable Sukuna cosplay idea for you. This costume only includes a white kimono to be worn topless.

Aside from showing your sexy abs, this costume is a great option to display Sukuna tattoos as well. Also, coloring your hair pink will also be a great final touch to the look.

2. Partly Shirtless Kimono

Source: Instagram (@yuucosplay1)

If you plan on having Sukuna cosplay photo shoots, then this next idea deserves your consideration.

It comes with a white kimono plus the iconic tattoos, and make sure you don’t forget to add the iconic face tattoos, too. Then, dye the top of your hair pink, and you’re all set!

3. Crazy Sukuna Makeup

Source: Instagram (@zee.cosplay)

Sukuna’s evil-isn face expression is definitely something that we love about him. It’s a love and hate kind of thing that comes as a cool cosplay inspiration.

Have crazy Sukuna makeup that includes the fangs and tattoos. For better results, get a professional makeup artist to do the work for you. 

4. Sukuna in Black Trousers

Source: Pinterest (@Skim The kid)

Yuji a.k.a Sukuna is just a school boy who happens to possess Sukuna, since he ate one of Sukuna’s fingers.

So, you surely see Sukuna in a school uniform, and one of the elements of the uniform is a pair of black trousers. Just wear black trousers and pair them with a gray belt. And oh, no shirt is needed for this one.

5. Sukuna in School Uniform

Source: Pinterest (@𝑺𝒕𝒂𝒓 🦋)

One of our favorite Sukuna cosplay ideas, definitely!

This is a costume that comes as a Jujutsu Kaisen Sukuna outfit. It features a complete set of Yuji’s school uniform but has the elements that we only see when Sukuna is in charge of him. It includes the blue uniform set plus the red hoodie, and temporary Sukuna tattoos, too. 

6. White Kimono

Source: Pinterest

White kimono is also one of Sukuna’s most popular outfits in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. We recommend that you consider cosplaying Sukuna in his white kimono because you will look super cool in it.

To add to the look, have your nails painted black using a black nail polish, have the iconic tattoos, and dye your hair pink.

7. Black Suit and Glasses

Source: Pinterest

Look smart as Ryumen Sukuna by wearing all black from head to toe, just like the one you see in the pic. It includes a black shirt, black vest, black trousers, as well as black nails.

Then, have the iconic Sukuna tattoos on your face, and for a final touch, wear a pair of glasses to add a smart look to your overall cosplay performance.

8. Pink Hair Don’t Care

Source: Pinterest (@♕𝒓𝒖𝒓𝒖-𝒄𝒉𝒂𝒏♕)

While you might think that you only need to dye a small part of your hair pink, why not make it eye-catching by dyeing most parts of your hair instead? Yes, you can do that in the cosplay universe.

Even better, we recommend you to do it. Once you’re done with the hair, wear a costume of Yuji’s school uniform with the red hoodie. 

9. Authentic White Kimono

Source: Pinterest (@rosee)

Be a true Japanese version of Sukuna by wearing the black and white kimono like a true Japanese cosplayer.

To do that, get a kimono set and make sure you include the Japanese sandals, too. Then, complete the look by having all Sukuna tattoos and dye your hair pink. 

10. White and Blue Kimono

Source: Pinterest

Let’s take a look at this next Sukuna cosplay idea that features a white and blue kimono. We think you will look calm and mysterious, as if you are thinking about the strategies on how to beat curses and enemies.

Then, complete the look by dyeing your hair orange or red instead of pink, and have the tattoos on your face to complete your look.

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11. Gamer Sukuna

Source: Deviantart (@iShinobiStudios)

Sukuna is powerful, evil, and cool, we know all about that already. But how about Sukuna who loves to play games?

You can cosplay as a gamer Sukuna by recreating this sporty and cool cosplay idea. It comes with a pair of red leather boots, black knee-length trousers, and last but not least, the tattoos all over your body.

12. Black Pants and Hair

Source: Pinterest (@Jeffvivas)

Simple and sleek. We think those are the perfect two words to describe this next Sukuna cosplay idea. It features a pair of black trousers, black tattoos on your body, arms and face, and black hair.

If your hair is black by default, you can just do it as they are. We have no doubt, you will look sleek and clean at the next cosplay convention.

Sukuna Cosplay for Women

Female fans of Jujutsu Kaisen, especially Ryomen Sukuna, would love to cosplay as a female version of Sukuna for sure. With such an iconic appearance, there are many creative ways to make sure you look stunning as a female Sukuna.

Check out below, since we have some of the most recommended Sukuna cosplay ideas for women.

1. Sexy Sukuna in Black Bikini Top

Source: Pinterest (@imgur)

Let’s bring sexy back by wearing a sexy female Sukuna costume that includes a black strapless bra and a white kimono as a skirt.

Then, have all the iconic Sukuna tattoos all over your body and face, and complete your look by wearing a long pink hair wig. You will be the sexiest Sukuna ever!

2. Innocent Sukuna Cosplay

Source: Pinterest

While we know how evil Sukuna can be, if you see this pic, you will realize that Sukuna can look so innocent with a white tube top and white kimono.

Then, instead of having temporary tattoos on your body and face, you can use black stickers instead, and as a final touch, wear a bright pink hair wig to be paired with a natural makeup look.

3. White Kimono and Black Tube Top

Source: Pinterest (@Valentina)

If Ryomen Sukuna is a girl, we believe that she will look like this girl in the pic. She is gorgeous and can also be deceiving because she might fool others, letting them think that she is kind and sweet.

You can recreate this look by wearing a black tube top and pair it with a white kimono. Then, dye your long hair pink and leave them as they are to look natural. 

4. Messy Hair and Cool Makeup

Source: Pinterest (@Fernanda Silva)

Female cosplayers who love to focus on makeup and hairstyle might be interested in this next female Sukuna cosplay idea.

This is a cosplay that focuses on makeup and authentic hairstyle to make you look amazing as Sukuna. Draw the tattoos in your face and the arms and chest, too, and wear a black tank top with black trousers to complete your look.

5. DIY Sukuna Cosplay Idea

DIY Sukuna Cosplay Idea
Source: Pinterest (@lustylucci)

A DIY Sukuna cosplay idea? Why not! This is a good inspiration for those of you who want to have a DIY Sukuna costume. Get a simple white kimono and wear a black obi or belt to complete the look.

Then, have the iconic tattoos on your wrists, arms and face, and style your hair short and black, and basically you are done and ready to rock the cosplay event.

6. Topless Style Sukuna Costume

Topless Style Sukuna Costume
Source: Facebook (@Cosplay Sky)

Although you cosplay as a female Sukuna, you can still have the abs too, you know? Take a look at this next Sukuna cosplay idea to prove that.

This costume comes with a black and white kimono plus the fake abs as the inner. Then, grab a long pink hair wig and follow by drawing Sukuna tattoos on your face. Gorgeous!

7. Hot and Sexy Sukuna

Hot and Sexy Sukuna
Source: Facebook (@Cosplay Sky)

When you have decided that you will become a female version of Sukuna, make sure you cosplay as a hot and sexy Sukuna.

Wear a pair of sexy strapless bikini tops with a white kimono as your skirt, and have temporary Sukuna tattoos on your body and face. Then, style your hair and dye them pink to complete the look.

8. Female Sukuna in Black Baggy Pants

Female Sukuna in Black Baggy Pants
Source: Facebook (@Danielle Vedovelli)

A pair of blue baggy pants is all you need to recreate this next female Sukuna look. Well, actually you also need to complete the pants with a pair of red leather boots, a long pink hair wig, a black tank top, and not but not least, the coll Sukuna tattoos, too! 

9. Lady Rocker Sukuna

Lady Rocker Sukuna
Source: Pinterest (@berkan)

If you are a fan of Sukuna and Avril Lavigne, you need to check out this next Sukuna cosplay idea. This costume features a sexy black top, a black mini skirt, black Japanese-style stockings, black nails, and also pink hair. You will look like a rockstar Sukuna in no time. 

10. Pink Curly Hair

Pink Curly Hair
Source: Instagram (@lysalanamtg)

A loose white kimono is one thing that you need to recreate this look, aside from the pink curly hair. Then. make sure you wear a blue scarf around your neck and have the iconic Sukuna tattoos in your face, too. 

11. White Patterned Kimono

White Patterned Kimono
Source: X (@LeiraCosplays)

If you think a white kimono is boring, then you can explore your creativity by wearing a patterned kimono instead. Pair it with a curly pink hair wig and have the temporary tattoos on your wrists, shoulders, chest and face. 

12. Purple Dyed Hair

Purple Dyed Hair
Source: Instagram (@mechicosplay)

If you are not a ‘pink’ kind of person, then instead of having your hair dyed pink, try purple. You will look less ‘pink’ but still look stunning as a female Sukuna. Put on a bold makeup with Sukuna face tattoos, and wear a black tank top on top to finish it off.

13. Sweet and Sexy in Red Tube Top

Sweet and Sexy in Red Tube Top
Source: Instagram (@edelinevy)

Sweet sexy Sukuna will surely turn all heads at the next cosplay convention. If you aim for that, then you have to consider this look and recreate the sweet and sexy look.

Wear a red strapless top and dye your hair dusty pink to be paired with an innocent makeup look. You can also wear a pair of long black-patterned gloves to add a dramatic touch to the look.

1. Naughty Sukuna Cosplay

Naughty Sukuna Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@Jenna)

Since we’re talking about a cosplay world, we have to say that yes, you can look naughty as a female version of Sukuna.

You need to wear a costume to feature sexy elements such as a tiny black tube top, a pair of white leather pants, and an extra long pink hair plus Sukuna tattoos all over your body and face. 

Final Thoughts

Ryumen Sukuna is one of the most famous anime characters we know, so no wonder why many cosplayers think that they need to cosplay as Sukuna at least once in their life. If you are one of them, perhaps it is now the time for you to cosplay as Sukuna.

Get inspiration from our list of the coolest and most recommended Sukuna cosplay ideas, for men and women. 

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

In the original appearance, Sukuna is described as a demon with four arms and two faces. But as Yuji Itadori, Sukuna has pink spiked hair that is slightly pushed upfront with tattoos on his forehead, nose, cheeks, upper body and abdomen. 

What are the most important elements to include while cosplaying Sukuna?

The must-have elements to wear when cosplaying as Sukuna include the pink hair and the tattoos on your face, upper body, wrists and shoulders. 

Are there different versions of Sukuna’s outfits from Jujutsu Kaisen?

Yes, since Yuji is the host, Sukuna is seen wearing Yuji’s school uniform that includes a dark blue outfit with a red hoodie. Sukuna was also seen with his white and black kimono paired with a dark-colored obi and pink hair.

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