25 Vasectomy Gifts To Celebrate The Big Snip

A vasectomy can be the most romantic gift a spouse can get. In the hetero relationship, most women have to carry the responsibilty of contraception. There are some options for men as well but the majority of contraception are aimed for women. 

However, it doesn’t mean that men cannot take part in the birth control and contraception responsibilities. There are some options and vasectomy is one of them. Vasectomy can be terrifying for some people and that is why it can be considered as the most romantic gift a man can give. 

Now, since the idea of getting the big snip can be scary, you may want to encourage your spouse by getting them some vasectomy gifts. Don’t worry if you don’t have any idea yet on what to get. Here, we provide you with a curated list of the most impressive vasectomy gifts you can get. 

1. Funny Vasectomy Shirt

Funny Vasectomy Shirt

Some people think that once they get a vasectomy, they won’t produce any juice anymore. Actually, they still are. Only the juice is no longer fertile, which means they won’t get their spouse pregnant. This t-shirt is an appropriate vasectomy to give once they’ve passed the procedure. It means that they can still experience all of the fun without worrying about future kids. 

2. Retired Baby Maker Boxer

Retired Baby Maker Boxer

Sexual organs are in fact, baby maker. And once it gets a vasectomy, this function disappears or we can call it retired. This boxer is not only comfortable for everyday wear but also funny and can be an inner joke between the couple. It can make a great vasectomy gift to cheer up your man. 

3. Vasectomy Cake Topper

Vasectomy Cake Topper

Surprising your spouse with some sweet treats? Why not? It does feel nice to have a treat after going through a terrifying procedure. But, if you want to make it special, you can top the cakes with these funny vasectomy cake toppers. You can purchase these funny printables and print them yourself using your home printer and arrange them on top of the cakes however you want. 

4. Vasectomies Prevent Abortion Shirt

Vasectomies Prevent Abortion Shirt

Most of the abortion cases are caused by intentional pregnancy. While some people may disagree with abortions, we cannot ignore the fact that some people cannot afford another children due to various reasons including health and finances. Hence, a vasectomy can be an option to prevent abortion and this t-shirt says it loud enough making it a great vasectomy gift. 

5. Vasectomy Tumbler 

Vasectomy Tumbler

This tumbler says the truth literally and figuratively. In fact, it does take balls to do a vasectomy. This can be a great vasectomy gift and people with a great sense of humor can pick up the joke instantly. On top of that, this tumbler is actually functional and can be used in everyday life. 

6. Vasectomy Wooden Cake Topper

Vasectomy Wooden Cake Topper

Looking for another funny vasectomy cake idea? Then you need to try this cake topper. This snip snip hooray cake topper comes in a scissor design making it the perfect gag for a surprise little get-together the night of or the day after that intense surgery. It is made out of birch plywood and you can save it to remember the memorable moment forever. 

7. PAINCAKES The Cold Pack


Aside from a real vasectomy cake, you can also get them these useful paincakes. It is a revolutionary cold therapy device that can help the recovery process feel a little bit less painful. It sticks and stays without straps or tape for targeted relief from pain, soreness, and inflammation. Reducing the pain to make the recovery process more bearable can be a great vasectomy gift idea. 

8. Cool Sperm Socks

Cool Sperm Socks

These funny socks also can be a great gift idea for husbands who just went through the procedure. The sperm design does not only make it relatable, but also makes a fun pair to wear. They can wear it comfortably during their recovery and it will bring some smile to their face. They can even wear them as a fashion statement once they are fully recovered. 

9. Undeez Vasectomy Underwear

Undeez Vasectomy Underwear

A vasectomy care package can be the first thing to consider when you are looking for some vasectomy gift ideas.This underwear for instance, is a great option to pick. It is comfortable enough and won’t hurt the freshly operated wound further. It comes with two custom fit ice packs for pain relief. It is silky smooth and provides extra support and teh easy-to-access pocket providing comfortable pain relief. 

10. Vasectomy Party Decorations Balloons

Vasectomy Party Decorations Balloons

Whether you welcome them home or want to surprise them in the hospital, these balloons will certainly bring some smile to their face. It comes in various vasectomy-related designs, making them a fun addition to congratulate the now retired baby maker. The balloons make a great photo background and can be great vasectomy gifts for people who just went through the surgery. 

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11. Care Ice Bag

Care Ice Bag

The recovery process after the surgery can take some time. That’s why it is important to provide a care package ready at home. This ice bag has a screw top making it easy to use and refill. It is made out of leak-proof material so your man can enjoy all of the comfort without worrying about wet the bed. 

12. Happy Nuts Comfort Cream

Happy Nuts Comfort Cream

This Happy Nuts comfort cream is formulated with aloe to soothe the area and provide healing effects to any chafing, itching, or irritation. Sure, your spouse may not be able to wear it right away after the surgery and they need to wait until the wound is fully recovered. But it still makes a great vasectomy gift for husbands and they can enjoy the comfort after they are ready to tackle everyday activities. 

13. Funny Vasectomy Towel

Funny Vasectomy Towel

Some men are afraid to get a vasectomy thinking that they won’t be able to get into action. While the truth is, they can still go into action just fine. The quote on this towel says it quite enough, making it a great vasectomy gift you can use as a gift basket filler. 

14. Organic Life Ball Deodorant Spray

Organic Life Ball Deodorant Spray

Men also need to feel refreshed down there. This deodorant spray will change their life for good. Again, this product is not suitable for freshly operated balls, but once they’re recovered, it will provide freshness and comfort throughout the day. It contains antiseptic material to keep their private part healthy and aromatherapy to make it smell so good all day. 

15. Fleece Elastic Bottom Sweatpants

Fleece Elastic Bottom Sweatpants

During the recovery process it is recommended to wear something loose and comfortable instead of something too fit and stiff such as jeans. As simple as it may seem, a pair of soft sweatpants can actually be a great vasectomy gift for your husband. And if you think a single pair is not enough, you can get some extra pairs to make sure they have enough for the whole week. 

16. All Juice No Seeds Sudoku Puzzles

All Juice No Seeds Sudoku Puzzles

Going through the procedure means they need to take some time to rest and recover. And even though the recovery process is extremely important, it can get boring. They may not be able to go hang out with their best buddies or go to watch their favorite baseball game. Cheer them up by getting this sudoku puzzle as a vasectomy gift. It will keep them busy and entertained for hours. 

17. Vasectomy Throw Cushion Pillow

Vasectomy Throw Cushion Pillow

A memorable moment like getting a vasectomy is worth celebrating and forever remembered. A throw pillow can be a great way to remember such an important moment. On the other hand, it is also functional as a decorative piece and actually comfortable to hold. Choose this throw pillow as a vasectomy gift to provide extra support and comfort for your loved one. 

18. Hump: True Tales of Sex After Kids

Hump True Tales of Sex After Kids

Reading a book can be a fun activity to do during the healing process and this book can be a nice pick. Why? Because it doesn’t only cover the fun and ugly part of sex after childbirth but it has a whole chapter dedicated for vasectomy. Your spouse can learn a little more about it while learning about other stuff in this book.  

19. Custom Love Letter Cufflinks

Custom Love Letter Cufflinks

A custom love letter can be a nice and romantic way to express your gratitude and love towards your husband. Hence, it can also be a nice vasectomy gift to get. This cufflink stores a mini love letter that you can customize with your own message and your husband will be able to wear it as a reminder of how much you love them and that you are so proud of them. 

20. Men’s Herbal Warming Slippers

Men's Herbal Warming Slippers

During their recovery, men need as much comfort as possible and a pair of warming slippers can add a little support to make them feel better. They’re not only super soft and comfy, but the insoles are filled with aromatic lavender buds and thermally conductive flax seeds. Simply heat them up in the microwave and slip them on for a relaxing warmth. It is also enhanced by their lavender scent that will help them to relax. 

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21. Handwritten Message Money Clip

Handwritten Message Money Clip

Another way to send a loving message is by getting a money clip. Unlike an enclosed wallet, this money clip is open and the engraved message can be read easily. It is functional and you can send your personalized message in style. Made out of sterling silver materials, this money clip will not rust and looks just as good as new after a long usage. 

22. Wellness Massage Cube

Wellness Massage Cube

Wellness Massage Cube is a blend of plant-based butters and essential oils designed to alleviate stress in all forms. Free of chemicals and preservatives, this all-natural square contains soothingly scented oils that have the ability to relieve areas of tension and inflammation. Clearly do not rub directly on the open wound, but it will be super useful to relieve other parts of the body. 

23. Sexy Truth or Dare

Sexy Truth or Dare

After a terrifying procedure and a long time of recovery, they deserve some sexy time. It can also be a great way to test the efficacy of the procedure, but before you do that, you may need to take some medical test first to make sure that the juice is no longer carrying fertile seeds. This sexy vasectomy gift includes 50 double-sided pick-up sticks printed with 100 racy seductions to help you to restart if you feel a little awkward.

24. Squirrel Lost My Nuts Mug

Squirrel Lost My Nuts Mug

This mug is so funny and will crack some laughs for sure. You can pick this mug as a vasectomy gift for your beloved husband and he will be able to use it daily for their morning coffee. The squirrel design can be a neutral design but it actually delivers another meaning that makes it so hilarious. Besides, a mug is always a great gift idea that will never go wrong. 

25. Vasectomy Gift Travel Mug

Vasectomy Gift Travel Mug

The perfect message to say for a person who is just about to get a vasectomy. This travel mug can be a fun vasectomy gift either for your husband, family, or co-workers who have their operation schedule planned. It is fully functional and they can use it before, during, and after the recovery. The message will add a boost of encouragement for them, making them more comfortable to go through the operation. 

Latest Post:

What to get someone who had a vasectomy?

You can get someone who had a vasectomy some warming and motivational gifts to support them. If you share the same sense of humor, you can also get them some funny gifts to lift up their spirit. A care package also can be a great vasectomy idea that is actually useful. You can also get them a vasectomy gift basket providing them with a selection of useful gifts. 

What is the recovery time for a vasectomy?

The recovery time for a vasectomy may vary for everybody since it depends on the person’s overall physical condition. But in general, it takes an approximately a week before you can do activities such as sport, heavy work, or sex. Doing heavy work before it is full healed can cause bleeding and improper healing.

Why can’t you drink alcohol after a vasectomy?

You can’t drink alcohol after a vasectomy because alcohol can affect the healing process. If you insist on having a drink after the vasectomy, the healing process may take even longer than it should be. So it is best that you avoid alcohol at least until 48 hours. You can also consult your doctor for the best advice because everyone has a different condition. 

What should I do the day before a vasectomy?

There are some things you need to prepare before getting a vasectomy. One of them is to shave the area a day or two before the procedure. You also need to take a proper shower beforehand to ensure hygiene and cleanliness. You can still have some meals but make sure to only have light meals to avoid having too much food in your stomach before the operation. Consulting the doctor is also an important thing to do to make sure you understand the procedure and not doing anything that may risk your health. 

How can I make my vasectomy heal faster?

You can make your vasectomy heal faster by taking as much rest as needed. Make sure to not do any heavy work until you are fully recovered. It is also recommended to lay down with your feet raised to increase blood circulation. The most important thing is to practice good hygiene to avoid any kind of infection and inflammation. 

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