25 Unique Handbags To Wear For Every Occasion 

Every woman out there must own at least one handbag. Some even have their collection of handbags of any shape, color, and brands. There is always that one perfect handbag for every occasion. A valid  reason to add one other handbag to your collection. Handbags come in different sizes too. Small handbags are on the rise recently. Some people also go for the super small handbags as accessories too. There are never ending choices of handbags that you can choose from. It will take you sometime to explore and try.  

There are definitely tons of different handbags available. You can find thousands of different women handbag brands in the market. Thus, we decided to help you out by putting together 25 unique ones that are in style. You can read through all 25 of it and find the one that will suit you best. 

1. MLB Game Used Uniform Handbag  

MLB Game Used Uniform Handbag

Starting the list of unique handbags with the MLB Game used uniform handbags. A unique bag made from used uniforms of MLB players. If you are a MLB fan, you can consider getting this handbag. The combination of the white uniform inner lining and the black polyurethane. This piece is the official merchandise released by Major League Baseball. The perfect handbag to take to a baseball game at the stadium or just a casual night out.  

2. JW Pei Women’s Gabbi Ruched Hobo Handbag

JW Pei Women’s Gabbi Ruched Hobo Handbag

The JW Pei Women’s Gabbi Ruched hobo handbag is made from vegan leather. It comes in many colors that are great to be used. The detailing of the bag is very unique and girly, perfect for date nights or girls night out. If you are looking for a trendy bag, you need to consider this one. Apparently, these JW Pei handbags are in style lately. 

3. Steve Madden Nikki Soft Volume Clutch Crossbody 

Steve Madden Nikki Soft Volume Clutch Crossbody 

This next handbag is from one of the famous brands out there, Steve Madden, and it is their Nikki Soft volume clutch crossbody. You can consider this design one of the small handbags. It comes in a practical design that you can use as both a clutch or a crossbody bag. The light pink color of the bag makes this bag extra pretty. It comes with a fresh style at a relatively cheap price. 

4. Summer Beach Bag 

Summer Beach Bag

The best handbag option for a summer vacation or any trip to the beach: Summer beach bag. The material of this handbag is 100% natural straw fiber. This unique handbag looks like a rattan basket and it will be perfect for island living. The style that you need for your summer vacation. 

5. Ladies Weaving Effect Pouch Handbag 

Ladies Weaving Effect Pouch Handbag

Another unique handbag on the list that will elevate your overall style. The weaving pattern on this pouch handbag is unique yet simple. It is the perfect bag that you can style down or up depending on the occasion. The size of this handbag is small and small handbags are in style these days. 

6. Naturalizer Richfield Leather Purse Handbag

Naturalizer Richfield Leather Purse Handbag

The Naturalizer Richfield leather purse handbag comes in a unique olive green color. This leather handbag comes in a unique classic shape that completes your overall outfit. It is definitely a trendy and chic handbag to carry around. It is also a considerably cheap leather handbag you can get for the design and quality it has. On the front part of the handbag, there are pretty small bow-like details that make the bag sweet and lovely. 

7. No Boundaries Contemporary Top Handle Crossbody Bag

No Boundaries Contemporary Top Handle Crossbody Bag

Next, we are going to introduce a handbag piece from brand No Boundaries. This top handle crossbody bag from No Boundaries has a fresh and modern design with unique colors. It is made from faux leather that comes with a pattern just like real crocodile leather. The bag is also quite spacious so you can fit more things inside without looking bulky. Also, this bag comes in at a relatively cheap price. 

8. Richports Checkered Tote Shoulder Bag 

Richports Checkered Tote Shoulder Bag

The tote shoulder bag is made from vegan leather that comes with a checkered pattern. The shape of the handbag is also unique. This handbag is not considered in the small handbag category. You can carry this bag for work or travel. It will fit most of the things you need. There is a unique scarf detail on one side of the bag. It gives a beautiful contrast between the simple checkered pattern of the bag and the colorful loud patter of the scard. A fun handbag to carry to bring some color to your mundane work day.  

9. Checked Space Messenger Bag

Checked Space Messenger Bag

If you are into small handbags that have a kawaii style, you can consider this messenger bag. The combination of pink color and checkered pattern is unique and cute. You can either carry it with the top handle or use it as a cling bag. On the small handle, you can hang your favorite cute accessories to make the bag extra cute. The bag will be a perfect pair with a cute floral dress. You are ready for a walk in a flower garden. 

10. Straw Woven Handbag 

Straw Woven Handbag

Another unique handbag for the summer: woven handbag. The bag is made with good quality straw in a pretty beige color. You can take this handbag on your summer vacation or just a short weekend trip to a cafe. It will definitely compliment your spring or summer outfit very well. 

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11. Vibrant Colorful Panelled Evening Handbag 

Vibrant Colorful Panelled Evening Handbag

The panelled evening handbag comes in a unique color and paneled pattern. It will be a great statement piece to complete your overall outfit. The perfect handbag to carry for a night out. You can use it as a chic crossbody bag for a more casual setting and carry it as a handbag for special occasions. 

12. Starbucks Cup Handbags

Starbucks Cup Handbags

If you are looking for something a little quirky and fun, you can take a look at this cute Starbucks cup handbag. It comes in the design of a Starbucks cup in a sling bag design. The material of this handbag is a long lasting and durable faux leather. The perfect handbag to carry if you want a touch of something cute and unique to complete your whole outfit. 

13. Blackwood Aurora Unique Handbag  

Blackwood Aurora Unique Handbag

The blackwood Aurora unique handbag is made from great material which is the genuine Italian Leather with a croc-embossed on it. The combination of leather and wood is unique and makes this handbag look extra luxurious. On the side, there is a flower detailing covered with jewelry resin. This bag looks like an exquisite designer handbag that will cost you a huge sum. It comes in two different sizes that you can choose from. 

14. Stylish Oversized Pin Design Handbag 

Stylish Oversized Pin Design Handbag

This pin design handbag is the one of the latest handbags for ladies you can consider. It has been floating on many online sites. The pin design handle is the unique point of this handbag. Comes in several different colors, it is definitely a fun handbag to carry around. This bag will be perfect for a fun dinner date or dinner night out with your girlfriends. If you like an artsy and unique handbag, you will love this one for sure. 

15. Gold Chain Handbag 

Gold Chain Handbag

Another piece that is one of the latest handbags for ladies you can check out. This  chain handbag is definitely a popular design handbag you can find. The combination of a chunky gold chain and leather bag makes this handbag unique. The chunky gold chain is definitely the highlight of this bag. It will also suit any outfit well. You can dress it out with a casual outfit. Also, it will compliment your formal outfit very well. 

16. Top Handle Leather Dumpling Handbag 

Top Handle Leather Dumpling Handbag

The top handle leather bag comes in a really unique shape that resembles a dumpling. It comes in several different fun colors that will complement your outfit well. It is a small handbag that comes with a top handle. The perfect bag choice to create a statement for your outfit. With its unique shape and fun colors, this bag will easily get the spotlight. You can use it on any occasion. Also, you can use it to spice up any boring ordinary day. 

17. Colorblock Leather Bucket Bag 

Colorblock Leather Bucket Bag

Coming from the famous designer brand, Tory Burch, this bucket bag is a classic handbag design you can consider. It is made from leather in a colorblock design. Since it is a bucket bag, it could feel a little more things without looking bulky. You might find well-shaped bags boring after sometime because of the constant shape that it has. If you are someone who gets bored easily, this bag will be the right one for you. You will never get bored with the shape of this bag because it changes depending on the amount of things you bring. 

18. Miller Small Leather Shoulder Bag 

Miller Small Leather Shoulder Bag

Another one from Tory Burch, the Miller small leather shoulder bag comes in a classic rectangular shape design. It comes with a unique twisted leather strap and also a slinky chain that you mix together to create different looks. The iconic medallion logo also adds a classic feel to the handbag. It comes in neutral colors which is perfect if you are looking for a classic timeless handbag to buy. 

19. Lou Matelassé Leather Camera Bag  

Lou Matelassé Leather Camera Bag

Yves Saint Laurent is one of the well known women handbag brands in the world. The camera bag is one of its classic designs. With the iconic YSL logo in the front and the iconic triangular pattern, this bag will last you a lifetime. You can use it both for casual and formal occasions. This is the designer handbag that you can consider investing in. With its simple and timeless rectangular design, this bag will last through generations. 

20. Tabby Pillow Leather Shoulder Bag 

Tabby Pillow Leather Shoulder Bag

Coach is another woman’s handbag brand that has been serving great quality handbags for years. This shoulder bag comes in a trendy design and colors. The puffy leather it comes with feels like a pillow. It seems like you are carrying a cloud with you everywhere you go. You can use it as a crossbody bag or using its shorter top handle. It is the perfect handbag to wear daily. 

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21. The Sydney Crossbody Bag 

The Sydney Crossbody Bag

You can consider this crossbody bag as one of the latest handbags for ladies. Comes in a unique horseshoe shape and woven pattern, this handbag is classy and elegant. It is the perfect bag to take to work because it is spacious and could fit many things. However, its unique design will also allow you to stay stylish when you bring it for a casual hang out. This bag definitely has a versatile handbag. It is totally worth the money. 

22. Meringue Leather Crossbody Bag 

Meringue Leather Crossbody Bag

Another designer bag from one of the well known women handbag brands in the world, Kate Spade. This Meringue leather crossbody bag will be perfect for you who prefer cute and dreamy bags. Starting from its color and also its design, this bag looks very dreamy and cute. The clinched topline and the braided handle are the unique points of this bag. 

23. Willow Leather Tote

Willow Leather Tote

Another one from Coach and it comes in a small tote bag design. This tote bag comes in the perfect size for you to wear it both as a sling bag or hand-handled bag. It comes in lighter colors such as pinkish purple and white which is perfect for those who wear more dark outfits on a daily basis. It is made from good quality leather and comes with compartments. So, you can easily find your things inside the bag. 

24. Vegan Leather Crossbody Bag 

Vegan Leather Crossbody Bag

A unique bag from the brand House Of Want. This vegan leather crossbody bag comes in several fun colors. The design of this bag is unique yet simple so it will be perfect to wear daily. It is also available in citric check color which will be a great choice for those of you who are looking for statement handbag pieces.  

25. Vegan Leather Frame Clutch 

Vegan Leather Frame Clutch

We are ending this list of unique handbags with the vegan leather clutch from House Of Want. It comes in several unique vegan leather patterns. Its gilded chain is also very unique:  it matches the color of the bag. This design also spoils you with lots of fun and bright colors. The perfect bag for spring and summer time. You can take it with you to a picnic by day and to a fun summer party by night. It will be your go-to bag. Wearing it as a clutch or handle by hand, this bag will not disappoint. 

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From this list of unique handbags, the best small handbags for women would be the blackwood aurora unique handbag or the top handle leather dumpling bag. Both of the handbags have unique designs. Their designs are not something that you could find easily on the market. Also, these handbags would be a great piece to add some unique touch to your overall outfit. 

What are the most unique patterns for handbags?

From this list of unique handbags, the vibrant colorful panelled evening handbag and the chill Vegas leather frame clutch have the most unique patterns. The Vibrant Colorful Panelled Handbag comes in a super unique colorful panelles design. On the other hand, the Chill Vegas Clutch comes in unique patterns with a unique chain and also a unique shape. 

Are handbags still in fashion?

Recently, handbags have been back on the rise. It has gotten his position back as a daily essential. Some of the high end handbag brands have even become considered as investment pieces. Due to its rising popularity, more and more unique handbags are available in the market today. 

Why do ladies like handbags?

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