25 Thoughtful Deployment Gifts To Protect and Wish Them Success

For military members, deployment is unpredictable. They will join other military members in another country they might never have visited to earn combat pay. It can be challenging and stressful as they have to be apart from families for a certain period of time. The duration of these deployments might range from 90 days to 15 months. If you have Airmen, Marines, Sailors, or  Soldiers in your life, then you can give them deployment gifts to wish them good luck. Meanwhile, if you are one of those military members, deployment gifts for families also will be very thoughtful.  

Being apart is one of the most difficult parts of active duty life, but you don’t have to go through it alone. Whether you are the one who is deployed or part of the deployed soldier’s family, you can wish them success and give them meaningful keepsakes for each other with deployment gifts we have compiled in this article. From thoughtful gift ideas for deployed husbands, to the beautiful gift ideas for family, you can find it in this article. Let’s check this out!

1. Personalized Metal Wallet

Personalized Metal Wallet

Give your husband this beautiful metal wallet before he departs for deployment. This metal wallet also has slender profiles, making them among the thinnest wallets on the market. It’s made of lightweight aluminum and is just as robust as it is attractive, one of the most durable deployment gifts for husbands. You can customize the design with your picture and name, which will remind him of you wherever he goes. 

2. Army Survival Kit

Army Survival Kit

If you are looking for funny deployment gift ideas for husband, then you should consider this gift. Cheer him up before his deployment with this funny Army survival kit. This kit features some unique stationeries with special meaning behind them. The description card will explain the purpose of all of those items in a funny way, which will ease his burden before he leaves.

3. Personalized Air Force Docking Station

Personalized Air Force Doc

This personalized docking station is one the most ideal deployment gifts for deployed husband to keep him organized. He can effortlessly and neatly keep his phone, wallet, keys, coins, or watch with this gift, a perfect place for your forgetful husband. Made from natural birch plywood, you can also customize them with his name and US Air Force logo.

4. Military Memorial Bracelet

Military Memorial Bracelet

Show your respect to your military dad or husband who died during his deployment with this customized military bracelet. It is made of hemp in a minimalist style, perfect deployment gift ideas for families who are bereaved. You can personalize the laser-enveraged lettering in black finish with his name and his service dates that will remind of his great works.

5. Personalized Blanket

Personalized Blanket

Protect your loved one with this lovely blanket from the cold air during your deployment. If you are looking for deployment gifts for wife, then this personalized blanket will be the best choice. Because it is composed of 100% polyester, this blanket is super soft and warm, so your wife can feel the warmth you give from this present. The beautiful message on this blanket will surely warm her heart as well.

6. Military Love Token

Military Love Token

Show your romantic side to your loved ones by giving them this military love token before being apart during deployment. It’s inscribed with ‘Always under the same sky,’ along with your and their initials, to remind them that they’re always on your mind and in your prayers. Your significant others can put this token in their wallet as well to bring them good luck and happiness.

7. Open When Envelopes

Open When Envelopes

For couples who often miss each other, deployment time must be hard and challenging. Therefore these unique envelopes will be amazing deployment gifts during hard times. Made from recycled paper, they radiate vintage and romantic vibes. You can personalize each message in each envelope to be opened in a certain condition or moments.

8. Military Cross Necklace

Military Cross Necklace

Express the pride of having deployed husband with this military cross necklace. It features a stainless steel cross necklace with an adjustable chain that is comfortable to wear. Beautifully packed in an American flag designed box with a beautiful message that describes your pride to have a military husband, making perfect deployment gifts for him to treasure. 

9. Disgruntled Decks

Disgruntled Decks

Give your deployed son or husband fun deployment gifts to play with the other military members like these Disgruntled Decks. It includes 400 amusing cards for nonstop soldierly laughter, as well as enough general military humor for everyone to appreciate. It is ideal for barracks parties, warding off boredom in the field, and passing the time while on deployment.

10. Tactical Survival Pen

Tactical Survival Pen

Your military husband may already get used to operating weapons, but unique deployment gift ideas for husband like this gear will surely impress him. When car doors are jammed after an accident or windows won’t open in a fire, this versatile gadget is designed to break glass and save lives. This tactical pen has been designed to be unobtrusive. It clips easily into your pocket for quick, convenient access, thanks to its streamlined and lightweight body.

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11. Be Safe Good Luck Charm

Be Safe Good Luck Charm

Bring good luck to your loved one on deployment with this beautiful good luck charm. This keyring comes with a love shaped American flag pendant and US Army logo pendant that remind him of his home. Moreover, the silver plated pendant engraved with a meaningful prayer will definitely protect him on the go. He can put this keyring on his bag as a beautiful charm.

12. Deployment Time Killer

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This amazing book will definitely help your military son to distract his worry and anxiety while on deployment. It features more than 200 fun puzzles and games to be solved that will stimulate his brain. Specifically designed for military members overseas, it is the ideal travel companion while waiting at airports, bus stations, and railway stations.

13. One Day Closer Bracelet

One Day Closer Bracelet

Help your military wife to be strong while you are on deployment with this lovely bracelet. This braided bracelet comes with a silver plated stamp with text “One Day Closer” as a charming reminder everyday to be patient in waiting for you to come back. Your wife will enjoy counting down the days till you see each other again by looking down at her wrist.

14. Deployment Survival Kit

Deployment Survival Kit

If you’re looking for useful but funny deployment gifts for wife, then this fantastic survival kit should be on your list. This kit features some delicious snacks and drinks that will give her extra energy while waiting his deployed husband. It is a great way to cheer her up, and the amusing souvenir instruction card will remind her of her importance.

15. Red String Fate Bracelet

Red String Fate Bracelet

Keep your relationship close although being apart with deployment gifts for couples, such as this red string fate bracelet. The red string  means that no matter how far apart they are, or how long they have been apart, they will meet again, and their destiny will be fulfilled. You and your deployed partner can wear it as a couple bracelets, which will bring good luck, protection, and love.

16. Army Dad Coffee Mug

Army Dad Coffee Mug

Show your pride and honor to your military dad with this beautiful coffee mug. It comes with a creative design that combines the American flag with an army pattern on 2 sides of the mug. The text “Army Dad” below the beautiful design gives a strong statement of his cool job as both an army and a dad. Made from 100% ceramic, this coffee mug can be a great company on your dad’s deployment.

17. Wilderness Navigation Flask

Wilderness Navigation Flask

Get your deployed husband sophisticated deployment gifts that will help him outdoors, like this wilderness navigation flask. One it is closed, it can be useful as a flashlight. However, you will be surprised as you can get 2 glasses, a compass, and bottle opener inside this flashlight. The flashlight will become a flask once it is opened. It will be a useful gift he will cherish forever. 

18. Military Care Package

Military Care Package

In case you want to send some food supplies for son during his deployment, then it will be a hundred times more precious with this amazing package. This box features 4 meaningful designs on each side, portraying a map of the world with a charming lettering. Your military son will surely be moved to receive this package, as he realized how precious he is to you.

19. Military Airplane Promise Ring

Military Airplane Promise RingMilitary Airplane Promise Ring

Make your love stronger even in different countries, with this charming promise ring for couples. Each set comes with 2 pairs of promise rings for both the man and woman. Made from silver in minimalist style, the airplane design gives sentimental vibes as it will fit to each other’s rings, making it one of the best deployment gifts for the air force and his partner. 

20. Engraved Metal Photocard

Engraved Metal Photocard

Give your military husband a keepsake that reminds him of you during his deployment with this metal photocard. This is definitely an upgraded version of the traditional letter which you can bring for your deployed husband. Made from metal cards, you can add personalized messages behind the photocard. Therefore, it will give your husband strength whenever he misses you, romantic deployment gifts to treasure!

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21. Under Always The Same Sky Teaspoon

Under Always The Same Sky Teaspoon

Surprise your wife with this beautiful teaspoon before your deployment to cheer her up. Unlike the regular tea spoon, the hand stamped text will definitely give her strength as she realized that no matter how far apart you are, you will always be under the same sky. The vintage design gives timeless vibes, making wonderful deployment gifts for wife.

22. Miles Apart Pillow

Miles Apart Pillow

Make the distance between you and your wife feel closer during your deployment with this beautiful pillow. It portrays the distance between 2 different countries of your deployment country and your wife’s location which are linked by red dots, making her heart feel connected. Because it is made from rustic canvas and polyfill, it is also safe for those who have allergies. 

23. You Are Worth Every Mile Insert Wallet Card

You Are Worth Every Mile Insert Wallet Card

Keep your wife’s worries of a long distance relationship during your deployment away by giving her this wonderful insert wallet card. It comes with a simple and romantic text that shows her as a precious person that is worth every mile between you and her. Made from metal in credit card size, your wife can store it in her wallet to keep her faith in you. 

24. Veteran Day Socks

Veteran Day Socks

Give your husband funny deployment gifts to lift up his mood before his departure. These funny socks are incredibly hilarious as they depict his flat face in a cartoon military uniform. This motif will definitely crack his laugh and forget his worries. Beside their funny design, these socks are super warm and comfortable to wear because they are made from polyester. 

25. Personalized Army Journal

Personalized Army Journal

If your military husband loves writing, then you can give him this personalized army journal. This journal comes with a personalized cover that is made from synthetic leather, so it is water resistant and durable. You can put his name and his title along with the US Army logo on this cover, making it one of the most special deployment gifts for him. He can write his personal journey during deployment in this book and share the stories to you later.

Latest Post:

What to gift someone who is being deployed?

You can give him a keepsake that will protect him and bring good fortunes. Try to give him something he can wear during his deployment such as the military cross necklace to bring him good luck. Moreover the red string fate bracelet is also a perfect gift as a wonderful charm for military couples. If you are looking for more unique deployment gifts, please read our article above.

What should I put in a deployment care package?

Try to give him daily necessities such as body care or new warm clothes. Or, if the receiver has favorite snacks he misses, you can put them inside the care packages. Try to avoid wet food as the delivery will take a long time. As each person has his own favorite things he wants, then each item inside the care package may vary.

What can I send a deployed soldier for his birthday?

Treat your deployed soldier with everything he wants for his birthday. Try to ask him whether he wants specific gifts for his birthday, and you can grant his wish. Or, you may show your love and care on his birthday with some thoughtful deployment gifts. For more inspiration, you can read in the article above. 

What should I buy for deployment?

You should prioritize the essential items first, such as sleeping bags or flashlights as the primary survival kit. Moreover, you may bring some source of entertainment such as the disgruntled decks or the deployment time killer to refresh your mind. Don’t forget to bring your family photos or keepsakes as you may miss your family during your deployment.  

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