Titanium Multi-Tool Ring

A Swiss army knife is a great addition to any tool belt, but what happens when you need something a little bit more out of sight and out of mind to get the job done?

With this Titanium Multi-Tool Ring, you can easily conceal a variety of different tools all on your finger.

We all love spy movies to some extent. In our case, no matter how cheesy and tacky the plot may be, it’s the cool gadgets the spies sport that always have the potential to win us over.

Those movies always make us want to always be prepared for any circumstances: whether you need to survive in woods or cut that annoying plastic packaging on your new headphones. 

titanium multi-tool ring

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This titanium multi-tool ring is just small enough to get used to it. But when the need arises, you can feel like a Kingsman agent and unleash the tools hidden inside this unique ring.

titanium multi-tool ring

With a simple flick of a wrist you can deploy a small comb, two blades (one straight and one serrated), a saw, or just use the bottle opener nestled at the center of the ring.

titanium multi-tool ring

This handy piece of jewelry is made from durable stainless steel and designed to withstand tons of uses, so you never have to worry about whether or not you are over-exerting your tools.

You never know when you’d need to comb your beard into place, but you can surely count on this ring to lend you a hand when that happens. 

titanium multi-tool ring

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