Ultrasound Toothbrush For Dogs

The Ultrasound Toothbrush For Dogs cleans your pooch’s teeth and gum pockets in under 60 seconds. No vibration, sound, or pain.

Approximately 80% of adult dogs suffer from gum inflammation, otherwise known as periodontitis. It’s painful, causes bad breath, and can lead to organ damage if not tended to.

This revolutionary toothbrush uses ultrasound to destroy bacteria on your pet’s teeth and even gum pockets.

It prevents gum inflammation and tartar build-up. If your pet’s oral hygiene had been on a back burner up till now, no worries – this toothbrush helps efficiently deal with severe periodontal problems as well. 

Ultrasound Toothbrush For Dogs

What makes this toothbrush even more special, is how silent and vibration-free it is. Dogs are not exactly thrilled when something vibrates or swish-swooshes inside their mouths.

This makes cleaning your four-legged friend’s teeth difficult, harmful for the dog, and stressful for both of you.

Ultrasound Toothbrush For Dogs

In just 45-60 seconds you’ll be done with bringing your pet’s oral hygiene up to standards. Just after several applications, you will see the positive results. 

As an added bonus, using this toothbrush results in bad breath reduction. That is always appreciated and what makes this such a great gift idea for dog owners

Ultrasound Toothbrush For Dogs

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