25 Charming Yet Meaningful Wrist Tattoo Ideas for Women

For women, having a tattoo is an expression that symbolizes special and deep meaning to them. Some women get a tattoo on their arm or back, while some prefer to have it on their wrist, which is a perfect idea for a discreet soul who wants to keep it least visible but highly meaningful.

wrist tattoos for women
Wrist Tattoos for Women Ideas

Check out some recommendations of the coolest wrist tattoos for women below. 

Cute Wrist Tattoo for Girl

Your wrist is a perfect spot for a cute wrist tattoo. Whether it’s a small tiny tattoo, or medium-sized tattoo, having a cute wrist tattoo will always boost your mood everyday. Below are some of the cutest recommendations for you!

1. Butterfly and Symbol of Eternity Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@PROJAQK)

Having a cute and kind butterfly plus an eternity symbol on your wrist permanently? Count me in! A butterfly tattoo means hope and rebirth, and combining it with an eternity symbol can perfectly mark your commitment to remain hopeful for an eternity.

2. Colorful Flower Bracelet

Source: Pinterest (@Byrdie)

This wonderful colorful sunflower bracelet tattoo is perfect for a sweet and kind soul that needs bright colors to brighten up her days. If you are one of those souls, this tattoo is a perfect pick for you. Use yellow, white and green tattoo inks to create an enchanting artwork on your wrist.

3. Simple Bracelet Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@Outsons)

A simple bracelet tattoo is a huge trend among women, especially those who take jewelry to another level. You can get one yourself and have a permanent simple and sleek bracelet forever. In my opinion, this tattoo will look good if paired with a black elegant dress.

4. Candy Skull Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@CafeMom)

Say hello to this cute candy skull tattoo on your wrist. It has all the most important elements to become a cute skull, including the ribbon and flowers on it. Have it on your wrist and wear a casual sugar skull shirt for a casual day out. 

5. Colorful Orchid Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@CafeMom)

Orchid tattoos symbolize beauty, grace, and elegance, which all women need to embrace within them. So, get this cute colorful orchid tattoo on your wrist to remind you that you are beautiful, graceful and elegant. 

6. Blue Flowers Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@Fashion Updates)

This cute, simple and sweet tattoo will be something to love and adore from you. It features a delicate look, showing that each flower has its own time to bloom and grow. It’s a great symbol of growth, showing that everyone has their own time to shine.

7. Love and Paw Tattoo

Source: Facebook (@Fortis Tattoo Studio)

This is a wonderful and cute tattoo idea to remind you of the love you have for your late furry friend. Its heart shape symbolizes love and the little paw plus the red rose with green leaves symbolize your pet in the most meaningful way. 

8. Cute Wrist Quote Tattoo

Source: Facebook (@Lovely Tattoo)

If someone who is dear to you just passed away, then make the honor by getting a special wrist tattoo to remember that person forever in your heart. You can have it by having a quote wrist tattoo along with three flying birds round it. 

9. Shooting Star Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@Next Luxury)

Shooting stars tattoo symbolizes hope, dreams, and aspirations, making it one of the perfect choice wrist tattoos for women who will never stop dreaming. With such a cute and enticing design, I think this is one of the cutest and most meaningful star wrist tattoos ever. 

10. Cross Tattoo

Source: Facebook (@Cute Wrist Tattoo Designs)

Having a cross tattoo is a great way to symbolize your faith. You can have a cute skull tattoo on your inner wrist, just like this one. It features a simple cross with red flowers around it. Even better, you can wear a simple bracelet with a cross charm on it, too.

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Small Wrist Tattoo for Women

Small tattoos can hold huge meanings, too! When it comes to the best wrist tattoos for women, size comes second. It doesn’t need to be big and bold, because small wrist tattoos can hold deep meanings as well. Check out some of the best choices of small wrist tattoos below. 

11. Small Hearts

Source: Pinterest (@One Million Ideas)

Hearts symbolize love, and here is a wonderful choice of a small wrist tattoo to show your love for your lover, family or friends. Have one big heart as the main focus and add tiny hearts around it. It will look adorable, especially if you complete the look by wearing a simple heart bracelet made of silver. 

12. Teeny Tiny Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@PROJAQK)

There is nothing more adorable than these small paws tattoos in your inner wrist. This is a wonderful wrist tattoo inspiration for those of you who just lost your pets. I believe that having this tattoo will be a great way to keep your pets near to your heart for always.

13. Pink Flowers 

Source: Pinterest (@Our Mindful Life)

This is a great option for a flower tattoo that is not too bold and big, perfect for a discreet woman who enjoys body artwork in a unique way. Use red and black tattoo inks and have at least two flowers. Make sure you keep it simple and sweet, and get in on your inner wrist.

14. Small Dragons Tattoo

Source: Facebook (@Lavigne Studios)

Dragons symbolize strength and power, as well as luck and protection. With such meaning, I think it would be a great idea to have this tattoo on your wrist. It includes three cute dragons that will remind you of your strength and power to keep going.

15. Small Quote Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@Our Mindful Life)

Sometimes the best wrist tattoos for women come in a simple word or quote. Take this one for instance. It comes from a simple word of ‘breathe’ that holds a deep meaning. It will remind you to keep breathing, and face your life with confidence and strength. 

Classy Wrist Tattoo

Classy women must carry classy tattoos on their body. If you are looking for some recommendations of classy wrist tattoos for women, make sure you go for the best option that will stay classy for a lifetime. Find some recommendations below!

16. Leafs Bracelet Tattoo

Leafs Bracelet Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@instagram.com)

A simple bracelet tattoo is all you need to create a classy look to your wrist. It comes in all black and it goes around your wrist for a unique and classy look. To look more stylish with your permanent ‘jewelry’ on your wrist, wear it with some classy rings on your fingers. 

17. Artistic Initials Tattoo

Artistic Initials Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@One Million Ideas)

Get this simple initial tattoo on your wrist, and add a touch of uniqueness by adding an image of butterfly wings on it. You can have your own initial, or someone’s initial who is near to your heart. Wear a bracelet with the same initial’s charm to add even more meaning to the artwork. 

18. Crown Tattoo

Crown Tattoo
Source: Pinterest

Every woman is a queen, and that’s why I recommend you to get a classic crown tattoo on your inner wrist. Choose an elegant crown design to make it visible, and perhaps wear a shirt with a crown image to bring out the queen in you.

19. Butterfly and Flowers Tattoo

Butterfly and Flowers Tattoo
Source: Pinterest

This large butterfly and red flowers’ tattoo will add a solid statement to your personality. The butterfly looks majestic with some red flowers on one side of the wings. It will be a solid statement of hope and strength, and will create a casual look if you pair it with a red sweater and jeans.

20. Black Lotus Tattoo

Black Lotus Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@serhat Iren)

Bring out the gothic side of you by having this solid back lotus tattoo on your inner wrist. A lotus tattoo represents resilience, rebirth, and beauty in the face of adversity. If you believe that you embrace differences with beauty and resilience, this is the perfect wrist tattoo for you. 

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Side Wrist Tattoo for Female

Adding some twists to your wrist tattoo is also a creative idea. One of the best twists is to get it on the side of your wrist and make it partly visible by others to attract curiosity. Here are some of the coolest side wrist tattoos for women. 

21. Moon and Flower Tattoo

Moon and Flower Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@Glaminati)

The moon and flowers are two elements that create beautiful designs. This one is a perfect example of that. It features an image of the crescent moon that symbolizes pure energy, while the flowers symbolize love, romance and passion. Have the tattoo in colors, and make it a lovely representation of you. 

22. Birds and Feather Tattoo

Birds and Feather Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@Tattoos For Girls)

Embrace freedom by having this feather side wrist tattoo. It comes in all black and it also includes three birds flying up while carrying the feather up as well. Let the birds symbolize the force that carries you out of a condition that makes you feel like you have no freedom.

23. Minimalist Lotus Tattoo

Minimalist Lotus Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@Our Mindful Life)

This super sweet and small lotus tattoo is a nice side wrist tattoo idea for a sweet and simple girl. It features one of the most delicate wrist designs of a tattoo, which will look perfect to be paired with a set of simple gold rings on your fingers. 

24. Phoenix Tattoo

Phoenix Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@One Million Ideas)

Phoenix tattoos are often used as a symbol of rebirth, transformation, and the triumphs of the human spirit over adversity. If you are in the process of transformation in terms of embracing your true self based on the human spirit, this phoenix tattoo is your best pick. Wear it with a phoenix necklace to create a statement. 

25. Quote Tattoo

Quote Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@Tattoo Me Now)

Last but not least, I recommend you to consider having a quote tattoo on your side wrist. As for this one, it says “this too shall pass” that will remind you that bad times will not stay forever. Things will always get better and happiness will soon come your way. 

Final Thoughts

For women who are new with tattoos, or those who are veterans, having a wrist tattoo comes as something that needs consideration. It is a great way to express your beliefs and become a symbol of something meaningful in your life.

Choose your wrist design wisely and make sure it represents the true you in the most meaningful way possible. 

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What does a wrist tattoo mean for a woman?

It carries different meanings depending on the design and personal interpretation. They can symbolize strength, determination, or serve as a reminder of significant life events

Which tattoo is best for the wrist?

Sugar skull tattoo is still the most preferred wrist tattoo for women. Phoenix, hibiscus, orchid, and arrow tattoos are also recommended as they carry significant meanings for women.

Do wrist tattoos fade quickly?

Most tattoos, regardless of where you get them, will face over time. Wrist tattoos do not face any more or less than other tattoos. It depends mainly on how you take care of it and the tattoo artists you use.

Are wrist tattoos a good idea?

Yes, especially if you like the idea of a tattoo, but you’re discreet and delicate, then a wrist tattoo might be ideal. Wrist tattoos have the unique combination of being highly visible but still somehow unobtrusive. 

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