25 Most Appealing Butterfly Tattoo Ideas for Add to Your Body Art Collection

Butterfly symbolizes freedom, transformation, and personal growth. No wonder why many people choose to have a butterfly tattoo on their body.

It’s a perfect choice of tattoo for both men and women, and if you are thinking of having a new butterfly tattoo, check out below since I have created a list of the coolest butterfly tattoo ideas to consider.

butterfly tattoo
Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

Butterfly Tattoo on Stomach

Stomach is a great canvas for a tattoo. Having a butterfly tattoo in your stomach describes the true meaning of having butterflies in your tummy when you are in love. It’s sweet and it brings a smile to your face.

Let’s check out some ideas for a stomach butterfly tattoo below.

1. Red Butterflies Tattoos

Source: Facebook (@Rise Above Tattoo & Piercing)

This red butterfly tattoo on the left stomach is a perfect choice for girls or young women who think that personal growth is something private yet meaningful. Instead of black, use red or pink tattoo ink and it would look cute if you have a belly button piercing.

2. Three Small Butterflies

Source: Facebook (@Black House Tattoo)

If you can have more than one butterflies on your stomach, why not have three? You can have three small butterflies that look as if they are flying beautifully. Have them on the left side of your stomach and see how gorgeous they look when you wear a black crop shirt.

3. Old School Butterfly Tattoo

Source: Facebook (@Hold Fast Tattoo Studio)

This old school butterfly tattoo is something that will never go out of style, It will look good on your stomach and give an artistic vibe to your look. This is a perfect tattoo idea for both men and women, and it is crucial to stick to one color only with this one.

4. Realistic Butterfly Tattoo

Source: Facebook (@Tattoo Connect)

Having a realistic butterfly tattoo in your stomach can create a happy feeling since there will always be a pretty butterfly on your belly. Have a realistic 3D designed butterfly tattoo in colors like vivid orange or white, and make sure you add the shadow for a realistic effect.

5. Ornamental Butterfly

Source: Facebook (@Zealand Tattoo)

If art and tattoo are your thing, then this tattoo on the side of your stomach needs to be considered. I think this is a gorgeous tattoo idea for a soulful person who embraces freedom and growth gracefully. Make sure you use only black and red ink for this one.

Butterfly Tattoo on Hand

Hands are part of the body that will always be seen by anyone, including yourself. So, why not make your hands look gorgeous by having a meaningful butterfly tattoo on them?

Here are the best recommendations for a butterfly tattoo for your hands.

6. Small Blue Butterfly Tattoo

Source: Facebook (@Paradiso Tattoos)

Have this beautiful blue butterfly on your hand to make sure you are ready for anything everyday! This amazing butterfly tattoo idea is perfect for girls or women who want to make their life not boring. A blue butterfly is clearly one thing that makes sure of that.

7. Solid Black Butterflies

Source: Facebook (@Anarchy Tattoos)

A solid black tattoo will always look awesome and appealing, and this solid black butterfly tattoo confirms that point. The tattoo consists of two butterflies on your hand, which will make a statement of your freedom and transformation. Wear a butterfly bracelet to complete your look. 

8. Large Butterfly Tattoo

Source: Facebook (@Metal Urges Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio)

This is an amazing butterfly tattoo idea for any man or woman who wants to create a solid statement of growth and transformation. This is a colorful butterfly tattoo in large size with black wavy patterns under it. Complete the look of your hand with a gemstone ring.

9. Butterflies Around Your Hand

Source: Facebook (@Taylor Russell Tattoo)

If you love a combination of colors then this is a tattoo idea that will show people exactly that. Have butterflies in several sizes on your hands down to your fingers in different colors. Four or five butterflies should be enough, and put on some nail arts to add even more colors to your hand. 

10. Butterfly Hand Bracelet

Source: Facebook (@Illuminati Tattoo Parlor)

If you love tattoos more than jewelry, then perhaps you might want to check this butterfly tattoo for consideration. This tattoo includes images of butterflies and leaves that form a pretty look of a bracelet. 

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Butterfly Tattoo on Neck

Neck is also part of your body that can make a great canvas for a tattoo. Based on the shape, butterflies can make a pretty good choice of a tattoo on your neck. Here are some ideas of a butterfly tattoo to be inked on your neck.

11. Broken Butterfly Tattoo

Source: Instagram (@tattoosby_joshuaperry)

Since butterflies are a symbol of transformation, for those of you who just transformed your life for the better needs to consider having this tattoo. This is a broken butterfly tattoo that symbolizes your transformation.

12. Butterfly on the Spider Web

Source: Instagram (@adamlevine)

For a man who is a fan of body art, then make sure you pick a special spot for a butterfly tattoo, too. Your neck is a great choice and I think combining it with other existing tattoos will create a different vibe, too. As for this one, the butterfly tattoo is made on top of a spider web tattoo.

13. Butterflies on Your Neck

Source: Instagram (@tim_tattooer)

Butterflies are pretty by nature. So, why not make them look prettier on your neck by creating this absolute gorgeous tattoo behind your ear? Add some sparks to the tattoo, and wear a pair of butterfly earrings to boost your appearance. 

14. Super Mini Butterflies tattoo

Source: Instagram (@tattoocute)

This super mini butterflies tattoo is a perfect choice for both men and women who want to create a simple yet meaningful symbol in the form of a tattoo. I believe that the neck is a perfect spot for this super cute tattoo, and although it’s small, it will always be visible for anyone to see.

15. Butterfly on the Back of the Neck

Source: Instagram (@seraalana)

When it comes to the perfect butterfly tattoo for men, I need to recommend you to check this one out. This is a large butterfly tattoo to be inked on the back of a man’s neck. It features amazing designs with eyes on them.

Pairing it with some masculine earrings is also recommended. 

Butterfly Tattoo on Leg

Since I can tell you that a butterfly tattoo is a perfect pick for any part of your body, make sure you don’t skip this category that consists of butterfly tattoo ideas to be made on your leg. 

16. Simple Artistic Butterfly Tattoo

Simple Artistic Butterfly Tattoo
Source: Instagram (@bread_ink_)

A butterfly tattoo with soft and thin lines is perfect for girls or young women who enjoy the process of their personal growth. This tattoo design can be made on the back of your leg, and it features an adorable design that incorporates floral elements for an extra charm. 

17. Strings and Butterflies Tattoo

Strings and Butterflies Tattoo
Source: Instagram (@tattooist_sion)

This next butterfly tattoo idea proves that combining butterflies and strings is an excellent way to create the perfect tattoo on your thigh. Imagine wearing your short pants that make this tattoo clearly visible for people to see. Gorgeous!

18. Ornamental Butterflies on the Knee

Ornamental Butterflies on the Knee
Source: Instagram (@aylaw.inks)

If your knee is something that you are encouraged to decorate, why not create this adorable ornamental tattoo on it? Go to a professional tattoo artist and ask them to create something that looks like this.

I have no doubt, you will look awesome in your mini skirt or shorts.

19. Small and Cute Butterfly Ankle Tattoo

Small and Cute Butterfly Ankle Tattoo
Source: Instagram (@vasia)

A statement doesn’t always need to be big and colorful. Sometimes, a small and tiny tattoo like this can create a solid and strong statement, too. If you just had a rough life and recently decided to transform your life for the better, this small yet powerful butterfly tattoo can be a great reminder of that.

20. Dagger and Butterfly Tattoo

Dagger and Butterfly Tattoo
Source: Instagram (@etctat2)

Men who love wearing shorts need to have this large butterfly tattoo on their legs. It features not only a graphic of butterflies, but also a dagger as the center of the artwork.

Make it a colorful tattoo by using blue and black ink to make it look more attractive. 

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Butterfly Tattoo on Chest

A butterfly tattoo on the chest serves as a bold emblem of personal metamorphosis and renewal. It’s an intimate expression, with the chest providing a vast canvas for the intricate beauty of butterfly wings to take flight.

21. Small Chest Butterfly Tattoo

Small Chest Butterfly Tattoo
Source: Facebook (@La Femme Tattoo House)

This is a simple yet charming butterfly tattoo idea for girls or women. It is small in size but it will certainly look adorable if you have it in the center of your chest, wear a tank top and then wear a simple necklace with a butterfly pendant. 

22. Divine Butterfly Tattoo for Women

Divine Butterfly Tattoo for Women
Source: Facebook (@Divine Alchemy Tattoos)

This define butterfly tattoo is perfect for both men and women who want to have a solid and obvious tattoo on the chest. It comes as a huge butterfly tattoo with wings that span up to both shoulders.

It requires a set of colorful tattoo inks since it consists of many colors. 

23. Colorful Butterflies on the Chest

Colorful Butterflies on the Chest
Source: Facebook (@Cam Oliver Tattoo)

This is another amazing option of a butterfly tattoo to be inked on your chest. I think this tattoo can somehow create a happy vibe with the shapes and colors of each butterfly. After all, why make one if you can have many, right?

24. Butterfly and Scorpions Tattoo

Butterfly and Scorpions Tattoo
Source: Facebook (@NTH Tattoos)

Who would have thought that combining scorpions, feathers, and a butterfly can turn into an amazing chest tattoo like this one? Make the butterfly as the center of all with scorpions on each side and feathers on the top of it.

Sometimes, it’s important to realize that freedom can sometimes come with danger, too.

25. Big Butterfly Tattoo

Big Butterfly Tattoo
Source: Facebook (@Broken Lantern Tattoo Studio)

When one solid butterfly tattoo is all you need to have on your chest, I have the perfect recommendation for you. This huge tattoo will make a statement like no other on the chest. It screams freedom and transformation in a good way.

So, ready to have this on your chest?

Final Thoughts

Now that you have seen some of the most appealing butterfly tattoo ideas, I believe you have a better picture of which one to pick and where to have them on your body. The best way to have a tattoo is to think thoroughly before you do it and always wear it with confidence.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What does it mean when a girl has a butterfly tattoo?

It means freedom and transformation. Butterflies are often seen as symbols of freedom, transformation, and personal growth. For girls, having butterflies tattoos can mean that they are ready to grow and transform into mature women.

What goes good with a butterfly tattoo?

Butterflies are a perfect complement to a floral tattoo. Both occur in nature, have beautiful energy, and can represent life. Pairing both bolsters these attributes.

Is a butterfly tattoo manly?

No. Butterfly tattoos are a timeless and meaningful choice for both men and women. They symbolize transformation, freedom, and beauty, and offer endless possibilities for personalization.

Why do girls like butterfly tattoos?

That’s because butterflies are cute and often linked to love and romance. Their delicate nature reminds us that love is precious, and butterfly tattoos are a popular choice because they can have personal meanings, too. 

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