25 Top Mortal Kombat Accessories That Will Transform Your Look Instantly

Mortal Kombat is without a doubt one of the most popular video games with amazing characters. It was even made as a movie widely known by fans around the world. Characters like Liu Kang, Sonya, Sub-Zero, Raiden and Kitana have a huge fan base all around the world.

Not just because of their fighting ability, but also because of their iconic and cool outfits as well. 

Mortal Kombat Accessories

Due to the cool outfits, many cosplayers are inspired by Mortal Kombat characters to make as their cosplay inspiration. Sub-Zero and friends have amazingly inspiring outfits that feature cool elements like the main costume, accessories, masks, and also weapons.

If you are one of the fans of Mortal Kombat and are planning on cosplaying as one of the characters, make sure you include all the costume accessories to create a stunning appearance.

To help you with the process, I have created a list of the coolest Mortal Kombat accessories below.

Mask Mortal Kombat Accessories

Mask is a crucial part of a costume. Lots of Mortal Kombat characters wear iconic masks that you need to include in your Mortal Kombat costume. The perfect masks will boost your appearance while making your cosplay experience more memorable.

Here are some of the most recommended Mortal Kombat accessories in the form of masks for you to check out.

1. Sub-Zero Cosplay Mask

MK Mask Sub-Zero

In the latest Mortal Kombat movie, Sub-Zero is wearing a very cool mask with an amazing design that brings out the ‘cold’ personality of the villain perfectly.

If you are cosplaying as Sub-Zero for your next cosplay event, then this is the mask to wear. It has great attention to details that makes it one-of-a-kind, definitely worth having. Made of thick latex, environmental and non-toxic so it is safe to wear for sure.

I personally need to compliment the design of this mask because they were able to create a mask that offers true resemblance to the actual mask we see in the movie.

The mask also fits perfectly on my face, so I highly recommend you to get this mask immediately because your appearance as Sub-Zero will never be complete without the mask.

2. Reptile Face Mask

mortal kombat accessories
Reptile Face Mask

As one of the most powerful characters in Mortal Kombat, Reptile is also known to wear cool outfits and has gone through several transformations.

In his Aurian outfit, he is known to be wearing a cool mask, and if you plan on cosplaying Reptile, then you need to include this amazing replication to the original mask in the movie.

Made of resin and comes with an elastic strap, the mask will be comfortable to wear. I can also say that the mask is very lightweight and it didn’t cause any skin irritation when I was wearing it. So, make sure you complete your look as Reptile by wearing this mask.

3. Trick or Treat Studios Scorpion Mask

Mortal Kombat Accessories
Trick or Treat Studios Scorpion Mask

Like most Mortal Kombat characters, Scorpion also has many versions of outfits and all are very inspiring for cosplayers to recreate. Here we have a mask with a design based on Scorpion’s outfit in the uncredible Video Game Mortal Kombat 9.

If you are cosplaying as this version of Scorpion, then this Trick or Treat Studios Scorpion Mask deserves to be part of your costume.

I tried several masks from Trick and Treat Studios, and I think this one is one of the most comfortable ones to wear. You won’t feel any discomfort while wearing it, and it looks super cool and convincing, too. So, you better get this mask quick before it runs out!

4. Yellow Scorpion Mask

Mortal Kombat Accessories
Yellow Scorpion Mask

All Mortal Kombat fans know that Scorpion is one of the most popular characters in the game.

With so many versions of Scorpion we know, whether it’s from the game or movies, I believe his yellow suit is the most iconic outfit of all. It would be a great idea if you cosplay as Scorpion in his yellow outfit, and make sure you wear this Scorpion “Harumi’s Protector” mask.

The mask will complete your look and based on what I know, the quality of the mask is excellent with a sturdy material and great paint job. However, it is made for adults so for those of you who have smaller heads, it might be a bit loose, but it’s still acceptable for me.

So, if you plan on cosplaying Scorpion in his yellow outfit, this mask is a must-have item to complete your costume.

5. Noob Saibot Mask

mortal kombat accessories
Noob Saibot Mask

Noob Saibot is a dark character and he appears only as a dark shadow in the Mortal Kombat video game. But in the movies there are some interesting stories about Noob Saibot, which makes him an interesting character to cosplay.

Cosplaying as Noob Saibot will make you one of the most eye catching and mysterious cosplayers at the cosplay event, especially if you wear this awesome Noob Saibot mask from Mortal Kombat 2021.

I must say the actual look of this mask is awesome and wearing this mask will complete your mysterious look and make people curious about the awesome mask, too.

It is made with excellent attention to details, giving you a great mask that is very comfortable to wear all day long. So, for those of you who are cosplaying this awesome character, I recommend you to add this mask to your costume.

6. Halloween Noob Saibot Mask

mortal kombat accessories
Halloween Noob Saibot Mask

Here we have another choice of Noob Saibot mask to consider. I believe there are lots of Mortal Kombat fans who are thinking about cosplaying Noob Saibot for the next cosplay event.

In my opinion, it would be a great idea since you can wear a cool all-black costume that shows the mysterious side of you. Once you have the costume, make sure you complete the costume by adding this Halloween Noob Saibot mask to your costume.

Personally I love the badass look of this mask, and I even love the fact that it’s amazingly lightweight! It’s very comfortable to wear and is attached with rubber bands. I can assure you won’t regret buying this mask because it will instantly boost your appearance at the upcoming cosplay event.

Weapon Mortal Kombat Accessories

Talking about superheroes and anime characters, most of them have their signature weapons, and in the world of cosplay, weapons are actually the most important elements about the whole appearance.

Below I am sharing with you some of the coolest weapon Mortal Kombat accessories that will boost your look in an instant.

7. Kitana Fan Blade Pop

mortal kombat accessories
Kitana Fan Blade Pop

I have to admit that Kitana is my favorite female fighter in Mortal Kombat. She’s not just an adorable fighter, but she also has amazing weapons in the form of a fan!

If you are also a fan and will be cosplaying as Kitana for your next cosplay event, then make sure you don’t forget to include her weapons in your set of costumes.

The best recommendation of Kitana’s weapons is this Princess Kitana Fan Blade Prop.

I have to say that this is a complete set of weapon prop that includes a single fan blade with Blue Dragon fabric with magnets applied, the Mortal Kombat 2021 Dragon Symbol Emblem, and also Mortal Kombat-themed weapon plinth for display mounting.

This prop is complete, high-quality, and worth buying, for sure.

8. Macuahuitl Aztec Club

mortal kombat accessories
Macuahuitl Aztec Club

Macuahuitl Aztec Club is an ancient Aztec weapon used by Kotal Kahn in Mortal Kombat. Being a powerful fighter, Kotal Kahn also has a unique appearance with his green skin and majestic-designed battle armor, especially the headpiece.

If you have your Kotal Kahn costume ready, then make sure you carry along the weapon, too.

This Macuahuitl is a perfect 3D printed replica that will complete your look.

Made with cutting-edge technology, this is a lightweight replica of a weapon to use for cosplay purposes that features amazing attention to details. It will look amazing paired with your costume, making it an item for you to grab quickly before it runs out!

9. Kunai Cosplay Prop

mortal kombat accessories
Kunai Cosplay Prop

If you are cosplaying Scorpion, then you need to have this Kunai cosplay prop. Since Scorpion is the master of Kunai, then your costume won’t be complete without it. Made of PLA, this is a well-crafted piece of replica that will make all eyes on you at the most-awaited cosplay convention.

In my opinion, the quality of this item is top notch, and the maker has been showing amazing handmade work in creating this high-quality weapon replica.

If you are meeting other cosplayers who wear Scorpion costumes, I believe they will envy your Kunai.

10. God of War Kratos’ Blades of Chaos

mortal kombat accessories
God of War Kratos’ Blades of Chaos

The Blades of Chaos are Kratos’ signature weapons used to kill his enemies and the innocent alike. If you are cosplaying as Kratos at the next costume event, then it’s time to complete your costume by adding this handmade item as a must-have addition to the costume.

Made of 420 stainless steel with handles made of zinc alloy, this cool item has a weight of 3kg in total. So, I can say this is a valuable piece of cosplay accessory to own.

I have to say that these pieces offer amazing work with amazing attention to details and great designs. I also see some positive reviews from customers who have purchased these blades before.

All in all, I believe these amazing blades are the perfect choice for cosplayers who cosplay as Kratos and plan on becoming the best version of Kratos.

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11. Scorpion’s Spear

mortal kombat accessories
Scorpion’s Spear

In the world of cosplay, you can be whoever you like. You can be your favorite anime character, superhero or villain by wearing a costume that resembles your favorite character’s look.

Now if you plan on cosplaying as Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, then you need to make sure you include Mortal Kombat accessories to your costume, too.

Take this cool Scorpion’s spear for instance. This is a cool Mortal Kombat accessory that comes in the form of a weapon.

Uniquely, this Scorpion Kunai Knife is made of polyurethane with a metal chain, and it features LED light for dramatic effect. I can tell you that this item is a must-have item that will complete your look as Scorpion.

12. Split Apart Sickle Prop

Split Apart Sickle Prop

This split apart sickle is the famous Noob Saibot’s weapon, and this particular item was the replica of the sickle that was inspired by Noob Saibot from Mortal Kombat 11. I think this is one of the coolest Mortal Kombat accessories that will boost your cosplay performance.

It is made of 3D printed PLA and equipped with super strong Neodymium magnets that produce amazing split ability. In terms of appearance, I personally love the design as it looks fierce and smooth.

However, I also think that this is a cosplay prop that you should not allow children to use. It has sharp edges that might harm children.

So in my opinion, this split part sickle prop is suitable for professional cosplayers.

13. Scorpion Katana

Scorpion Katana

Scorpion has lots of weapons and his Katana is probably one of the most popular weapons of his. If you are looking for a high-quality set of Scorpion’s katana for your next cosplay event, then you need to check out this 3D printed Scorpion’s Katana.

Being one of the must-have Mortal Kombat accessories, this item will give you a more memorable experience of cosplaying Scorpion.

With a total length of 40 inches, this pair was handmade with great precision and amazing paint work. The handle offers a comfortable and solid grip, which I think very important for cosplayers who will need to hold on to this item for a long period of time.

In short, I believe that fans of Scorpion will need to have this at home so they are ready with their ‘weapons’ whenever they need it.

14. Jax Mechanical Led Arms

Jax Mechanical Led Arms
Jax Mechanical Led Arms

Calling all Jax fans out there! Right here I have a must-have Mortal Kombat accessory for you who plan on cosplaying as Jax soon. We know how powerful Jax is, especially with his iron hands.

You can have a complete set of his iron hands by having these cool Jax mechanical LED arms. This item is being sold as a set that includes 2 shoulder pieces, 2 biceps pieces, 2 forearm pieces, 2 gloves and 1 back harness for the arms to be in place.

All pieces have LED lights.

I think that these arms will give you a muscular Jax look in an instant. All pieces are made of eva foam, wires, plastic, rubber and synthetic fabric, making them lightweight Mortal Kombat accessories to carry while you are cosplaying.

Moreover, this item is made to order, so make sure you order in advance to make sure you have your ‘arms’ ready before the cosplay event.

15. Bo Rai Cho Jug and Staff

Bo Rai Cho Jug and Staff
Bo Rai Cho Jug and Staff

These rare items are perfect for Mortal Kombat fans who plan on becoming Bo Rai Cho by wearing his costume.

Well, since a costume only is not enough to wow everyone at the long-awaited cosplay convention, then you need to make sure you also include the required Mortal Kombat accessories as well. These jug and staff are mandatory for those of you who cosplay as Bo Rai Cho.

These are rare items and if you don’t get them quick, they might run out pretty fast. The looks of the two items are pretty awesome and knowing that they are made using a 3D printer, you can expect to have lightweight Mortal Kombat accessories to make your cosplay experience more memorable

So, get the now before it’s too late!

16. Mileena Sai Prop

Mileena Sai Prop
Mileena Sai Prop

Kitana has her fan blades, Mileena has her Sai. So, I am now calling cosplayers who plan on wearing a Mileena costume for your next cosplay convention, because I have the perfect weapon to complete your look.

These are Mileena’s signature weapon from Mortal Kombat 1. Made of PLA, these Sai blades are lightweight, and you can purchase a dual pair of a single Sai, your pick.

But I do recommend you buy a complete set of Mileena’s Sai that includes the Sai swords, Sai belt clip attachment, Mortal Kombat 2021 Dragon Symbol Emblem, and also Mortal Kombat weapon plinth for display mounting.

And no, you won’t regret buying this item, and I can assure you that.

Supporting Mortal Kombat Accessories

The next category includes the most recommended supporting Mortal Kombat accessories that will make great additions to your cosplay performance. From the iconic Mileena’s belt to Shao Kahn helmet, we have it all for you to consider.

So, let’s scroll down and make your pick!

17. Mileena’s Belt

Mileena’s Belt
Mileena’s Belt

Complete your look as Mileena from Mortal Kombat by wearing this belt. You can wear your pair of jeans and red bikini top, and then wear this chain belt to make you look fierce and ready for a fight. This item is made of suede, thermoplastics, and eva foam.

Do bear in mind that this belt is made to order, so I would recommend that you make your order in advance, like 2-4 weeks ahead. Even better, the store can also create a belt with custom size.

I saw some very positive reviews from the store’s customers, so I think you can expect high-quality products from the store.

18. Mouth of Sauron

Mouth of Sauron
Mouth of Sauron

Sauron is an evil character with a super cool outfit, making him a character that inspires many professional cosplayers to cosplay as him.

However, among so many elements that Sauron’s costumes have, the mask is something that you must never forget to wear, and I recommend you to check out this Mouth of Sauron Helmet.

After reviewing the actual product, I can confidently tell you that the mask is simply amazing, and it will be one of Mortal Kombat accessories that any fan needs to have.

This mask is very comfortable to wear as well, and made with extra attention to details, too. So I highly recommend you get this mask, especially if you plan on cosplaying Sauron soon.

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19. Kung Lao Hat Patterns

Kung Lao Hat Patterns
Kung Lao Hat Patterns

Kung Lao has an interesting outfit with unique elements like this hat. If you are a fan of Mortal Kombat and want to cosplay as Liu Kang, then make sure you have this hat, which is being sold in a digital file format for you to print yourself.

The patterns are pretty accurate for me, and I also sas some positive testimonials from customers who bought this item already.

However, ordering the digital file in JPG format might be a little hassle especially for those who don’t have time to print it. But if you have time on your hands, this item is highly recommended. Plus, the price is very cheap as well.

20. Johnny Cage Inspired Glasses

Johnny Cage Inspired Glasses
Johnny Cage Inspired Glasses

Johnny Cage is probably one of the most adored characters, and most fans of him are female. Yep, I guess you can see why he has more female fans than others, right?

Well, I think that is a great reason for you to try and cosplay as Johnny Cage for the next cosplay event. One thing you need to have is these J. Cage-inspired glasses.

As you can see, the sunglasses are pretty cool, right? They have colorful frames and it is made of water resistant acrylic vinyl. They have 100% UV40 protection, and come with the pouch as well.

In my opinion, these sunglasses are not only for fans of Mortal Kombat, but anyone can have these glasses, too. They are cool, colorful, and comfortable to wear. So, why not?

21. Leather Gauntlet Wristband

Faux Leather Arm Guards Arm Bracers

Leather wristbands are must-have items for fans of Liu Kang who plan on cosplaying as their favorite characters at the next cosplay event.

The whole costume of Liu Kang is basically not that difficult to get. But one thing for sure, you need to include the leather wristband in your set of costume.

These wristbands have a Medieval look that will make you look powerful, while always needing to be ready for a fight. Made of PU leather, this set comes with 2 pieces of faux leather arm guards, and you can freely use them for any occasion you like.

They will look cool, nevertheless.

22. Punk Leather Bracelet

Gothic Spike Studded Wrap Gauntlet

This punk leather bracelet also comes as a cool item for professional cosplayers and Mortal Kombat fans to have. Comes in black that will be perfect to be matched with any style you like.

You can wear it on your arm and you will instantly create an instant punk style. If you are planning on adding a dramatic element to your whole cosplay look, you can wear this bracelet and be ready to be adored by lots of women and girls.

23. Mortal Kombat Dragon Men’s Ring

Mortal Kombat Dragon Men’s Ring
Mortal Kombat Dragon Men’s Ring

If you are a true fan of Mortal Kombat, then why not show it to the world by wearing this Mortal Kombat Dragon Men’s Ring as a symbol of identification? This is a custom-designed ring especially made for true Mortal Kombat fans.

You can wear it as an accessory, or you can also wear this ring while cosplaying as one of Mortal Kombat characters.

However, a symbol of your identity as a true fan of Mortal Kombat doesn’t have to be too big or expensive. As for this ring, this ring is made of 925 sterling silver, which I think will make it a valuable yet durable piece of ring to wear daily.

24. Sub-Zero Chest and Belt

Sub-Zero Chest and Belt
Sub-Zero Chest and Belt

If you are a fan of Sub-Zero and just can’t wait to wear your costume to the long-awaited cosplay event, then make sure you include this Sub-Zero chest and belt. Aside from the mask, his costume will be incomplete, and lose your chance of becoming the best cosplayer at the event.

To make sure of that, I recommend you to get this set of chest and belt since they will make you look more stunning as Sub-Zero.

They are made of high-quality materials, making them durable and long-lasting items to wear for many cosplay events.

25. Shao Kahn Helmet Helmet

Shao Kahn Helmet Helmet
Shao Kahn Helmet Helmet

If you are cosplaying as Shao Kahn and still looking for the perfect helmet to complete your look, then search no more because I have a recommendation for the best helmet to pick.

Here I have a handmade Shao Kahn helmet that is made of resin, elastic strap and mesh screening. It was also made with perfection and extra attention to details, so it will be worth it for you to have at least one of these masks. 

The mask will fit your head inside and it comes with an excellent paint job and is able to resemble the actual helmet we see in the video game or movie.

So, if you are cosplaying as Shao Kahn, then you better put this item on your cart and make your purchase before it runs out!

Where to Buy Authentic Mortal Kombat Accessories?

You can get authentic Mortal Kombat accessories at well-known costume stores and rentals. But since we are living in a digital world, you can easily search for authentic accessories from many online stores and ecommerce platforms.

Some of the most recommended platforms include etsy.com, amazon.com or ebay.com.

However, before you make any purchase, make sure that the stores on those platforms are legit and one of the best ways to make sure of it is by checking out the testimonials and feedback from the store’s customers.

Another way is to communicate with the seller via chat features on the platform to make sure the products are authentic or handmade by local makers. 

Final Thought

Now that you have better ideas on what Mortal Kombat accessories are best to boost your cosplay performance, then I hope you can find the most suitable items of accessories to complete your cosplay look.

Do remember that some items are made for order, so it’s always good to make orders in advance, to give time for the seller to produce the item, and give you time to prepare your costume properly, too.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The most popular ones include the weapons of the characters and masks.

Each character has their own unique weapons in the form of blades, spears, clubs and even blades in the form of a hand fan. All weapons have great power and ability to win battles, making them popular among fans. 

Where can you purchase authentic Mortal Kombat Accessories online?

There are many ecommerce platforms that sell authentic Mortal Kombat accessories. Some stores have accessories that are handmade, and some also sell items that are made in bulk and often used as part of Halloween costumes.

To make sure the products are authentic, then it’s recommended that you check the customers’ testimonials section or have direct communication with the sellers via chat feature.

Which Mortal Kombat characters have the most accessories available for fans?

Scorpion is definitely a character that has the most accessories available online.

From weapons to masks and costumes, you can easily find Scorpion’s accessories in many stores. Since he is also one of the most popular characters in the franchise, and quite a lot of versions of outfits with different masks and weapons as well.

Are there any safety concerns associated with Mortal Kombat weapon replicas?

Most replicas are made of PLA and friendly materials.

But some are made of solid materials and feature sharp edges that might harm children. So, replicas require users to be wise in terms of usage to avoid unwanted incidents during use. 

How should I care for and maintain my Mortal Kombat collectibles to ensure their longevity?

You can maintain your Mortal Kombat collectibles and accessories by storing them in a clean and dry place to ensure they are free from mold or dirt.

Also, do get your items out from storage once in a while and clean them from dust. This step will make sure they stay in good shape for a long period of time. 

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