26 Impressive Franky Cosplay Ideas to Steal The Show

If we’re talking about the most perverted pirate in One Piece, Franky is the absolute most perverted crew ever. He has an interesting character with a unique personality and great ability. He is also known as an exhibitionist who is also strong-willed, eccentric, free-spirited and hates rules, too!

Franky Cosplay
Franky Cosplay Ideas

Based on what we shared above, cosplaying Franky sounds like an exciting idea. With many cool outfits he wears throughout the story, there are many Franky cosplay ideas that you can use as recommendations.

And below, we have gathered some of the most exciting ideas for you.  

Male Franky Cosplay

If you have a unique personality like Franky and feel confident enough to dress up like him, then it would be a great idea to cosplay as “Cutty Flam” and make a surprise entrance at a cosplay convention.

Here are some of the coolest Franky cosplay ideas that we have gathered for you.

1. Authentic Franky Costume

Source: Pinterest (@Cruz3N)

If you are looking for an authentic option for Franky cosplay, you can go for this idea. This cosplay idea was inspired by his outfit during the pre-timeskip with the red and yellow Hawaiian shirt and blue underwear. 

As for the hands, create huge hands with the blue tattoos, and put on the blue iconic wig to show off Franky’s identity. Plus, wear a thick chain necklace and let people see it clearly with your buttons open.

2. After Timeskip Outfit

Source: Pinterest (@manga-senpai.com)

Next up we have an option of Franky cosplay idea inspired by the after timeskip period. This cosplay idea features a red Hawaiian shirt and shorts, and props in the form of Franky’s mechanical powerful arms.

Create the large blue cubes on both hands and two round red explosive missiles on your shoulders, which are his famous weapons.

Wear the shirt unbuttoned and style your hair based on Franky’s hairstyle, but you don’t have to dye the hair in bright blue if you don’t feel like doing it. But do wear your sunglasses and wear the fake metal nose to finish it off. 

3. The Robot Hands

Source: Pinterest (@༺ᒪI ᒪIᑎᕼ❣ᵛᶰシ)

If you feel like going extra for the upcoming cosplay convention, you can try to recreate this look.

This Franky cosplay idea features gigantic robotic hands that will definitely make you the center of attention.

It will be even more so if you wear the Hawaiian shirt and pair it with the red underwear. Moreover, create the metallic look on both feet using metallic stickers or papers and cut them to make you look like you have robotic feet. 

4. Pants On

Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

Next up we have another Franky cosplay idea that includes the robotic arms. Since he is a cyborg in human form, it is crucial for you to include elements to show it in your costume. 

However, this costume includes silver or white shorts instead of underwear. If you are a bit shy to show too much skin, then this costume with pants on will be a great idea to recommend. 

5. Franky’s Six Pack Costume

Source: Pinterest

We know that Franky has huge muscles aside from his powerful mechanical body parts. This one is a great idea of Franky costume that features his muscles a.k.a six pack abs. 

It also comes with the robotic arms as well plus the tiny red underwear, too.

However, you can be creative by drawing the metal-like drawings on your body to highlight Franky’s identity as a cyborg. Also, make sure you wear sunglasses, dye your hair blue, and put on a fake nose button. 

6. Skinny Franky

Source: X (@Shonen Jump)

If you happen to be skinny but still want to cosplay as Franky, then we think this idea of the perfect Franky cosplay recommendation for you. This is a costume that offers you instant six pack abs even if you don’t have one. 

It also includes the robotic arms and hands, robotic accessories for your feet, the fake blue hair, sunglasses, and last but not least, the fake nose as a metallic button.

In our opinion, this is a complete set of Franky costumes that you need to consider.

7. Big Hair Don’t Care

Source: X (@DTJAAAAM)

For professional cosplayers who search for the extraordinary version of Franky costumes, you might want to consider this super awesome cosplay idea.

This is a costume that offers a unique kimono with sleeves that cover your fake mechanical arms and hands, plus the red underwear, too.

However, one thing that interests us the most is none other than the big blue wig! The hair is so big that all eyes will be on you the moment you enter the room. Aside from that, the costume also includes the accessories for your feet and the purple belt, too.

8. Casual Franky Costume

Source: Pinterest

Moving on to the next Franky cosplay idea on the list, we have this humble Franky costume for those of you who think that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. This costume features elements that are not too complicated.

The first element is of course, the red Hawaiian shirt paired with red shorts, weapon armbands, the blue wig, sunglasses, and last but not least, the fake metallic nose.

As for the nose, you can simply use a silver art paper and make a small cut to tick on your nose. You can also stick it to the sunglasses for a more solid option.

9. Elvis Style Franky

Source: Pinterest

Franky’s hairstyle does look like Elvis’ hairstyle in a way, don’t you think? If you are a fan of Franky and also Elvis, then perhaps you can combine the two styles together to look like this cosplay outfit.

Wear a red Hawaiian shirt, dark blue underwear, wear the fake muscular Franky’s hands, the chain necklace, sunglasses, and the most important element, the Elvis’ style blue wig!

It’s definitely the most iconic element of this costume idea that you must never forget to include. 

10. Franky in Black Robe

Source: Pinterest (@deviantart.com)

You don’t have to worry if the weather is kinda windy and somehow freezing, because you can still cosplay as Franky. However, you can forget about his minimalist outfit and consider wearing a black robe instead.

Take this next cosplay idea for instance, and prepare the back robe that comes with the black boots as well. Both include gold lines as accents, plus the gigantic hands, too.

Moreover, to finish the look, get a blue wig and wear the sunglasses along with the fake metallic nose. 

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11. Big Guy Franky

Source: Pinterest (@Chasen Friedman)

If you are a big guy just like Franky, then you might want to recreate the look for your next cosplay event.

This is the perfect cosplay idea for those with a large upper body because it comes with a fake six pack abs to emphasize your unique look.

You will need to create large-size robotic hands to create a dramatic look, and dye your hair in blue and style them to look like Franky’s hairstyle. You can wear the accessories for your feet and to finish it off, wear a pair of slippers to create a funny look.

12. Franky Before Timeskip

Source: Pinterest

We have to admit that Franky’s outfit before the timeskip was pretty deceiving. He looks powerless, especially with the red Hawaiian shirt and tiny underwear. Although he looks powerless, his outfit is actually pretty exciting.

You can recreate his look pre-timeskip by wearing a red Hawaiian shirt and small shorts, plus the yellow necklace and fake blue wig.

As additional but crucial accessories, wear Franky’s iconic sunglasses with the fake metallic nose, and you’re all set, ready to rock the long-awaited cosplay convention in town!

13. Ready to Party

Source: Pinterest

Franky’s character is fun and eccentric, and this next cosplay idea is the true definition of that. Since you can explore your creativity in the cosplay universe, then you can add your own personalization to your costume.

This costume includes a fur coat to pair with the gold chain necklace and red underwear. Then, wear your yellow flip-flops and put on Franky’s blue hair wig, and then get an eccentric pair of sunglasses to wear along with the fake metallic nose.

In our opinion, you will look like a cool Franky who’s ready to party the night away!

14. DIY Franky Cosplay

Source: Pinterest (@Logan Pierce)

Franky’s outfits are pretty complicated but it doesn’t mean that you can’t create one yourself.

If you have some spare time, perhaps you can have a creative DIY project to create a cool Franky costume like this next idea.

All elements of this costume include items that you can make yourself, plus the comic-like weapons for the arms, too. Moreover, when you are making the blue hair, make sure you create the brown beard as well, along with the iconic sunglasses and fake metallic nose, too. 

Cyborg Franky Cosplay

We believe all One Piece fans love the cyborg version of Franky because he is so powerful and cool with weapons all over his body.

If you are a fan of Franky in his full cyborg mode, then check out below some of the best recommendations for Cyborg Franky cosplays.

15. Full Cyborg Mode

Source: Facebook (@Cosplay in America)

This amazing cosplay idea will surely make you the winner of the best cosplay award, there’s no doubt about it. This costume can be your exciting DIY project since it is made with great attention to details.

It includes the huge explosive body, missiles arms and weaponized arms. Moreover, it also includes the mask and horns as well.

All in all, this costume is a complete set of Franky’s robotic costumes that will make you the most powerful cyborg ever. 

16. Full Metal Mode

Full Metal Mode
Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

Being a cyborg, Franky is able to customize his own body parts and turn them into weapons or missiles.

When he is all equipped with his robotic body parts, he will look like a robot, and you can create a robotic costume inspired by his full cyborg mode.

Similar to the idea above, this one also comes with a full robotic costume. But this one includes the robotic feet as well in red and blue, which will make you a super powerful Franky cosplayer at a cosplay convention. 

17. Battle Mode

Battle Mode
Source: Pinterest (@tumblr.com)

This one is a Franky cosplay idea for professional cosplayers out there who want to look on point at the most awaited cosplay event in town. This super cool costume needs time to prepare since it comes with props that look like real weapons and missiles. 

It is made with extra attention to details and you will need to think about all elements of the costumes down to the smallest details.

Underneath the costume, make sure you also wear proper outfit that includes red pants and boots to make sure you look on point from head to toe.

18. Franky in Black Cyborg Mode

Franky in Black Cyborg Mode
Source: Facebook (@One Piece – One Million Fans)

Here is another Franky cosplay idea for professional cosplayers out there. This is a costume that comes with black props including the weapons and missiles, too. 

You will need to spare your time to create each piece of the costume carefully.

As for the outfit, simply wear a white shirt along with black shorts and a pair of red boots. Then, make sure you don’t skip making the fake blue hair and nose to complete your look.

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Female Franky Cosplay

Calling female fans of Franky the Cyborg out there! We know that although Frankly is a pervert, he still has a huge female fan base that adores his hilarious character, including his look and personality.

If you plan on cosplaying Franky, check out some of the most recommended cosplay ideas below. 

19. Long Haired Franky

Long Haired Franky
Source: Pinterest (@Louco Diamante)

Since you will be cosplaying as the female version of Franky, then we think it would be a great idea for you to wear a long blue wig, just like the one shown in the pic. Then, wear a red bikini top and pair it with a red Hawaiian shirt on top of the bikini top. 

Then, make sure you create a small-size weapon using a carton board, including the knee protectors.

Lastly, create your own version of the metallic nose to complete your look, and in no time, you will be the star of the cosplay event. 

20. Sexy Franky in Red Bikini

Sexy Franky in Red Bikini
Source: Pinterest (@Malena San)

Be the sexy version of Franky by recreating this sexy Franky in red bikini cosplay idea. To recreate this look, you will need to wear a red bikini and pair it with a long dark blue wig. 

Then, have yourself a pair of Franky’s mechanical hands and arms, which you can create yourself or purchase from trusted costume stores or rentals.

Since the world of cosplay is full of creativity, you can add your own style to the costume, such as wearing a pair of fishnet stockings and silver boots. 

21. The Amazing Franky

The Amazing Franky
Source: Instagram (@ezcosplay)

You also have an option to cosplay as a female version of Franky with a touch of masculinity, just like the one shown in the pic.

This is an awesome Franky costume that will make you look super cool with the iconic hair wig. 

Wear a red Hawaiian shirt and a red bikini, and get a high-quality pair of robotic hands as the props, as well as the knee protectors to complete the look. Then, get yourself Franky’s iconic blue hair plus the fake metallic nose, and you’re basically done, ready to rock the cosplay convention. 

22. Creative Franky Costume

Creative Franky Costume
Source: Instagram (@_nicoolinn)

If you feel like wanting to cosplay as feminine version of Franky the Cyborg, then you might want to consider recreating this creative Franky costume.

This costume has all the most important elements that Franky’s costume requires, but it still has a room for personalization. 

You can have your own version of the blue hair style and pair it with a red bikini plus the robotic hands and arms. Then, wear the props for your feet and put on some feminine makeup to highlight the sweet and feminine look of the costume. 

23. Huge Robot Hands

Huge Robot Hands
Source: X (@♡Roku♡)

If you think that the robotic weapon hands need to be emphasized, then you will need to recreate this look.

This is a female version of Franky cosplay idea that includes the huge blue box with star tattoos on them.

You can pair them with a red bikini and round missiles on the shoulders and wear a unique blue hair plus the fake metallic nose to complete your look. Then wear a pair of silver costume boots to finish it off. 

24. Fierce Female Franky

Fierce Female Franky
Source: Pinterest (@Arda Wigs)

Although you are cosplaying as female Franky, it doesn’t mean that you can’t look fierce like the one shown in this pic. You can cosplay as a fierce female Franky by wearing a red bikini and a pair of authentic robotic hands.

As for the hair, put on Franky’s iconic blue hair in the form of a wig and pair it with sunglasses and star earrings on both ears.

We can assure you, male cosplayers will think twice before they finally have the courage to flirt with you.

Kids Franky Cosplay

With colorful outfits and appearance, Franky also has lots of kids fans who would be thrilled to wear Franky costumes. Check out below a couple of recommendations for Franky costumes for kids. 

25. Simple and Fun

Simple and Fun
Source: Pinterest (@Cruz3N)

This is a fun and colorful choice of Franky costume for kids. The costume includes a bright yellow Hawaiian shirt, red shirts, and a bright blue wig plus the iconic round sunglasses. 

This costume is a perfect choice of Franky costume for kids aged 5 and above who love One Piece and all the characters in the story.

If your kids are one of them, do recommend this costume idea and see how they will be excited to cosplay as Franky.

26. Casual Franky

Casual Franky
Source: Pinterest

Next up we have another choice of Franky cosplay idea for kids. This one also comes with a bright yellow shirt to be worn unbuttoned, and a pair of dark blue underwear to complete the costume. 

Then, dye the hair light blue. As for the hair, you can easily get a specific Frtanky’s wig that includes the iconic sunglasses as well. The kids can also wear the costume barefoot to create a more iconic look of Franky. 

Final Thoughts

Franky is one of the most iconic characters of the Straw Hat Pirates with attractive outfits, which make him a great inspiration for cosplay. If you are a cosplayer, beginner or pro, cosplaying as Franky would be an excellent idea.

The best way to do it is by making sure you include the necessary elements into your costume. 

Then, you can add your own touch of personality into the costume, such as creating a different hair style with the same color, or use additional accessories like earrings or boots to enhance your cosplay look.

Once you are ready, make sure you share your experience online to inspire other cosplayers who plan on becoming Franky at the next cosplay events. 

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the essential components of a Franky cosplay?

The most essential components of a Franky cosplay is the open loud Hawaiian “Aloha” shirt and a large golden chain necklace around his neck. His blue hair is also very essential, plus the underwear that he wears all the time.

Which version of Franky should I cosplay, pre-timeskip or post-timeskip?

The choice is basically up to you because all Franky’s outfits are very iconic. The most significant difference between the two outfits are the cyborg hands which he developed on his own.

Before timeskip his hands are still pretty normal, so if you are going for a simple Franky look, you can go for a pre-timeskip look.

How can I style my hair to match Franky’s pompadour?

The easiest way would be getting Franky’s iconic blue hair wig from online stores that sell costumes for cosplay.

If your hair is long enough to be styled using special hair gel, you can style the hair yourself and dye the hair blue for the perfect result.

What are some creative ways to accessorize my Franky cosplay?

Some of the most creative ways to add some accessories to your Franky costume is to add a personal touch to it, such as wearing specific earrings to boost your appearance, or have a DIY project to create the props and accessories to own your look. 

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