25 Epic Chopper Cosplay Ideas That Will Win Every Contest!

Don’t be fooled by the cute appearance of Tony Tony Chopper. He may look cute and small, but he has amazing abilities and powers that makes him a key character in One Piece. Chopper is the doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates and he is actually a Reindeer who can transform into a human hybrid at will.

As a reindeer, Chopper has a unique look. He wears a blue cap that has a ring of dots around the circle, while the cap has buckles hanging from it. He wears this over his old pink hat.

Chopper Cosplay

This character also wears a white and yellow vertical striped tank top, paired with an orange pair of shorts.

With such a colorful outfit, Chopper makes a great cosplay idea, and below we are sharing with you 25 of the coolest Chopper cosplay ideas that includes ideas for male, female, and kids, too!

Chopper Cosplay for Male

Let’s start the list with some of the most recommended Chopper cosplay ideas for males. If you are looking for One Piece cosplay ideas with the most unique elements, Chopper is definitely a perfect character to consider.

Check out below for inspirations!

1. Chopper Bodysuit

Source: Pinterest (@acparadise.com)

If you’re the simple type, we recommend you to go for a Chopper costume that comes as a bodysuit. It features the bodysuit, pink hat, pink shorts, blue backpack, and of course the beard as well.

Moreover, we also think this is the perfect Chopper costume for guys who don’t have six packs yet.

If you wonder why, well it’s obviously because the bodysuit already includes the six packs. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

2. Gigantic Chopper Hat

Source: X (@Iammarriott Cosplay)

This is a Chopper costume that you can make yourself at home. Well, at least you can easily get the red pants because you probably have a pair of red shorts at home already. If not, then you can easily get a pair from online stores. 

However, one element that you need to prepare is the gigantic red hat. It comes in an unusual size with the white cross and two horns, one on each side of the hat.

Just have it topless and wear the red pants and the gigantic hair, and create the blue nose and you’re all set to become Chopper in his Brain Point version.

3. The Sexiest Chopper Ever

Source: Facebook (@Cosplay Aesthetics)

Cosplay is a world of creativity and you can become anything you like, or be creative with the look of your favorite character.

If you’re feeling sexy, then you can choose to become the sexiest Chopper ever with this awesome idea.

You can wear a pair of maroon shorts and a pair of sneakers. Then, put on the pink Copper hat and carry his iconic blue backpack. Lastly, wear a brown fur scarf around your neck to complete the look.

With this look, you will be the sexiest Chopper ever, especially if you show your abs and muscles. 

4. Extra Large Chopper’s Horns

Source: deviantart (@KH-LoZ-er)

Chopper enlarges his horns for battles many times, and we think it would be a great idea to wear a unique Chopper costume that has huge horns, plus enlarged hands to show that you are cosplaying Chopper in his battle-mode outfit.

You can then wear orange knee-length shorts and the iconic blue cap to complete your look.

This Horn Point mode also includes long hair or fur on the back, which will make you look more convincing as the One Piece’s doctor. This Chopper cosplay idea is totally worth considering.

5. Chopper Costume with a Mask

Source: deviantart (@Shiraku-sanji)

Be all out with your Chopper cosplay idea by wearing a special mask that completes the cool set of Chopper costumes. The mask offers a cute reindeer face with a blue nose, Chopper’s iconic uniqueness. 

The costume also includes the pink hat plus the huge horns on both sides of the hat.

This Chopper cosplay idea was inspired by his Monster Point form, which is the strongest version of him. 

6. Six Pack Chopper Costume

Source: deviantart (@Shiraku-sanji)

This Chopper cosplay idea is also a look that will boost your masculinity, although you will need to wear your pink hat to recreate this look.

This is a look that was inspired by Chopper’s human form that includes the large body and fur scarf.

Make sure you also carry the iconic blue backpack and the blue nose. You can also put on some makeup to make you look more convincing, too!

Chopper Cosplay for Female

Due to Chopper’s cuteness, he has a solid female fan base, including female cosplayers that will be delighted to cosplay as Chopper for any cosplay or costume event.

Below we have 15 of the coolest Chopper cosplay ideas for female fans, including ideas that include some creative improvisations to make you look awesome. 

7. School Girl Chopper

Source: Pinterest (@🍭💅Kïerra🦋💘)

This school girl Chopper cosplay idea is one of our most favorites since this look will make you look cute and colorful.

It comes with the white and yellow striped tank top, red shorts, and the iconic blue backpack.

To make you look unique and attractive as Chopper, you can embrace your curly hair and put the iconic blue cap on top of it. Lastly, create the blue nose, top it off with flawless makeup and you’re all set!

8. Tank Top and Shorts

Source: Pinterest

This is one of the best Chopper cosplay ideas for female fans who love to have a little DIY project. This costume features elements that you can create yourself at home. It only needs white tank top with yellow stripes and pink hot pants

One element that you will need to prepare is the blue cap. Since it has a unique shape and color combination, you can either make yourself -if you have time- or buy it online.

There are many stores that sell costume accessories, and since One Piece is popular among cosplayers, Chopper’s hat will not be difficult to get. 

9. Tutu Skirt and a Bikini Top

Source: Pinterest (@dtjaaaam.com)

Add some creative improvisations to your Chopper costume by wearing a blue bikini top and add some yellow ribbons on it. Then, instead of wearing red pants, put on a cute red tutu skirt that will make you look super cute.

You can then pair them with a pair of knee-length boots and finish it off with the iconic Chopper’s hat.

With a tutu skirt and bikini top, we believe without a doubt you will be the cutest Chopper out there.

10. DIY Chopper’s Hat

Source: Pinterest

This next Chopper cosplay idea is probably one of the most creative versions of costumes on this list. This look can be your DIY project that includes many elements of costumes that will make you look awesome.

However, the hat is the one element that will make you look stand out. It is made of cardboard and it will obviously become a fun DIY project to explore your creativity.

You can then mix the hat with a pink robe, a pair of Chopper’s hand gloves, and a red and white suit. 

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11. Warm Chopper Cosplay

Source: Pinterest (@Joao Victor Rodrigues)

You can wear something cozy to the next cosplay convention by stealing this unique doctor Chopper look. This costume features a pink fur hat that includes cute little horns on both sides. 

It also includes a sleeveless fur top with a pair of gloves made of the same material. Then, wear your brown boots and pair them with a pair of red shorts.

Aside from looking sweet and cute as Chopper, we believe that you will warm, too.

12. Comic Book Chopper

Source: Pinterest (@tumblr.com)

Let’s do something eye catching for the next cosplay event by wearing this unique Chopper costume.

This is a costume that comes in a comic book mode with super bright colors and cute makeup.

You can wear your bright red pants and pair it with a casual white and yellow striped shirt, a pair of brown gloves, and lastly, wear the cute iconic blue cap that has two horns on both sides of the hat. 

13. Cropped Top and Skirt

Source: Pinterest

If you’re looking for a unique Chopper look with a feminine touch, then we think recreating this look will be a great idea.

You can wear a sleeveless white and orange striped crop top and pair it with a bright orange mini skirt.

Then, complete your look by wearing a pair of fur long armbands and a pair for your feet as well. Lastly, make sure you include the cute blue hat that will make you the center of attention. 

14. Fluffy Chopper Cosplay

Source: Pinterest (@Natalie Hammond)

This one is a very unique Chopper cosplay idea that comes with a super fluffy Chopper red hat. The first elements you need to prepare include the red crop top and red short pants, and pair them with red long armbands and long socks.

Then, make sure you carry the iconic blue Chopper medical bag on your back, and lastly, put on the pink fluffy hat to finish it off.

Oh and one more thing, make sure you make your nose blue, too!

15. Cotton Candy-themed Chopper Cosplay

Source: Pinterest

All One Piece fans know that Tony Tony Chopper is a huge fan of cotton Candy. Therefore, why not include cotton candy as an element of your Chopper costume?

You can start by wearing the white and yellow striped sleeveless shirt and red short pants.

Then, wear the iconic blue backpack and the hat and pair them with a beige armband to complete your look.

As an accessory, carry a cotton candy in your hand that you make yourself using a cotton candy maker, and when you do that, we believe people will adore your creativity. 

16. Reindeer’s Gloves

Reindeer’s Gloves
Source: Pinterest (@icchpotato.deviantart.com)

Chopper is truly an inspiring character that makes many girls love him.

If you are one of them, then you might want to cosplay as Chopper and recreate this look because this costume looks so adorable.

You can wear a pair of red short pants and pair it with a sleeveless top made of soft fabric. Wear the red hat that has the horns on both sides plus the blue bag.

However, the main elements of this costume are the gloves and socks that come in the shape of reindeer’s hands and feet. 

17. Chopper’s Hat with Cute Makeup Style

Chopper’s Hat with Cute Makeup Style
Source: Pinterest (@instagram.com)

Makeup is an important aspect of a costume that will make you stand out from the crowd. Here we have an idea for the perfect makeup to complete your Chopper’s cosplay. 

It comes with a pink blush and white teardrops, plus the blue nose and red rosy lipstick to make you look bright and cheerful.

Curly your long hair and wear the iconic blue cap with the horns to finish it off. 

18. Chopper’s Huge Fist

Chopper’s Huge Fist
Source: Pinterest (@One Piece)

This Chopper cosplay idea has one element that we think is super unique.

It comes with a light brown top and red short pants. But it has something that will make you look like you just came out of a comic book, which is the Chopper’s huge fist.

The fist comes in the form of gloves, and an extra large pair of gloves, that is. With the gloves, you will like you are super ready for battle, and will surely make others think twice to fight you because of the fist. 

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19. Chopper with Long Hair

Chopper with Long Hair
Source: Pinterest (@manga-senpai.com)

Here we have another dramatic makeup idea for those of you girls out there who plan on cosplaying Chopper for the next cosplay convention.

Unlike the previous makeup idea that looks fresh and cheerful, this one comes with a feminine touch to create a sweet look.

You can curly your long hair and wear the iconic Chopper’s cap, and put on some makeup that creates a sweet look with thin lips and blue nose.

In addition, you can also wear a fur jacket to complete your look, too.

20. Sexy Dr. Tony Tony Chopper Cosplay

Sexy Dr. Tony Tony Chopper Cosplay
Source: Instagram (@bumble.bees.cosplay)

Who would have thought that Dr. Chopper can look gorgeous? You can also become a gorgeous version of Dr. Chopper by recreating this look.

This is one of the most charming Chopper cosplay ideas since you will be equipped with a stethoscope. 

Wear your brown top and maroon shorts, and carry the blue Chopper medical bag and the pink hat. Then, make sure you add a stethoscope as an accessory that will make you look like a gorgeous Dr. Chopper. 

21. DIY Chopper Cosplay

DIY Chopper Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@Ally Costa)

This DIY Chopper cosplay is perfect for young female fans who would love to cosplay as Chopper with a customized costume that highlights the feminine side of the character. 

You can wear a sleeveless white and yellow striped crop top and a mini red skirt, and carry a blue backpack. Then, make sure you wear the iconic blue cap that has two reindeer’s horns on both sides.

In addition, you can also wear a pair of black stockings to make you look cheerful. 

Chopper Cosplay for Kids

We believe that Chopper also has a lot of young fans, thanks to his super cute look. If your little ones are fans of Chopper, then we believe they would love to wear a cute Chopper costume.

So, below we have several Chopper cosplay ideas for kids that might inspire your and your little ones. 

22. Bodysuit Chopper Costume

Bodysuit Chopper Costume
Source: Pinterest (@Eva Mady)

Look at this adorable little Chopper! This is a cute costume in small size that comes in a bodysuit format.

It will be easy for your little one to wear, and it will be comfortable as well.

Your little one will be able to move freely while being the center of attention, thanks to this cute little Chopper costume that comes with the red shorts and red hat. 

23. Chopper in Converse

Chopper in Converse
Source: Pinterest (@lucero guadalupe)

This little Chopper is surely ready to make all eyes on her at a fun costume party.

This is the perfect idea of a Chopper costume for children aged above 4. It comes with a casual look that includes a white and yellow striped shirt and orange shorts. 

It also comes with a super cute blue cap and blue backpack, too! However, the cutest thing about this costume is the pair of Converse! You can let your little one wear their pair of Converse and look like a cool little Chopper.

24. Cozy Little Chopper

Cozy Little Chopper
Source: Pinterest (@weheartit.com)

Aww.. look at this adorable and sweet little Chopper. This is undoubtedly the cutest yet the warmest Chopper costume for a sweet little girl. It includes a suit made of wool, a blue backpack, and a pink hat made of woll, too.

If you have a sweet little girl who happens to be a huge fan of Tony Tony Chopper, then this costume is truly made for her.

You can add a pair of black mary jane shoes and the cute little Chopper gloves to complete her cute look.

25. Baby Chopper

Baby Chopper
Source: Pinterest (@Kirsten Schow)

This little baby Chopper needs to be given the award of the cutest Chopper ever!

You can let your baby girl wear this super cute costume that includes a white and red striped sleeveless shirt, orange shorts, blue backpack, and also the pink hat that has two horns on both sides.

Imagine how people will adore your little girl with her Chopper outfit. She will definitely enjoy being adored by everyone at a costume party. 

Final Thoughts

Being one of the most adorable characters in One Piece, Chopper is definitely a character who deserves to be a cosplay inspiration. With such an adorable outfit plus accessories, cosplaying as Chopper will make you the star of any cosplay events or conventions.

You can also be free with your imagination and creativity in cosplaying Chopper.

You can add your own version of accessories and style, and make sure you still incorporate the most iconic Chopper’s costume elements to your costume, such as the hat and backpack. 

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can Chopper cosplay be adapted for different ages and body types?

Yes, definitely. You can customize your own version of Chopper costume for all ages and body types by choosing different Chopper outfits and accessories.

You can also create DIY Chopper costumes because the costume elements are very easy to create as well.

What are the essential components of a Chopper cosplay outfit?

The blue cap is the most essential component of Chopper costume.

The hat has a ring of dots around the circle with buckles hanging from it. The hat also has two reindeer horns on the sides that also comes as Chopper’s identity as a reindeer.

Are there different versions of Chopper’s outfit from the “One Piece” series for cosplay? 

There are several versions of Chopper’s outfits from the One Piece series that will make great inspirations for cosplays.

Some of the most popular ones include Chopper’s hybrid form, jumping point form, guard point, walk point, horn point, and lastly, Chopper’s monster point form. 

What makeup tips can help achieve Chopper’s look in human form?

Makeup is one of the most important factors of a great Chopper costume.

The first thing you need to do is to create the blue-colored nose and complete the look by creating a fresh and cheerful look using bright makeup colors like pink blush and pink lipstick. 

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