Stacking Tetris Lights

I remember the days when I used to spend hours upon hours playing Tetris, ah, good times.

I might not be doing that now, but these Stacking Tetris Lights bring out the nostalgia in me and overall look pretty cool and fun.

Their best feature is that the Tetris lights glow only when they are touching, and doesn’t that bring a manful tear to your eye? Remove one and the removed piece will stop glowing, which is achieved through safely conducted low voltage electricity.

You can stack it in an infinite number of configurations, which makes for a fun pass-the-time activity, or you could buy them for your kid to spark their logical and creative thinking.

Or just bask in their colorful warm glow and enjoy your evening, but you’ll still be probably itching to fiddle with them and that’s completely okay.

Stacking Tetris Lights
Stacking Tetris Lights

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