31 Cool Gifts For Electricians They Will Love

Life without electricians would be an absolute nightmare. Picture what life would be like without music, light and entertainment! Fortunately, we all have electrician friends, acquaintances and relatives who make life worth living. But have you let them know just how much you appreciate them? Gifts for electricians offer an opportunity to express your sincere gratitude and let them know someone cares.

Whether they have a special occasion coming up or you simply want to thank them for a job well done, a thoughtful gift for an electrician will make them feel special. Such gifts could range from versatile tools of the trade to funny novelty items that make them smile. No matter what your choice is, you want to make sure it does not end up collecting dust at the back of the closet.

Best Gift Ideas For Electricians

We have compiled the ultimate list of electrician gift ideas. Take a look and discover some of the most unique items that will definitely excite that special someone!

#1 Can I Get A Watt Watt Funny Electricians Coffee Mug

Can I Get A Watt Watt Funny Electricians Coffee Mug - Gifts for Electricians

Break away from the obvious and give the electrician in your life a gift that will get their groove going. “Can I get a watt watt?” Every time they take a coffee break, they will get a massive dose of humor as well!  No matter what kind of day they are having, this mug holds the potential to get them back in high spirits.

Find it Here.

#2 Switches Be Trippin’ Hoodie – Funny Gifts for Electricians

Switches Be Trippin’ Hoodie - funny Gifts for Electricians

Offering the perfect blend of function and flair, this hoodie will instantly become a favorite. It consists of a fun twist on a popular meme, with a focus on the electrician’s line of interest. Not only will these hoodies keep them smiling, but it will also spread positive vibes. What a cool way to keep both the wearer and those around him in the best mood. Find it Here.

#3 Electrician Parking Sign – Useful Gift for Electrician

Electrician Parking Sign - Useful Gifts for Electricians

Is there someone who always parks in his spot? Why not scare the wits out of the violator with this hilarious parking sign? They can carry this around with them to inspire fear. After all, no one wants to get hot-wired. Alternatively, this could make a great addition to their man cave or office décor. If you are looking for a housewarming gift, look no further than this!

Find it Here.

#4 Personalized Monogrammed Leather Tool Belt

Personalized Monogrammed Leather Tool Belt - Gifts for Electricians

By virtue of their job description, most electricians love gadgets. Why not get them a personalized leather tool belt to add some utility to their life? It has multiple compartments to hold a variety of tools. In addition to its high functional value, this belt also carries serious sentimental value. Add a special message or their company log to make it special and memorable. Find it Here.

#5 The Levitating Lightbulb

The Levitating Lightbulb

Every electrician would kill for one of these. It’s an LED bulb floating on thin air above a wooden base. Watch the bulb magically come to life with a simple touch on the base! Cool, right? And the best part is that it is not a high maintenance gift as it does not require batteries. The light has a lifespan of at least 50,000 hours, enough to light up his existence for a lifetime. Find it Here.

#6 Light Bulb Necklace Gifts for Electricians

Light Bulb Necklace - Gifts for Electricians

Add some style to their look with a touch of electrical glam. This innovative necklace sports a light bulb pendant and a personalized charm. The design shows great attention to detail and would make an electrician’s heart leap. Together with the personalization aspect, this is one gift they will never want to take off. Notably, it would be just as great for both male and female electricians. Find it Here.

#7 Electrician Gift – Custom Portrait as Yellow Cartoon Character

Electrician Gift - Custom Portrait as Yellow Cartoon Character

How about putting a permanent smile on your favorite electrician’s face with one of these gifts for electricians? Yellow cartoon characters use actual photos to create fun cartoon characters. This piece will portray your electrician friend doing what they do best. You can count on its potential to light up their faces every time they see it. Find it Here.

#8 Electrician Definition Shirt

Electrician Definition Shirt - Gifts for Electricians

Let the world know just how tough an electrician’s job is with one of these quirky shirts. This fun definition of an electrician’s job clearly shows why they are special. The best part has to be the aspect of “precision guesswork.” He will not need any convincing to put this shirt on. In fact, it might be a problem getting him to take it off. Find it Here.

#9 Electrician Street Sign

Electrician Street Sign - Gifts for Electricians

Planning to attend an electrician’s housewarming? How about getting them a street sign that will add tons of value to their décor? This is one piece that will look great no matter where the recipient places it. Whether in the home office, den or man cave, it will add tons of visual interest. Thanks to its use of high-quality material, it will also stand the test of time. Find it Here.

#10 Huckberry All-Weather Duckboots

Huckberry All-Weather Duckboots - Gifts for Electricians

Huckberry All-Weather Duckboots

At times, electricians have to go out in the worst weather to rescue a family from the terrors of darkness. These boots are the perfect tokens of gratitude for their self-sacrificing spirit. As a 100% waterproof pair, they can handle virtually anything foul weather throws their way. And all the while, your favorite electrician’s feet will remain warm and toasty. Find Them Here.

#11 Hand Stamped Electrician Keychain

Hand Stamped Electrician Keychain - Gifts for Electricians

You can never go wrong with a keychain when looking for a thoughtful and useful gift. Make the gesture count for the electrician you care about by adding a personal touch. This keychain bears a light bulb charm and a hand-stamped bar bearing a heart-warming message. What an awesome combination of utility and sentimental value! Find it Here.

#12 Lightning Bolt Black Leather Belt

Lightning Bolt Black Leather Belt

A high-quality leather belt such as this one makes one of the best gifts for electricians. Every man needs a belt and this leaves no doubt on the usefulness of the gift. But that’s not all there is to it. Its unique style would make any electrician’s heart melt. The belt features a lightning bolt pattern all over the top, making it a unique statement piece. Find it Here.

#13 Badass Electricians Hoodie

Badass Electricians Hoodie

Gifts for the electrician boyfriend don’t come any better than this. Imagine how cool he would look in this stylish hoodie! And that’s not all. The funny text on the front will not only keep him smiling, but will also spread good cheer to everyone around him. Express your admiration for what he does and wow the world around him with one of these. Find it Here.

#14 Light Bulb Bracelet

Light Bulb Bracelet

Nothing quite captures the essence of an electrician’s passion quite as much as the light bulb. Give them an opportunity to show off their love for the job with one of these bracelets. It is a minimalistic silver-plated bangle with two charms. One is an intricately designed light bulb in silver plating while the other is a personalized initial charm. Find it Here.

#15 Chocolate Light Bulb And Wire Cutters Gift Box

Chocolate Light Bulb And Wire Cutters Gift Box

For the electrician who can never have too much chocolate, here is a gift that will drive him or her nuts. It consists of a white chocolate light bulb and a pair of plain chocolate wire cutters. The set shows so much attention to detail that the pieces look almost too real to eat. They actually have to take a bite to believe it’s chocolate. Find it Here.

#16 Personalized Cufflinks, Money Clip & Tie Clip Gift Set

Personalized Cufflinks, Money Clip & Tie Clip Gift Set

Whether the electrician in your life is your dad, boyfriend, brother or friend, they would love this functional set. For those special occasions when they have to dress up as gentlemen, these personalized pieces will certainly up the ante. They include a pair of cufflinks, a tie clip and a money clip in an elegant wooden gift box. Take the gift choice to the next level with a personalized text on each piece. Find it Here.

#17 Personalized Monogrammed Shaving Kit

Personalized Monogrammed Shaving Kit

If he is always on the go, then he certainly needs a shaving kit. But not just any kit will do. Get them this classy set which consists of an elegant razor and brush. They come in a wooden box with a personal message engraving on the inside of the lid. Ensure that every day starts off on a high note for that special electrician with one of these. Find it Here.

#18 Electrician Hourly Rate Hooded Sweatshirt

Electrician Hourly Rate Hooded Sweatshirt - Gifts for Electricians

Any handyman will tell you this, nothing is quite as hard as working under client supervision. Some customers actually go the extra mile and offer to help, while others even offer ideas on how best to do it. Well, with this clever hoodie, the electrician in your life can put an end to all such woes in style. It has a funny hourly rate chart that aims to put customers in their place and spread laughter.

Find it Here.

#19 Save A Fuse Electrician Mug

Save A Fuse Electrician Mug - Gifts for Electricians

Considering how serious their job is, electricians deserve a little humor now and then. With one of these gifts for electricians, you give them that and so much more. The message on the side of this mug will certainly tickle their funny bone, every day at coffee break. Regardless of how bad a day he’s having, this hilarious mug has the potential to turn the tides.

Find it Here.

#20 Smokeless Portable Fire Pit and Grill

Smokeless Portable Fire Pit and Grill

Outdoorsy electricians would treasure one of these portable, smokeless fire pits. Thanks to its advanced use of technology, it offers matchless performance. When you fill it to capacity, it offers 24 hours of warmth without the slightest smoke. Furthermore, you can control its flame quality using a Bluetooth app. Not only that, but it also doubles up as a grill. What more could an electrician want? Find it Here.

#21 World’s Okayest Electrician T-Shirt – Funny Gifts For Electricians

World's Okayest Electrician T-Shirt - Funny Gifts for Electricians

Looking for a sarcastic and humorous gift to give an annoying electrician? This is one piece that will have you both roaring in laughter. Its huge dose of sarcastic humor is a great way to put them in their place while still letting them know you care. What makes this gag gift super special is that it will keep giving for a really long time to come. Find it Here.

#22 Electrician Pencils

Electrician Pencils

An electrician can never have too many pencils. Add some serious sparkle to their collection with this elegant set. It has five HB, matt black pencils, each one featuring a creative pun. They sport high-quality material that will make the gift choice worthwhile. Their combination of elegance and function will have the recipient smiling from ear to ear. Find Them Here.

#23 Home Electrician – Lineman Sign

Home Electrician - Lineman Sign

Complete an electrician’s décor with this amazing centerpiece. It holds massive visual appeal in its minimalistic design. A lineman makes the focal point of the artwork and drives the message home. Since the piece is all handmade, you can be sure of matchless quality and uniqueness for every piece. Find it Here.

#24 Electrician Shirt – Lineman Tee

Electrician Shirt - Lineman Tee

Is there an aspiring electrician in your life or one who has recently graduated? This lineman t-shirt is the ultimate gift choice to get their juices flowing in the right direction. It sports a unique design that will get heads turning and attract plenty of compliments. What a nice way to showcase their love for all things electrical. Find it Here.

#25 PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer

PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer

Everyone, including your favorite electrician, needs one of these smartphone sanitizers. Though phones have become our constant companions, they are a breeding ground for disease pathogens. Keep your electrician out of harm’s way with this gadget that destroys such germs. It uses ultra-violet lights for the cleaning process and can fit most phones. As it cleans the phone, it also recharges your device, emitting a signal when it’s done. Find it Here.

#26 Keep Calm I’m An Electrician Travel Mug

Keep Calm I'm An Electrician Travel Mug

The keep calm meme can never go out of style and has great potential when it comes to gift-giving. Give the electrician you love an opportunity to keep smiling and make everyone around them happy too thanks to this mug. It’s value however extends beyond a few laughs as it will help keep them warm and caffeinated when they have to work long nights. Find it Here.

#27 Electrician Hourly Rate Coffee Mug

Electrician Hourly Rate Coffee Mug

Now your electrician friend has the perfect solution to help him deal with unreasonable customers. All he has to do is whip out this coffee mug and sip on his favorite beverage as the customer studies the varying rate. At least this way, he will get everyone back in line and avoid future problems. Give it to him as it is or as part of an electrician gift basket. Find it Here.

#28 Dango Tactical Wallets – Cool Gifts For Electricians

Dango Tactical Wallets

Is he both an electrician and an outdoors enthusiast? No gift could come close to these tactical wallets in completing his adventure collection. It has a wide variety of tools for handling various situations, and they come in a simple, compact package. They include a bottle opener, nail pryer, hexes and paracord cutter among others. With more than 14 different functions, this tool takes into consideration almost every situation. Find Them Here.

#29 Tool Rules Hoodie

Tool Rules Hoodie

You know what it’s like for a handyman and his tools, don’t you? Well, it turns out that not everybody understands the unspoken rules. Help your electrician make it clear with the tool rules hoodie. It says it all, leaving nothing to chance. And it does so with a sense of humor that is simply matchless. Let the world know about the special connection he shares with his tools. Find it Here.

#30 Personalized Electrician Mug

Personalized Electrician Mug

Showcase your love, admiration and devotion to your electrician boyfriend or husband with this amazing mug. To make its custom touch truly personal, it starts off with their name and goes on to your message of choice. Communicate your heartfelt feelings toward them and make tea time super special. This is one gesture they will never forget. Find it Here.

#31 Personalized Light Bulb – Personalized Gifts For Electricians

Personalised Light Bulb

Take advantage of an electrician’s love for bulbs to create one of the most unforgettable gifts for electricians ever! A personalized light bulb is as good as they come and is a sure way to light up his life, as he does yours.

Engrave any message you choose and make his heart skip a beat. And as the day gives way to darkness, watch the message come to life as the bulb lights up. Find it Here.

As you can see, choosing an appropriate gift for electricians does not have to be an uphill task. With these unique options at your disposal, you have the chance to make an indelible mark on their hearts and mind. Express deep gratitude, affection and admiration with one of these and your favorite electrician will always relish the gesture.

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