25 Chic and Unique Farmhouse Gifts for A Surprise

Are you planning to go back to your hometown, where the people out there live peacefully around the farmhouse? Or do you want to visit your parents who live in a farmhouse area? If so, you will need a farmhouse-themed gift for them before you go back.

This article will provide you with ideas of the best chic and unique farmhouse gifts for your family and friends. Get them the following products to surprise them before you visit this weekend! You can also get these items for yourself to add homely feeling into your rooms!

Whether you are looking for something practical, handy, unique, or memorable farmhouse gift, you should thoroughly check our recommendations. We have it all!

1. Farmhouse Wine Bottle Home Decor

Farmhouse Wine Bottle Home Decor

You can surprise your parents or siblings in your hometown by giving farmhouse gifts to them, an empty wine bottle with a cute design. Choose the best ones to decorate your childhood home. Don’t forget to ask the seller to customize the bottle. Then, your families will never forget you once they display the bottles in the dining room.

2. Galvanized Wash Tub with Shelves

Galvanized Wash Tub with Shelves

If you are missing your hometown and want to add something to reminisce, you should give yourself this rustic bathroom shelf! This galvanized tub includes two dark walnuts compartment floors. It is the perfect wall shelf that will suit your bathroom or laundry room. Also, it instantly adds a rustic look to your house that will make you feel a little nostalgic by bringing this home.

3. Dough Bowl Candles as a Farmhouse Gift

Dough Bowl Candles

Let’s bring back the atmosphere of the lovely farmhouse by giving this all-natural candle to your childhood friend! This farmhouse-themed candle is cute since it comes in a dough bowl. Choose your best friend’s favorite scent, and it is time to enjoy the good old memories.

4. Reusable Egg Carton

Reusable Egg Carton

If your parents run a chicken farm, this farmhouse gift idea is excellent. These are reusable eggs cartons! Your mom can store her chicken eggs safely in the kitchen. Furthermore, the design is very chic and clean. It also features funny quotes printed on the cartons. Because they are plastic, your parent can clean and reuse them anytime.

5. Embroidered Towels as a Farmhouse Gift

Embroidered Towels Farmhouse Gifts

These towels are undeniably suitable farmhouse gifts for everyone. The embroidered towels feature fun yet adorable animals prints! Basically, just choose your favorite design. Our favorite is the cow with Mornin’ text on it. Give this to your best friend or parents and see their reactions while opening the gift.

6. Stone & Cork Coasters as Farmhouse Gifts

Farmhouse Stone & Cork Coasters

Add some rustic style to your dining room with stone and wooden coasters! It will make you feel like you are going back to your hometown. Furthermore, the coasters come in various cute designs with uplifting quotes printed on the surface. In any case, you can use it to protect your coffee table from wetness or hot mug!

7. Farmhouse-themed Figurine Holder Gift

Farm Chicken and Old-Fashioned Water Pump

Here is an adorable hen, cutie chick, and old-fashioned water pump with a set of salt and pepper shakers holders to beautify your dining table. This farmhouse-themed item is suitable for a housewarming gift. Because of its simple, pretty, and rustic theme, it fits in most dining rooms.

8. Farmhouse Animal Measuring Cup as a Gift

Bee Chicken Pig and Cow Measuring Cups

For cooking or baking lovers, having a set of measuring cups is a must. The cups will allow you to follow the recipe accurately! This way, your food will taste more delicious. Let’s surprise your mother by giving her this pretty set of measuring cups! It comes in a teal color base and features cow, pig, chicken, and bee prints!

 9. Vintage Farmhouse Chicken Figurine

Vintage Farmhouse Figurine

This vintage farmhouse chicken figurine is suitable to conjure up nostalgic childhood memories! If you lived in the countryside when you were young, seeing chickens roaming around is an everyday view. This rooster figurine will be an excellent farmhouse gift that will decorate any home. It comes in a highly detailed design and realistic color gradient.

10. Chciken Coop Sign Farmhouse Gift

CHICKEN COOP Farmhouse Style Sign Gift

 This farmhouse-style chicken coop sign will add some rustic touch to your house. It will also make an excellent gift for someone you know who used to own a chicken coop. You can even get one for your parent’s house as well! The sign is metal. Hence it is super sturdy and will not fade quickly.

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11. Welcome-ish Sign Hanging Ornament

Farmhouse Gifts

It is time to beautify your door with this front porch hanging ornament! It comes in a farmhouse design to bring the countryside vibe back to your house. The sign features a fresh artificial plant with a sleek wooden board that says Welcome-ish. Also, you may choose your favorite color so it will match your door.

12. Wax Warmer with Farmhouse Milk Can Design

Farmhouse Gifts

If you are a soy wax lover, this scented wax warmer will be your favorite. It comes in old-school milk can design that will add an extra farmhouse vibe to your house. Furthermore, you can surprise your best friend or sister with this farmhouse gift since it is useful and sweet.

13. Natural Seagrass Storage Basket

Farmhouse Gifts

This storage basket with rustic style should be on your A-list house stuff. You can store the dry towels, fresh fruits, or any kitchenware inside it. In any case, it is a perfect farmhouse gift for yourself or your best people.

14. Farmhouse Wall Clock

Farmhouse Gifts

Getting a farmhouse gift can be as simple as choosing this wall clock with a rustic style. It comes in a neat and simple design, so that’s why it is suitable for a house that has the same theme or style. Your colleague with the rustic house will be happier if you surprise them with this gift.

15. Wire Basket with Wood Handles

Farmhouse Gifts

Your shelf and tabletop will be more organized with this wire basket. It comes with wood handles for portability. Also, the basket’s design will add a farmhouse vibe to your rooms. Whether it is for the kitchen or other rooms, it is an excellent item if you are looking for farmhouse gift ideas.

16. Living Composter as a Unique Farmhouse Gift

Farmhouse Gifts

Create an authentic farmhouse vibe by grabbing this living composter for your house. You can start planting in your home and feel the nostalgic atmosphere of your hometown by doing this. Moreover, you can do a little bit of indoor gardening with your partner by giving them this unique farmhouse gift.

17. Reclaimed Wood Cookbook Stand

Farmhouse Gifts

This book stand will simultaneously bring the rustic theme and modern vibe to your house because of its sleek design. Now, you can place your cookbook to follow the recipe of your favorite meals. It is a simple yet practical product that you can buy. It is also the perfect gift for your mom or friend, who loves cooking!

18. Bendable Moss Vine Climbing Pole

Farmhouse Gifts

Let’s beautify your naturalistic view by adding this bendable moss pole. Place your lovely moss along with the stick and enjoy your favorite plants’ stunning and new look. Even though this product looks simple, it can give a farmhouse vibe to your house, especially if you love gardening.

19. Wood and Metal Farmhouse Door Decor

Farmhouse Gifts

If you live far away from a farmhouse, you can still add the countryside vibe to your home with this decorative wall panel! By adding these wall decor panels, you can have the look of a farmhouse every day. Besides, you can surprise your family if they love the rustic atmosphere.

20. Rustic Mason Jar Wall Pot Set

Farmhouse Gifts

This set of lovely mason jars with wooden panels will be an excellent wall decor. You can use it for indoor plants, stationery holders, or even kitchen utensils storage. We bet you will miss your mother’s kitchen, don’t you?

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21. Rustic Silver Memo Board

Farmhouse Gifts

Here is another rustic country decor to liven up your empty walls! It comes in the shape of a magnetic silver memo board that gives off strong farmhouse vibes. It uses galvanized metal, so it is very old-school. You can add some old memo on it and mimic your parent’s house atmosphere.

22. Stacked Farmhouse Animal Wall Sign

Farmhouse Gifts

No one can beat this wall decor to add the farmhouse vibe to your house. It features photos of all farm animals standing on top of each other in one frame. The printing style matches the whole look as well. This one is a must-buy for you!

23. Crafted Wooden Bowl

Farmhouse Gifts

If you want to create a farmhouse look, you definitely can not miss a wooden bowl! You should get this bowl for your kitchen, so mealtime will feel comfier. Furthermore, you can also buy it to surprise your friend who may be interested in farmhouse-themed gifts.

 24. Natural Leather Rug

Farmhouse Gifts

This natural goat rug will be excellent to complement your living room! Lay it in front of your fireplace or hang it on the wall. It will automatically change your house vibe! All farmhouses have this kind of rug, so your house also needs one. After all, you want to create a homely type of living space.

25. Table Lamp with Fabric Shade

Farmhouse Gifts

This table lamp’s classic and simple design will fit your childhood farmhouse. It will emanate a warm ambiance, and a nostalgic feeling will appear throughout your room. You can also get this item for your parents as your farmhouse gift next time you visit them.

Latest Post:

What does every farmhouse need? 

Every farmhouse needs an embroidered towel that is useful to dry the hand, clean the table, or wipe the plate or bowl. You can choose a cute and unique towel design to add to your house. Additionally, a home with a farmhouse design will look a lot homely with rustic decorations. So, you should also get items like galvanized metal shelves, chicken figurines, wall decors, and more!

What are the best personalized farmhouse gifts? 

One of the best customizable farmhouse gifts will be the decorative empty wine bottle. You can choose your own design and color, so the item can match your home interior design. In addition, the hanging ornament pot is also an excellent personalizable gift. After all, they offer various color selections for you to pick from.

What are the best modern farmhouse gifts? 

The best modern farmhouse gifts are the galvanized tub shelves because they look like contemporary art. The galvanized tub and the dark walnut woods compartment floor add a rustic vibe to your bathroom area. Also, there is a cookbook stand that will complement a modern kitchen.

What are the best farm housewarming gifts?

The best farm housewarming gifts are farmhouse iron stacked wall decor and a set of door panels. Those two gifts will turn the look of the house or room into a rustic or farmhouse vibe. After all, nothing can beat those two items since the farmhouse or rustic theme always relates to them.

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