25 Transgender Gifts for Trans Pride

Being a transgender is not easy. Even when society becomes more open in accepting  LGBTQ+ people, the social pressure still haunts most of them. That pressure often makes them afraid and hesitant to come out and admit who they really are. Love and support from closest people around them, such as friends and family is very important. It will help them to build their confidence in embracing their true self. However, one of the most effective ways to show some love to trans people is by giving them meaningful transgender gifts.

Giving a meaningful gift to a special transgender person in your life is a simple gesture, but it has such a strong impact on them. Below is a list of transgender gifts that will inspire you in picking the perfect and meaningful gifts for your transgender friends or family.

1. Transgender Flag Ring Gift

Transgender Flag Ring

The transgender pride flag is represented in a soft pink, blue, and white colors. This ring takes that pride symbolism into a beautiful ring. The color combination is soft and cute and definitely will fit any daily outfit. Without a doubt, this simple ring is a great transgender gift for a trans person who want to show their trans pride in a subtle way.

2. Transgender Rainbow Glass

Transgender Rainbow Glass

This glassware is so unique because it has the shape of a mason jar and comes with a lid. The transparent straw complements the subtle look of the glass. It is also decorated with transgender rainbows all over the body, making it very cute drink ware. It will fit perfectly to a minimalist look, boho look, as well as modern and whimsical aesthetic. 

3. Cisn’t Sweatshirt as a Nice Transgender Gift

Cisn’t Sweatshirt

Cisn’t is a funny term that is popular among the trans community. It was meant to be the opposite of cis referring to people who’s gender is the same as their presumed gender when they were born. Therefore, this sweatshirt can be a great and funny transgender gift. 

4. Transgender Gift Box 

Transgender Gift Box

If you want to make a trans person’s day better, you can buy them a transgender gift box. This gift box includes a pronoun pin, stickers, Skittles, bandana, and mug or tumbler. You can choose between the mug or tumbler, and they can also be personalized. You can put a name on the mug or tumbler to make it the perfect personalized transgender gift. 

5. Transgender Stud Earrings

Transgender Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are cool. They look casual and they can a sweet low-key compliment to an outfit in the coolest way possible. This set of transgender stud earrings will make a fantastic transgender gift. Your transgender friends can change their look slightly differently everyday by wearing different shapes of the stud. Moreover, they can even be creative and mismatch one and another. 

6. Transgender Rainbow Enamel Pin

 Transgender Rainbow Enamel Pin

One of the ways to show trans pride is through wearing pins like this one. This enamel pin comes in a rainbow shape with beautiful transgender color theme, which will make a great transgender gift for someone you love. Plus, you can also get it for yourself to show your support. 

7. Transgender Planet Enamel Pin

Transgender Planet Enamel Pin

If your transgender loved one prefer a more unique pin, then this transgender planet pin will probably meet their expectation. The unique and beautiful design is perfectly combined with a soft color combination. It will look great on hats, jackets, bags, or other belongings as well. By wearing this pin, they can embrace their trans pride in style. 

8. Trans Pride Flag Pill Case

Trans Pride Flag Pill Case

If your loved ones can’t afford to forget their medication, then getting them a pill case is a very good idea. The striking design of this case will catch their attention whenever they’re about to go places. With two inner compartments and a mirror, this item will be a perfect transgender gift for trans people who have to take medication regularly. 

9. Transgender Pride Throw Blanket

transgender gifts

A warm and soft throw blanket will provide them with warmth and comfort. The nice design of the trans pride flag also adds an aesthetic value, and will definitely make any room pop! This fuzzy blanket comes in extra large size, so it will comfort them as if they get a warm hug. Moreover, it can also be used together if they want to enjoy some quality time with family and friends. 

10. Transgender Pride Phone Case

transgender gifts

The sweet color combination of the trans pride flag looks cute on everything, including phone cases, too! This phone case will make a nice transgender gift. It may seems like you don’t put too much effort on finding the right gift, but nevertheless, this item is still very thoughtful. The design makes the phone appears more stylish as well. 

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11. Transgender Flag Pin

transgender gifts

Speaking of pins, we cannot miss a good classic trans pride flag shape. It is the basic pin that every trans person deserves to have. This pin might be small and cute, but it carries a strong and powerful message about acceptance and self love. You can get this as a transgender gift so they can wear it proudly. 

12. Transgender Gift: A Reference Handbook

transgender gifts

A book will always make a good gift. This book will be a nice transgender gift, especially for those who are still looking for more resources about transgender experience. The book takes contemporary as well as historic aspects into consideration. It looks at ancient indigenous cultures that honored third, fourth, and fifth gender identities, which also show more contemporary ideas of what transgender means. It focuses not only on Western medical ideas of gender affirmation but on cultural diversity surrounding the topic.

13. Absorbent Ceramic Drink Coaster

Absorbent Ceramic Drink Coaster

A nice absorbent coaster will help you if you hate the wet rings issue. This coaster is a nice transgender gift that is not just beautiful, but also functional. They can use this beautiful coaster to keep their favorite drinks ready without having to deal with the wet rings. As for the design, the sunset setting in a trans pride color theme looks so stunning. 

14. Customized Trans Pride Keyring

Customized Trans Pride Keyring

You can customize this keyring to get a more personal transgender gift. You can customize it with names or a loving message to encourage them. The design of the keyring is fairly simple with its rectangular shape. The trans pride flag will help them to showcase their identity while keeping their keys visible and easy to find. 

15. Transgender Pride Makeup Bag

Transgender Pride Makeup Bag

We all agree that no matter what our gender is, looking stunning and on top of the game is everybody’s right. That’s why we think that this makeup pouch will help them getting all of their makeup essentials packed neatly. The design is super simple and it comes in medium size, making it easy to carry. The trans pride design shown on both transgender symbol and pronounce. In short, this is a nice transgender gift for a makeup enthusiast. 

16. Transgender Reversible Sequin Notebook

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Keeping a journal is important for our mental health. We can express our emotions daily in a safe way. Since being a transgender has its own burdens, where the transphobes judge and say bad things, even if they do nothing wrong, then having this notebook will be a nice way to express their burden. The sequin is reversible so they can choose to showcase the trans flag pride side or the metallic side. They can even make a design out of it. All in all, this is such a thoughtful gift that they can make use of. 

17. Love Heart Adjustable Leather Choker

Love Heart Adjustable Leather Choker

This choker is more than just a bubble goth aesthetic thing. It can be a way to show the trans identity for those who wear it, and since this choker is so cute, it is obviously adjustable so it can fit most people’s neck size. Made out of high-quality PU leather, this choker is super comfortable for the neck. In short, it will complement a trans look perfectly. 

18. Transgender Baseball Cap

transgender gifts

You can walk on the streets looking like a celebrity with this baseball cap and a pair of shades. This cap is so special because it has cat designs on the front side in the trans pride color theme. Some people may just think that it is a cute hat but for those who know, they will understand. Without a doubt, this is a cool hat to get for trans people who love to look trendy. 

19. Retro Heart Transgender Pride

transgender gifts

This t-shirt is extraordinary because of the retro heart design. It has a striped heart shape in the trans pride color theme, which will make a transgender gift that can never go wrong. The black color of the t-shirt is versatile so they will be able to pair it with anything they want for a long time. 

20. Transgender Heart Kitchen Apron

transgender gifts

Got a transgender bestie who love to cook? Then we can assure you that this apron will brighten the days they spend in the kitchen. It is a simple and sturdy apron with little hearts, designed in the trans pride colors. Moreover, they will be even happier preparing meals and experimenting with new recipes with this apron. 

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21. Transgender Stretchy Beads Bracelet

transgender gifts

Life might not always be nice to us, but every obstacle will feel a lot easier if we face it together. This bracelet will make a perfect transgender bracelet for the trans community. You can get a bunch of this bracelet and wear it as a friendship bracelet. Without a doubt, you will feel stronger knowing that your brothers and sisters are always there to love and support you. 

22. Transgender Sunglasses

transgender gifts

With the weather starting to get warmer and warmer, this is the right time to get a pair of rocking sunglasses, right? These candy framed sunglasses will look so good in any gender. The candy like frame is in the trans pride colors, making it a perfect transgender gift. 

23. Transgender Gift – Pride Pendant Necklace

transgender gifts

This pendant has a crystal and wings all in the trans pride color scheme. It looks stunning and it will definitely make a unique transgender gift. Put it in a pretty box and wrap it with transgender gift wrapper, and voila! You are good to go.

24. Transgender Pride Sneaker

Transgender Pride Sneaker

White sneakers are very versatile and comfortable. Everybody needs at least a pair of white sneakers in their life. But why get plain white sneakers when you can spice things up a bit and get these sneakers instead. Aside from being comfortable, these sneakers have a splash of pink and blue color on them. It makes these sneakers as an appropriate transgender gift. 

25. Transgender Pride Flag

Transgender Pride Flag

And finally, of course, the transgender pride flag. They can proudly put it on their desktop, bags, or take it on a march. This trans pride flag is so important and has so much power. Get a trans person you know this gift, and they will feel as if their energy is elevated. 

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What are the best gifts for transgender boy?

You can get them a nice transgender t-shirt, enamel pins, or flags. They can wear them proudly and gain confidence as well. A pair of transgender sunglasses, a baseball cap, and a pair of sneakers will be a great transgender gift ideas as well. 

What are the best gifts for transgender girl?

You can get them the transgender makeup pouch to keep all of their beauty secrets inside. Moreover, you can also get them transgender jewelry such as necklace, bracelets, and ear studs. Cute transgender enamel pins and cut glass or mug will also be a great option. 

What are the best gifts for adult transgender?

You can give them something they can actually use such as a kitchen apron and coasters. But being an adult doesn’t mean they can’t get the fun stuff. Send them the transgender gift box and it will make their day for sure. 

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