25 Gifts for Expats to Help Them Settle Down More Easily 

Living abroad might feel daunting at times. It might take some time for you to settle in and get used to your new environment. There would be times when you might feel lonely and don’t feel like you belong, and this is when homesickness kicks in. Showing your support for them can be done by giving special gift for expats.

Being a good friend or colleague, you can consider giving them things that will help them settle down easier and not feel so homesick. We have put together a list of gifts for expats consisting of 25 items. These items are a combination of items that will help them settle down nicely, and also to make them feel that there is always people who love and cheer for them back at home. Whether it is for an expat that just moved into your city, or someone you know is moving to another city, these items will be a great gift for them. 

For Those Who are Moving Abroad

Do you happen to know someone who is moving abroad? The next few items on this list of gifts for expat would make a great gift for them. These gifts would help them settle down faster, and get to bring a little piece of home with them. 

1. Still Having Coffee Together Engraved Teaspoon 


The best gift to give someone moving abroad is something that will remind them of home. You can consider getting this Engraved Teaspoon for them. It says “still having coffee together”, which will let them feel like you coming there along with them, so they won’t feel so alone.  

2. Three Time Zone Wrist Watch

Three Time Zone Wrist Watch

One of the hardest parts of being far away from home is having different time zones. It makes communication and keeping in touch with people at home harder to do. This Three Time Zone Wrist Watch would help them to solve this problem for a little bit. They can easily know what time it is back home, which helps them know when is the right time to make a call back home. 

3. Long Distance Map Card


This is obviously one of the simplest gifts for expats, but still as heart warming as other items, and that item is this handwritten card. You can send them your best wishes and some encouragement through the card. It will be something that they can go to, every time they are having a hard time and need some extra encouragement. Cards with interesting illustrations will make it even more special. 

4. Map Farewell Print

Map Farewell Print

You can consider getting them a Map Farewell Print. It is a customizable print where you can put their home country as well as their destination country together into a meaningful print. This is clearly small gestures that will remind them that you are rooting for them even from miles away. They can place it for wall decorations just to have a piece of home away from home.  

5. New Beginning Box

New Beginning Box

Moving into a new city is just like starting a new chapter in life. This New Beginning Box consists of a mug and a letter. Both come with a daisy illustration, which symbolizes love and new beginnings. Through this box, you are sending a message on how much you love them, and not to mention wishing them the best for their new beginning. 

6. Customizable Journal as a Gift for Expats

Customizable Journal

A customizable journal might be a useful gift for them to figure out and plan a new season of their life, after moving to a new city. This journal has a nice and encouraging quote on its cover about starting a journey, which can act as a reminder and encouragement for them. You can also customize it with their name on it to make it more personal. 

7. State Flower Watercolor Paint Kit 

State Flower Watercolor Paint Kit

To help cure their homesickness for just a tiny bit, you can give them this State Flower Watercolor Paint Kit of their home state. When they are missing home, they can take this watercolor kit for some little art activity, while remembering things about home. Once the painting is done, it will be something that will remind them of home. Without a doubt, it would make a beautiful wall decor that they can use. 

8. Night Sky Camera Wrist Strap

Night Sky Camera Wrist Strap

Some people might actually feel excited to be moving into a new place and can’t wait to explore it. You can get this Night Sky Camera Wrist Strap so they can easily bring their camera around, as they explore this new city. As they are trying to enjoy the new city and capturing new memories there, they will be reminded of home and the people at home every time they loot at the strap.

9. Travel Journal as a Gift for Expats

Travel Journal

You can also give them this Travel Journal. Using this journal, they can plan about the places they want to visit in their new city. It might help them not to feel so lost and boost up their confidence to explore new things. 

10. New Beginning Sea Glass Necklace

New Beginning Sea Glass Necklace

Another item on this list of gifts for expats, which can be a simple token of encouragement, is this New Beginning Sea Glass Necklace. It is made from sea glasses, which are made into a circular shape. It holds a meaning about embracing the sea of changes in one’s life, and to look forward to the bright future. If this is your message to them, you can consider getting this necklace. 

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11. Books on How to Move Abroad

Books on How to Move Abroad

You can help them prepare themselves to move abroad by giving them a book. You can consider getting them a book about it. This book might help them by giving them a little more certainty about moving abroad, as well as how it can be a fun and rewarding process altogether. 

For Your Expat Friends Who Just Moved In

If you happen to know an expat who is new to your city, you can be a good friend and lend them your hand to settle down. Food is the best way to introduce ourselves to a new culture. The next few food items on this list of gifts for expats would do just that. 

12. Laffy Taffy

gifts for expats

The first item would be the Laffy Taffy. It is a candy brand that you can only find in America. You need to give this candy to your expat friends to let them have a taste of it. Without a doubt, your new expat friend will love to sweetness of this candy, just as much as they love their new environment.

13. Reese’s Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

gifts for expats

The country’s most favorite candy: Reese’s Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup will also make a great gift for expat. It is a must try for your expat friends. Let’s see if they actually enjoy this chocolate and peanut butter combo.  

14. Sour Patch Kids

gifts for expats

Another candy that you may not find anywhere else in the world so easily, is the Sour Patch Kids. It is a chewy sour candy that is very delicious and addicting. You can give your expat friends a try on some of your favorite candy selections like this one. 

15. Pop Tarts

gifts for expats

One way of helping your expat friends to settle in the new city faster, is by introducing them to the local way of life, such as eating Pop Tarts for breakfast. By getting familiar with the local lifestyle, slowly they will get comfortable and emerge themselves as part of the city. 

16. Mountain Dew  

gifts for expats

Mountain Dew is a soda drink brand, which has a citrusy flavor and is caffeinated. It is a soda brand that you might not find easily outside America. It is a well loved drink for Americans, but not so much in other parts of the world. Being familiar with the taste that the locals enjoy would definitely be a great way to get familiar with the new environment. 

17. Hot Tamales

gifts for expats

Another candy option in this list of gifts for expats is the Hot Tamales. It is a cinnamon chewy candy that you can find easily in America. If you want to help your expat friend to feel like they belong in the new environment, then you should let your expat friends a try. 

18. Cheez-It


From this list of gifts for expats ideas, you can consider giving your expats friends Cheez-It. It is America’s baked cheese crackers snack brand. You can let them try and see if they like the taste of it.  

19. Maple Syrup

gifts for expats

Maybe maple syrups are everywhere around you, but that is not always the case in other parts of the world. You should consider getting the maple syrup from this list of gifts for expat ideas for them. This might be their first step on getting to know more about it. 

20. Peanut Butter

gifts for expats

Same goes with peanut butter, it is a staple that you won’t find common elsewhere in the world. After all, food is the best way for them to get to know the city better. By knowing the city better, they will feel that they are part of the city. Only by feeling so, can they finally feel that they belong in the city. 

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21. Novel Books

Novel Books

The last item in this category is the only non-food item in this category. You can also give them novel books that talk about foreigners who grew up in America. This story might be relatable to their current condition, and it will help them to get inspired and doesn’t feel too lonely. 

Gifts that Suits Both Condition

The next few items on this list of gifts for expats would be a great option for both conditions. Since these gifts are digital, distance won’t be a problem. Your recipient can easily enjoy them anywhere they are. 

22. Starbucks Gift Cards

gifts for expats

Whether you are sending it to a friend abroad or to your new expat friend, they will appreciate these Starbucks Gift Cards. Since they can use it easily anywhere, it will be a simple yet heartwarming gift for them. 

23. Amazon Kindle Unlimited

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Online subscriptions are something you can also consider as gifts for expats options. Sending a physical item might cause some hassle, and that’s why you can just send something like the Amazon Kindle Unlimited. They can choose whatever books they want to read, including books about their new city for their future reference when exploring the new city. 

24. Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon Gift Cards

Settling into a new place means that you might have to buy some things that you might need. Another simple idea from this gifts for expats list is an Amazon Gift Card. They can have the freedom to choose to buy what they really need to help them settle in.

25. Moves One-Year Membership Gift Box

gifts for expats

Subscriptions are probably one of the best and practical gifts. If they do yoga or any form of exercise on a daily basis, you can consider getting the Moves One-Year Membership Gift Box. They can enjoy a one year free access to yoga and exercise classes from Alo Moves. Having something that is familiar with them will help them settle in a new place easier. 

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