The Ultimate Coffee Press

Making coffee in a French press is harder than it seems. But we have to settle for this tedious messy job because otherwise – no coffee for us. But The Ultimate Coffee Press eliminates all the little brewing problems you had to deal with.

The Rite Press takes care of three major issues where French press falls short: mess, timing, and temperature.

If you have ever cleaned a French press after use (and you should) you know what kind of mess we’re talking about. Coffee. Grounds.

Everywhere. But this coffee press pushes all the coffee grounds to the bottom compartment that is easy to unscrew and empty out.  

The Ultimate Coffee Press

Under- or over-brewed coffee loses that unique taste for which we started putting up with a coffee press in the first place.

But the Rite Press comes with a built-in hourglass handle that will help you keep track of the brewing time. Plus, if you watch the sand it will be almost like squeezing in a short meditation session into your day.

The Ultimate Coffee Press

The hidden thermometer in the filter shaft will tell you if the water temperature is right for brewing. Just take it out and lower it into the water.

Red is too hot, blue is too cold. What you’re aiming for is green – 198 degrees which are optimal for making a nice cup of coffee. 

The Ultimate Coffee Press

Three problems, all taken care of. No need to settle for small nuisances anymore just because you need your coffee. Coffee needs to be enjoyed, and with the Rite Press, you’ll get to do it every time. this makes it an absolutely awesome gift for a coffee lover!

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