26 Thoughtful Thinking of You Gifts for a Friend in Need

When you are friends with someone that you care deeply about, it means that you won’t leave them and be by their side as best as you could. That includes supporting them through thick and thin. Everybody will have ups and downs, including you and your friend. When they’re sick or having some other issues, it’s important to continue encouraging them. 

A true friend will always find a way to cheer their mates who are going through a rough patch. If you’re stuck and confused, you might want to find some uplifting gifts. These thinking of you gifts will act as items that will hopefully lift their spirits and help them get through their problems. There’s a lot of thinking of you gifts on the market, ranging from gift sets to small items like dolls. Let’s check it out!

Simple Gifts for a Friend in Need

You don’t need to buy expensive gifts to show your support for your friend. In fact, simply thinking of you gifts can express your feelings better! Take a look at some of the best simple thinking of you gifts below. 

1. Amazon Gift Card with Pot Flower

Amazon Gift Card with Pot Flower

This is not an ordinary Amazon gift card. The specially made gift card is sold as a perfect thinking of you gifts. The gift card is hidden inside a pot flower that will surely be a great decoration and help lift their spirits. Plus, there’s no expiry date on the gift card, so they can take their time too!

2. Porcelain Flower Matchbox 

Porcelain Flower Matchbox

Being in quarantine for COVID-19 or other kinds of disease is a difficult phase that a person has to endure. If your friend is currently being quarantined, you can show your love and support with this simple and beautiful porcelain flower from Eastern India. 

3. Inspirational Bracelet

Inspirational Bracelet

When you’re having a bad day, it certainly helps when you read a motivational quote. That’s the reason why we’re recommending this beautiful bracelet for your friend. We hope that it will help them to deal with their own issues. 

4. Motivational Keyring

Motivational Keyring

This motivational keyring is the perfect companion for other thinking of you gifts that you are going to buy. It has a really beautiful quote that will certainly be useful during these tough times. Go and get it now. 

5. Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

Distance will not be the barrier that keeps you and your loved one apart. You can send them this lovely box. Then, proceed to write heartfelt messages through the app. When the box has picked up the message, the red heart will spin fast until the box opens. 

6. Mermaid Bracelet

Mermaid Bracelet

People love mermaids. Looking at them just gives us a lifting spirit and boosts you throughout the day. Hopefully, giving this wonderful bracelet to your friend can do the trick too. Hurry up before it sells out!

7. Get Well Wish Jar

Get Well Wish Jar

People who are contracting a serious disease really need support from all the people that they know. That’s the reason why you should buy this awesome jar. Write your wishes with the tickets inside and ask others to do the same. Once it is full, hand it to your sick friend so that they can heal faster. 

8. Supportive Bear

Supportive Bear

Mental health is something that people need to take seriously. If you happen to know someone who is suffering from mental breakdown, you should help them by giving this bear. This cute bear will replace you and accompany your friend through the tough times. 

9. Heart-Shaped Surprise Ball

Heart-Shaped Surprise Ball

Your friend knows that you love them. But during tough times, there comes a time where they will feel lonely. Remind them that you will always be there by giving them this wonderful surprise ball. Inside, they will find items like snacks and quotes that will cheer them up. 

Uplifting Gifts for a Friend

The best way to end your friend’s misery is by encouraging them and boosting their spirits. On that note, we’re going to be listing some of the best uplifting gifts for your friend. Take a look at these unique thinking of you gifts below!

10. Smile! Pillow

Smile! Pillow

This comfy pillow is more than just any other ordinary pillow. It contains an uplifting message that will help your friend to get through their tough times. Remind them to always be happy and never lose their spirit!

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11. A Hug in a Jar

A Hug in a Jar

Due to unforeseen circumstances, you might not be able to meet your friend directly and lift their spirits. But make it up by giving them this amazing jar. It contains a nice and relaxing scented candle that will release all their tensions. It will also act as your hug replacement!

12. Inkin’ of You Pig Gift

thinking of you gifts

Children love cute and funny toys. Having new ones will definitely lift their spirit. If you know a child who is suffering through some issues, you can consider buying this gift set for them. We guarantee that they will cherish this!

13. Calming Waters Relaxing Set

thinking of you gifts

People spare some of their time for a spa-day to help them relax. If your friend is not able to go to one, you can give them this awesome set. Let them experiment with the gifts inside and release all of their stress. 

14. Positive Blanket

Positive Blanket

This is a really awesome blanket that you should buy. It is magical and contains positive energy that can heal a wounded spirit. It will be a perfect thinking of you gift for your friend. Let them sleep with this blanket and wake up with an energized spirit. 

15. Love Message Shortbread Cookies

thinking of you gifts

We know for a fact that your friend loves to eat sweet snacks. But if you want to take it to another level, you should consider buying these cookies instead. It contains a heartwarming message for them. Here’s to hoping that they can get through their problems. 

16. Uplifting Bouquet Book

thinking of you gifts

If you worry that buying a flower will take up too much space in your friend’s house, then probably you should buy this book as an alternative. When they open the pages, there will be various flowers that flip up with special messages intended to them. 

17. Get Well Soon Card

thinking of you gifts

Giving plain cards to someone who is sick is old school! That’s the reason why you should buy this awesome card instead. It can be a beautiful decoration on their desk as well. Looking at the design will obviously encourage them to heal faster. 

18. One Dot of Happiness

thinking of you gifts

Want a giant greeting card that is big and unique? We thought that by giving out this adorable get well soon card, they would know that your love is as big as the gift! You can also add some personalized messages on the blank space inside. 

19. Hershey’s Box Pack

thinking of you gifts

As a leading company for chocolates, we find it hard to exclude a Hershey’s product from our list. In this particular item, you’ll receive three huge Hershey’s chocolate bars. It will definitely lift your friend’s spirit, so go buy one now. 

20. Hamilton Personalized Beer

thinking of you gifts

When your friend is sick and recovering, you might lose your drinking pal. Show your love and support by giving this awesome personalized beer glass. You can add their name and a short message on the glass. 

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Thoughtful Gift Sets for a Friend

Traditionally, giving hampers and gift sets to someone who is having a bad time is a good idea. There’s a lot of hampers and gift sets that can be bought as thinking of you gifts. Please take a look at our list below. 

21. Handmade Gift Hampers

thinking of you gifts

Show your love and support for your friend by giving this magnificent handmade set. It contains wax melts, hand-poured scented soap, chocolates, and reusable face pad and chamomile bath bag. 

22. Pukka Support Selection Collection

22. Pukka Support Selection Collection

Even though your friend is facing a rough patch, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t take care of their body. That’s the reason why you should hurry up and buy this beautiful gift set for your friend. We truly hope that your friend will get better. 

23. Unwind Lavender Gift Set

Unwind Lavender Gift Set

Do you know what enables a person to release their stress? The answer is simple: a soothing environment for them. Help your friend to create a relaxing place by handing out this comforting lavender gift set. Wait until they light the scented candle and feel the relaxing aroma!

24. Large Gift Basket

thinking of you gifts

People who are currently recovering from diseases need to consume a lot of energy for their body. Bearing that thought in your mind, you probably should consider buying a gift set that includes a lot of energetic food. We’ve just got the thing for you. This wonderful gift set contains lots of chocolates and cookies that your friend can enjoy. 

25. Food Gift Set

thinking of you gifts

Here’s another cool alternative for you to consider. Inside, you will find more chocolates and snacks for your loved ones. Going through a recovery period can be painful, hence we know that they deserved to sit back and enjoy sweet foods that this set offers. 

26. “Deep Condolences” Package

“Deep Condolences” Package

Losing someone who is close to our heart can be devastating. That’s the reason why you should comfort people who are experiencing that. Giving them a care package helps the cause, and we thought that this particular item is fit for the job. 

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