Pillowed Beach Towel

When you go to the beach or swimming pool you want to experience the ultimate relaxation. Bathing in sunlight or submerging into cool water are vital parts of that, of course.

But you would also want to surround yourself with comfort through other means. For example, you wouldn’t want to return from the beach trip with a sore neck, would you?

Or use your t-shirt or a damp smaller towel to ensure your head is cushioned from the hard sand or pebbles? With this pillowed beach towel, you can forget about those problems. 

Pillowed Beach Towel

This spacious beach towel comes with a contoured foam pillow at the top that provides your neck with the support it needs.

The pillowcase is removable and washable so you don’t have to worry about the sand taking its permanent residence there.

Additionally, it is resistant to water and mildew ensuring that your head’s resting place is clean and stench-free.

Pillowed Beach Towel

Apart from the attached pillow, this towel comes with a secret zippered pocket for your beach essentials. You can keep there such small items as your sunglasses, some cash, keys, or a hotel room key card.

Moreover, at the side of the towel, you will find a media pocket – a cut-out compartment to keep your phone in.

It allows you to easily use your smartphone’s touchscreen without digging it out of the pocket altogether. So if you enjoy listening to music while sunbathing it’s a great place to keep your smartphone in. 

Pillowed Beach Towel

The beach towel is made out of cotton velour. It comes in one size that measures 35″ x 65″ x 2.5″. The towel also has a lounge chair belt which you can use as a carrying strap or remove it altogether.

You can choose between several designs, from blue or pink striped ones to retro and nautical ones.

Pillowed Beach Towel

Do yourself and your head a favor by bringing this unique pillowed beach towel with you on your next vacation. It’s a good advice to keep your head high. It’s an even better one to keep it cushioned.

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