Universal Travel Adaptor

Being able to use a power outlet is essential for any kind of trip unless it’s a camping one. Charging your smartphone, tablet, laptop, even drying your hair relies on the fact that there is a power outlet in your hotel room.

The trick is that even if there is one without a travel adapter you might not be able to reap the benefits of electricity.

Different countries have different shapes of outlets and you don’t want to find out what happens when you can’t cramp your charger into a socket. Rage and sorrow happen. Fortunately, you won’t have to experience them since there’s a new Universal Travel Adapter around. 

Universal Travel Adaptor

There are many travel adapters to choose from. We’ve even covered one of the smallest travel adapters on the market.  

Although the one we’re talking about today is quite compact as well it has got another unique selling point. More specifically, it is equipped with a self-resetting power fuse.

Universal Travel Adaptor

This universal travel adapter is called Passport. Just as with your paper passport you might want to make a habit out of never leaving for travel without it.

Unlike other international adapter plugs, Passport will not leave your plugged in devices without juice even if it overloads. After suffering an overload, travel adapters require fuse replacement which can be quite annoying when you’re left without socket adapter for the rest of the trip.

Universal Travel Adaptor

Passport, on the other hand, has self-resetting fuse meaning that even if it falls victim to an overload during, say, charging your phone it can auto-reset and go back to charging your phone’s battery.

We won’t go into further details on how exactly the technology works.  But when you hear that something that is used in aerospace industry is now being used to keep your international travel adapter functional…Well, it doesn’t fail to impress. 

Universal Travel Adaptor

Passport is an all-in-one (EU, USA, AUS, UK) outlet adapter that is easy to use even with one hand. The fact that it won’t surprise you with an uncharged phone makes it the ultimate travel adapter that is an absolute must-have.

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