25 Best Kentucky Bourbon Gifts For Bourbon Lovers

Kentucky bourbon is a spirit made from a fermented mash of at least 51% corn, stored in new charred white oak barrels. The flavor varies depending on the distillation and aging methods used, but often has hints of vanilla and caramel which are very popular aromas for Kentucky bourbon gifts. With more than 30 distilleries in Kentucky, it’s no wonder Kentucky is known as “The Bluegrass State.” Bourbon drinkers have a wide range of reasons for loving their favorite Kentucky bourbon but one thing consistently stands out: the “angel’s share” effect. As bourbons age during their maturation process, they lose liquid through evaporation in barrels known as “angels’ share”. As the higher proof evaporates, your bourbon gains depth in its flavor profile undertones. Therefore this iconic flavor has been widely used for Kentucky bourbon gifts.

If you have bourbon lovers in your life, giving Kentucky bourbon gifts is one of the best ways to delight them. Suppose you are confused in choosing the best bourbon gifts, don’t worry! Let’s take a look at this article below for more Kentucky bourbon gifts you can buy. From rare Kentucky bourbon gifts for men to unique bourbon flavor infused food gifts for dad, you will find them all in this article. Let’s get started!

Signature Kentucky Bourbon Gifts

Signature Kentucky bourbon gifts are truly the gift of quality, tradition and authenticity. They are the finest bourbon in the world that takes years to age, and every sip of signature bourbon is infused with this deep flavor and aroma. It’s a gift of prestige and pleasure that will be remembered for bourbon lovers.

1. Jim Beam Kentucky Bourbon Gift Box

Kentucky Bourbon Gifts

Suppose you want to celebrate a big success or simply want to introduce the taste of Kentucky bourbon to your friends, then try with the most famous and best selling ones! You can give them the Jim Beam Kentucky bourbon gift box so they can enjoy it together. It is beautifully packed in a luxurious bottle gift box, making it one of the best Kentucky bourbon gifts for celebration or parties.

2. Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Kentucky Bourbon Gifts

If you are going to give a rare bourbon gift for your bourbon loving friends, you should consider the Wood Reserve Kentucky straight bourbon. The fact that the distillate has been kept in fresh, charred oak barrels for at least two years makes it the best bourbon. More than 200 distinct flavor characteristics can be detected in this Kentucky bourbon, perfect Kentucky bourbon gifts for experts. 

3. Old Virginia Kentucky Bourbon

Old Virginia Kentucky Bourbon

Get the real taste of signature Kentucky bourbon in this 6 years aged whiskey. The finest grains are used to make Old Virginia bourbon, which then undergoes a protracted maturing process lasting more than six years in oak barrels. This gives Old Virginia its unrivaled mellowness and exquisite, lingering flavor, making ideal Kentucky bourbon gifts for your special ones.

4. Wild Turkey Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Wild Turkey Kentucky Straight Bourbon

A unique taste of Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey, you can give your bourbon lovers Wild Turkey. In fact, this drink uses non-GMO ingredients to make whiskey. In order to extract more flavor from the grains, Wild Turkey barrels the whiskey at a lower entry-proof, which means the spirit at a lower proof when it comes off the still before aging. It will be one of the most delicious Kentucky bourbon gifts you can try.

5. Early Times Kentucky Whiskey

Early Times Kentucky Whiskey

Suppose you are looking for tasty yet affordable Kentucky bourbon gifts, try to buy Early times. Since 2017, Early Times Kentucky Whiskey has regarded it as one of the greatest deals in the bourbon industry. Its purported “classic bourbon” flavor profile and its reasonable pricing make this drink popular. Packed in an elegant bottle, it makes a great present for any occasion.

6. Buffalo Trace Kentucky Bourbon

Kentucky Bourbon Gifts

Refresh your body and mind with a light beverage you can consume for a long time. Buffalo Trace is one of the best Kentucky bourbon gifts if you need lighter body taste. Surprisingly, this unique bourbon has a pleasant aroma thanks to some rye-forward aromas. Even if the flavors aren’t particularly complex, they yet have just enough intensity and character to make the beverage relatively engaging and delightful.

7. Noah’s Mill Small Batch Kentucky Bourbon

Noah’s Mill Small Batch Kentucky Bourbon

One of the rarest Kentucky bourbon gifts you should try at least once in a lifetime, Noah’s Mill Small Batch Kentucky Bourbon is a precious gift for bourbon lovers. This rare bourbon is one of the oldest small batch bourbons around. It is hand-bottled at 114.3 proof after being crushed with high maize. The bottle is plain and traditional, with a vintage label, a cork and plastic stopper that is wax-sealed in black.

Kentucky Bourbon Flavor Infused Gifts

For the frequent traveler, or for a lover of fine food and drink, there’s nothing better than the flavor of Kentucky bourbon. The complex flavors of the bourbon is the quality that makes it ideal for infusing in food, skin care and body care. Kentucky bourbon flavor infused gifts will be a memorable present to delight your bourbon lovers.

8. Kentucky Bourbon Cologne

Kentucky Bourbon Cologne

Make your men smell awesome with the Kentucky bourbon scented cologne. This fragrance has leather, lavender, and bergamot notes that resembles the authentic Kentucky bourbon aroma. It has a luxurious bottle design with the Kentucky state outline on the label. This is definitely one of the most ideal Kentucky bourbon gifts for dads or your men who want to express their masculine charm.

9. Kentucky Bourbon Pie Filling

Kentucky Bourbon Gifts

Beside drinks, Kentucky bourbon is also a perfect flavor for your pie filling. This is a creative way to taste the delicious pie with a touch of Kentucky bourbon. Give your bourbon lovers who are also interested in baking the Kentucky bourbon pie filling. They can create their unique bourbon pie with this gift as the filling is made with the real Kentucky bourbon inside. 

10. Kentucky Bourbon Nuts

Kentucky Bourbon Gifts

Nuts always work well with bourbon as they may balance the bitterness from the drink. Get your bourbon lovers a perfect snack that combines both nuts and bourbon. This gift has Kentucky bourbon infused in the almond nuts, so they can taste the sweetness, saltiness, along with the spirituous taste of bourbon. It will definitely be one of the greatest Kenucky bourbon gifts for those who love snacking.

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11. Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Soap


Feel the rich flavor and aroma of Kentucky bourbon during shower time with this gift. Especially if your bourbon drinkers enjoy the aroma of Ketucky bourbon the most, this soap will refresh their body and mind as if drinking the real one. Because it is composed of real Kentucky bourbon and natural ingredients, this soap is one of the perfect Kentucky bourbon gifts for men for an amazing bathing experience.

12. Kentucky Bourbon Massage Candle


Sleep is the ideal getaway for life problems. Let your bourbon lovers get a high quality night sleep with the Kentucky bourbon massage candle. Soy wax and sentenced Kentucky bourbon are eco-friendly materials used to make this candle. It is cruelty-free, vegan, and paraben-free. They can use the candle as room decor or as a personal massage and moisturizer after a bath. This is one of the most unique bourbon gifts for dads to help them relax after an exhausting day.

13. Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Liquor Essence

Kentucky Bourbon Gifts

A simple but useful gift for bourbon lovers who want to enjoy Kentucky bourbon all the time, this gift is definitely a lifesaver. With the Kentucky bourbon liquor essence, they can bring the true flavor in any neutral spirit. This is one of the best Kentucky bourbon gifts for those who miss the signature taste and aroma of the drink. Simply add a few drops of this liquor to their drink and the Kentucky bourbon is ready!

14. Kentucky Bourbon and Sweet Tobacco Premium Beard Care

Kentucky Bourbon Gifts

Not only about taste, enjoying Kentucky bourbon aroma in this beard care set will make a wonderful experience for all men. Let your bourbon lovers enjoy the masculine vibe of Kentucky bourbon and sweet tobacco with this unique bourbon infused beard care. This box features everything they need to take care of their beard. From the beard balm to beard oil, it will be one of the most useful Kentucky bourbon gifts for men. 

15. Kentucky Bourbon Cherries

Kentucky Bourbon Gifts

Get your bourbon drinkers the delicious cherries infused with Kentucky bourbon to light up their day. Manufactured from the best cherries, it is blended with Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey. The flavor combination creates a fantastic taste on sweets like pies, cakes, and ice cream as well as in cocktails. It will be one of the best Kentucky bourbon gifts for sweet tooths.

16. Kentucky Bourbon Hand Soap

Kentucky Bourbon Gifts

In case your bourbon loving friends are hygiene addicts, then you can give them this unique bourbon hand soap. It combines the savory aroma of Cypress trees with the sweet scent of bourbon from the heart of Kentucky. Made from natural ingredients, it is one of the best Kentucky bourbon gifts for those who have sensitive skin,  leaving your skin clean and moisturized.

17. Funny Bad Reputation Kentucky Bourbon Candle

Kentucky Bourbon Gifts

Turn the whole atmosphere into a relaxing and calming vibe with this Kentucky bourbon scented candle. Beside its great aroma, it has a funny design label that depicts the flavor as “Bad Reputation”, which will be one of the most hilarious Kentucky bourbon gifts for bourbon lovers. You can make a gag to your bourbon lovers by giving them this candle.

18. Kentucky Bourbon Beer Vegan Exfoliating Soap

Kentucky Bourbon Gifts

As bourbon lovers, this unique bourbon exfoliating soap is one of the best Kentucky bourbon gifts which is loved by all men and women. Beer is added in this vegan soap to produce a rich foamy layer that resembles the beer as you pour it on the glass. Infused with a sophisticated Kentucky bourbon fragrance with notes of orange, bergamot, and clove, it gives a luxurious bathing experience.

19. Kentucky Bourbon Spice Shower Steamer

Kentucky Bourbon Gifts

Feel the amazing shower time with this Kentucky bourbon shower steamer. It is filled with potent bourbon spice scents that will fill the shower with a lovely perfume while you unwind and breathe it in! The large size will serve you for several uses as long as you let them air dry in between uses, perfect Kentucky bourbon gifts to pamper your bourbon lovers.

20. Apple Maple Bourbon Whipped Body Cream

Kentucky Bourbon Gifts

Show your care to your bourbon lovers how to have dry skin with this amazing whipped body cream. Because it is composed of natural ingredients, it is safe for sensitive skin, making one of the best Kentucky bourbon gifts to moisturize their skin. With a hint of creamy vanilla, maple, and a smooth punch of Kentucky bourbon, it has delicate and fresh apple overtones.

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21. Bourbon Spice Conditioner Bar

Kentucky Bourbon Gifts

Suppose you are going to support zero waste action, this Kentucky bourbon conditioner bar can be a great present for bourbon lovers. Let them use this unique bourbon conditioner bar to take care of their hair. It is extremely concentrated and only uses components of the finest salon quality with Kentucky bourbon aroma infused. Each bar will easily outlast three medium-sized bottles of conventional conditioner. It is convenient, small, and green.

22. Bourbon Lip Balm for Men

Bourbon Lip Balm for Men

During cold winter, your bourbon lovers deserve small but thoughtful Christmas gifts such as this Kentucky bourbon lip balm. It creates a barrier between the skin on your lips and the natural moisture that can be absorbed from the air because it is formulated with the best components. The natural bourbon oil infused will make your lip taste delicious, which will be fantastic Kentucky bourbon gifts to treasure.

23. Bourbon Bacon Pecans

Bourbon Bacon Pecans

When it comes to delicious Kentucky bourbon gifts, this bourbon bacon pecans will be a unique bourbon snack for bourbon lovers. It has a great balance of sweet and salty flavors and the bourbon undertone. They can enjoy this gift as their favorite snack after lunch or  try to add some on a cheeseboard. Your bourbon lovers will surely be happy receiving this delicious snack.

24. Kentucky Bourbon Chocolate Ball Gift Box


If your bourbon lovers love sweets, let this charming bourbon chocolate box impress them on the special occasion. The bourbon flavored chocolate box design is luxurious and elegant, making one of the most romantic Kentucky bourbon gifts to show your love. You may be sure of its high quality because it is produced with real chocolate cream, butter, and Woodford Reserve bourbon.

25. Bourbon Bitter Dram Set


A rare bourbon gift that is appreciated by all bourbon lovers, this box set will be a precious present to treasure. To experience the amazing taste of Woodford Reserve bourbon, all bourbon lovers only need this box. It features Woodford Reserve bourbon barrel aged cocktail bitters in various flavors such as Orange, Spiced Cherry, Sorghum & Sassafras, Aromatic, and Chocolate. You can mix and match these tiny bottles to get the perfect Kentucky bourbon flavors on your own.

Latest Post:

What is the famous bourbon in Kentucky?

According to Liquor.com, Noah’s Mill Small Batch Bourbon is the most famous bourbon in Kentucky. Kentucky bourbon is known for its robust tastes, velvety mouthfeel, and occasionally high proof. All of these characteristics are present in Noah’s Mill, a small-batch bourbon with a scent bursting with spices, cinnamon, and oaky vanilla. It has grown more well-known than ever after winning numerous gold medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

What do you get a bourbon lover for Christmas?

You can surprise them with a gift set of Kentucky bourbon for Christmas. It is the best bourbon gift which can be enjoyed by the whole family together. Or, you can give them a thoughtful Christmas gift such as the bourbon lip balm or other bourbon flavor infused body care to keep their skin moisturized during cold air winter.

What makes Kentucky bourbon so good?

Water plays a big role in making a great Kentucky bourbon. Kentucky’s water is “hard,” which refers to its high pH and significant mineral content, particularly calcium and magnesium. These substances work well for distillation. These minerals are adored by the bourbon yeast. They facilitate fermentation, which results in the characteristic, crisp Kentucky bourbon that we all enjoy.

How do you send bourbon as a gift?

You can order bourbon gifts online from the internet as they usually offer a great packaging to keep the bottles safe. Don’t forget to request an additional greeting card and put personal messages to the receiver. To make it more special, you can request some decorative items such as a gift bag or wrapping paper.

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